Seven Dwarfs Names – List & Fun Facts from Snow White


Whether you just need a list of the names of the Seven Dwarfs or you want to know more about the Seven Dwarfs and how they all got their names, this is for you! Since Walt’s first feature length animated film came out in 1937, everyone has fallen in love with Snow White and her …

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The 25 Best Tow Mater Quotes from the Cars Movies

tow mater

You all know the Disney movie Cars and the amazing Lightning McQueen, but do you know his faithful sidekick, Tow Mater? Tow Mater is one of the main characters of the Cars franchise. He’s one of the most lovable, funny Disney sidekicks and makes the Cars movies that much more fun! Let’s start with a …

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Best Edna Mode Quotes From The Incredibles Movies

edna mode

Edna Mode is one of the unsung heroes of the Incredibles franchise. She brings humor, spunk, fun, and fashion to these…incredible movies. Edna is known for her short stature, bob haircut, and her habit of calling everyone “darling.” Most of all, Edna is the fashion designer for all the super heroes supersuits. Edna loves working …

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63+ Best Olaf Quotes from Disney’s Frozen

best Olaf quotes

Olaf is one of the most lovable characters from Disney movies. From his hilarious quotes to being incredibly naive, the Frozen movies wouldn’t be the same without him! After the release of the first Frozen movie, Olaf quickly became one of our favorite characters. Olaf was created from Elsa’s powers when Elsa and Anna were …

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50 Best Minnie Mouse Quotes

minnie mouse quotes

Minnie Mouse is one of the most classic characters in Disney’s history. She’s best known as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend but also Daisy Duck’s best friend! There’s so many notable Minnie Mouse quotes that we all know and love. How many do you know? There is very little argument that Minnie Mouse is just as popular …

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Best Disney Quotes

Watching movies is somewhat of an American pastime. We love gathering the family on the couch, popping some popcorn, putting on a film to enjoy together. Disney movies are a popular movie choice for families due to their ability to appeal to small children, teens, and adults. As parents, we love introducing the films we …

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