PeopleMover History and Fun Facts


One of the most classic attractions at Walt Disney World is the PeopleMover! This 10 minute tour of Tomorrowland has been a staple at the Magic Kingdom for years. Whether you love the timeless tradition of cruising along this elevated transit or you just want to learn a bit more about how the PeopleMover came …

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20 Secrets of Disney’s Cinderella Castle

family in front of disney castle

Is there anything better than walking through the front gate of Disney World, strolling through the town square, heading up Main Street and then seeing the stunning Cinderella Castle right in front of you?  We can attest that our Dad, Dave, has left a few tears on the pavement as he has experienced it with …

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15 Best Magic Kingdom Rides (Disney World)

mine train ride at magic kingdom

We love everything about the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World!  We love the smells, the colors, the treats, the food, the parades, the fireworks and even the fun ways they make your queue (this is just a fancy way of line) wait just a bit more enjoyable. But the biggest reason we (and probably …

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