20 Fun Facts About Minnie Mouse

minnie mouse

Which Disney mouse do you like better – Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse? Can’t pick one? We can’t either! There is very little argument that Minnie Mouse is just as popular and loved as Mickey. She is the First Lady of the Walt Disney Company and everything she touches turns wonderful. She’s one of the most famous …

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61 Best Cinderella Quotes

cinderella and prince charming

We all love the story of Cinderella! She’s a beautiful girl who lived with her devoted father in her father’s house. Cinderella’s mother passed away, and her father married his second wife – Lady Tremaine – who had two daughters. Cinderella’s story takes off after the death of her father. The narrator of Cinderella sums …

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The Best Quotes From Disney’s The Lion King Movie

One of the true classic Disney movie is the story of Simba in the Lion King. And as we all know, there are some amazing quotes in this movie – there’s inspirational quotes from Rafiki and Mufasa, funny quotes from Simba’s buddy Timon and everything in between. Today we’re going to share some of our …

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28 Best Beauty And The Beast Movie Quotes

Lets take a walk back in time, shall we? It is November 1991 and Americans are getting ready for Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Kids are making their holiday wish lists and are looking forward to presents. But before the halls are decked and gifts wrapped, there is something kids are wanting even …

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7 Fun Facts About Jiminy Cricket

If you ask most people who Jiminy Cricket is, they will tell you he’s a talking cricket from the Disney film Pinocchio. Did you know that it is amazing his character even made his way into the movie to begin with?  You see, in the original story Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, (in which Walt took …

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13 Best Seven Dwarfs Products

Do you love the Seven Dwarfs? We do! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an iconic 1937 Disney movie that brings us nostalgia. We love the classic movie and the simple animation. Of course, what we love most about Snow White is the Seven Dwarfs! They make the movie fun, give us comedic relief, …

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