5 Fun Facts About Disney – Part 2

Want to wow guests at your next party? Make your kids feel like they have the absolute coolest parent ever? Win at trivial pursuit? Ok, well, you might not win a game with these fun facts, but you will have more knowledge about the happiest place on earth! Disney World is full of secrets, mysteries, and crazy facts…here is part two of our Fun Facts about Disney series! (Check out part 1 here to find out about Disneys trash tunnels – its crazy!)

1. Since 1971, the Walt Disney World monorail trains have logged enough miles to make 30 trips to the moon and back.

Disney’s monorail system has two routes. The first route has two separate lines that make stops at the Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort, the Transportation and Ticket Center, the Polynesian Village Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

The second monorail route stops at the Transportation and Ticket Center and EPCOT. Disney’s monorail is fondly called “The Highway in the Sky.” It is our family’s favorite way to travel at Disney World!

2. More than 75 million Cokes are consumed each year at Disney Parks.

You’ll also never find a Pepsi! There’s even a Coca-Cola Store store in Disney Springs where you can meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear!

According to Forbes, Walt Disney himself forged a partnership with Coca-Cola in 1955 to help finance his first big project: Disneyland in California. Disneyland cost a whopping $17 million (keep in mind, this is in 1955!) and ever since Coke has been the supplier of soda in the parks.

3. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to receive a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame.

There are currently 17 fictional characters on Hollywood’s walk of fame in Las Angeles, California. These include Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, The Muppets, Winnie the Pooh and our personal favorite – Tinker bell – all characters you can see or meet at Disney World! (Be sure to check out 2 of our favorite Tinker Bell inspired graphic tees here!)

4. The Lake used for Fantasmic is only about 1 foot deep

Our family has mixed reactions to Fantasmic – some of us love the show, some of us could pass on it – but it is crazy to think that lake is so shallow! Find out more about Fantasmic here.

5. Over 200 pairs of lost sunglasses are found each day at Disney World

Cast members at Disney regularly find cell phones, hats, digital camera, and autograph books throughout the parks. If you lose an item while visiting Disney, you can fill out an online form to begin the process of tracking down your item. Want to know one thing you will never lose at Disney? You will never lose a selfie stick….because they aren’t allowed!

High value items found at Disney World are held for approximately 90 days, lower value items are held for 30 days. Try not to lose your sunglasses though…you can bet that buying a new pair in Disney will cost you a pretty penny! Be sure to check out our money saving tips here.

We hope you enjoyed these fun tidbits about Walt Disney World! Check out 5 other fun facts on this post!

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