Disney Rash

disney rash

You just got done with a long, magical day at Disney only to discover a strange rash on your lower legs and ankles! Is it the Disney Rash? It very well could be the dreaded Disney Rash. But don’t worry! This rash is a very treatable, preventable skin condition. We want you to have the … Read more

Water Rides at Disney World Ranked By How Wet You Get

kali river rapids

On a blistering hot summer Florida day there is nothing that beats a water ride when at Disney World. The Disney parks offer many different water attractions, from a simple boat ride to a full fledged soaking so bad you may need a change of clothes!  Whatever your water adventure yearns for, we got you covered … Read more

Space 220 at Walt Disney World Restaurant – What to know

Space 220

The most anticipated restaurant in Walt Disney World has opened and we want to tell you what you need to know! This restaurant, which is located in EPCOT in the Mission Space Pavilion, is called Space 220. Space 220 opened on September 20th, 2021. Space 220 is as much about the atmosphere as it is … Read more

Guide to Drinking Around The World at EPCOT (+ Tips!)

Drinking Around The World at Epcot is a popular trend in which adults 21 and over make their way around the Epcot’s World Showcase and sample an alcoholic beverage at each of the countries. We are excited to share with you what this activity is all about, some of the best ways to do it, … Read more

Best Counter Service at Hollywood Studios in Disney

Wookie Cookie snack

There was a time when Disney’s Hollywood Studios was small enough to visit, take in most of the attractions and still eat a sit down table service meal. Those days are just a memory now. With the addition of Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, along with new attractions and characters, Hollywood Studios has a … Read more

Best Disney Park for Adults

Epcot Ball

If you are reading this, you already know one of the best kept secrets in the world…Disney World is not just for kids!  Adults of all ages can have an absolute blast in the four parks doing the things they want to do at a pace they want to do them.  In fact, did you … Read more

The 15 Best Snacks in the Magic Kingdom

Loaded Mac n Cheese Tots Friar Nook

No Walt Disney World vacation is complete without some magical Disney food! We definitely recommend that you factor some food money into your budget. Even if you aren’t planning on making any dining reservations, factor in in some cash each day for snacks in the Disney parks! Many people choose classic food snacks – funnel … Read more

What to Do at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom sign

When planning your visit to Walt Disney World you likely are imagining your day in the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is the favorite park of most Disney visitors. In fact, if you have time, we actually recommend trying to hit up the Magic Kingdom twice during your Disney vacation. There is so much to … Read more

Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

carrot cake at trolley car cafe

Snacking your way through Walt Disney World is almost as fun as hopping on your favorite attraction. Disney does everything well, and the snacks are no exception! We are excited to share the best snacks at Hollywood Studios! One fun thing about snacks at the Disney Parks is they are often themed to the location … Read more

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Overview

bibbidi bobbidi boutique

We all know the classic story of Cinderella. Most everyone’s favorite part is when the Fairy Godmother shows up and magically transforms Cinderella to make her ready for the ball. With a simple “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” Cinderella’s rags turn into a gown, the mice into horses, and the dog into a footman! Lucky for us, Disney has … Read more

PeopleMover History and Fun Facts


One of the most classic attractions at Walt Disney World is the PeopleMover! This 10 minute tour of Tomorrowland has been a staple at the Magic Kingdom for years. Whether you love the timeless tradition of cruising along this elevated transit or you just want to learn a bit more about how the PeopleMover came … Read more

18 Fun Facts about the Tower of Terror


The following words might send a chill down your spine… “On Halloween night in 1939, a thundering storm descended on Hollywood hills, trapping several guests in the lobby of the star-studded Hollywood Tower Hotel. A party of five entered the elevator — a couple, a bellman, a child actress and her governess — and with … Read more

How Many Miles is Epcot? Disney World Walking Guide


As you plan your Walt Disney World Vacation, you will want to be aware of how much walking you will be doing while in the theme parks. You have full days and you will walk a ton. The Disney parks are very big. We know you’re here to figure out the answer to: How many … Read more

Spaceship Earth (Epcot Ball) Fun Facts & History

epcot ball

The Epcot Ball, better know as Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World, is one of the most classic symbols of Disney. When people think of Epcot at Walt Disney World, they will very often site the “Big Ball” at the front of the park. It is a wonderful structure, massive in size and it’s unique … Read more

What Is The Address For Disney World

It seems like a simple question – what is the address for Disney World? Isn’t it just in Orlando, Florida? In the United States? Well yes, it is! However, the answer to “what is Disney’s address” is both simple and a complex! If you are planning on driving yourself to the Disney Parks you need … Read more

20 Secrets of Disney’s Cinderella Castle

family in front of disney castle

Is there anything better than walking through the front gate of Disney World, strolling through the town square, heading up Main Street and then seeing the stunning Cinderella Castle right in front of you?  We can attest that our Dad, Dave, has left a few tears on the pavement as he has experienced it with … Read more

Which Theme Park Has The Most Rides at Disney World

Walt Disney World is comprised of four parks: Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While you are on your Disney Vacation, you are going to want to manage your time so you are able to enjoy as much as each park as possible. Some people love shows and will want … Read more

Ranking All the Rides at Epcot – The Best Attractions

guardians of the galaxy

Epcot is a unique theme park at Walt Disney World. It has fewer rides than some of the other Disney Parks, but definitely has plenty to see and do. Many people overlook Epcot and put it on there “if we have time” list. We think visiting Epcot should be on your “must do” list – … Read more

9 Secrets of Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safari

Kilimanjaro safari

Of all the wonderful attractions at Walt Disney World, there is one that checks off all the boxes for the whole family to go on. That one is Kilimanjaro Safaris in the Animal Kingdom.  When you have a bigger group or family going to Disney World, you often have to take into consideration different factors when … Read more

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith – Disney Ride

rock n roller coaster

One of our very favorite thrill rides in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Rock n’ Roller Coaster ride staring the legendary rock band Aerosmith. This ride gets by many names – the Aerosmith ride, the Rocking Roller Coaster, the Aerosmith coaster, or the Aerosmith Roller Coaster. The Rock n Roller Coaster opened July 20, 1999 … Read more

Disney World vs. Disneyland Castles: What to Know

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella have a lot in common! Both are princesses, both got married to stud prince’s and are living happily ever after. Both have awesome homes! Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella each have a castle that is located in two of the happiest places on earth (which would make sense if you are living happily … Read more

Best Epcot Snacks

american dream-9

Epcot is far and above the very best place to get snacks. It surpasses the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. The best Epcot snacks are often in the World Showcase – you can literally travel the world through taste! With so many food options available at Epcot, we wanted to give you … Read more

Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon – Which is Best?

Many people are unaware that Walt Disney World not only includes the four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), but it also includes two amazing water park! Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are Disney World’s two family friendly water parks. If it is summertime in Orlando, you may want to consider … Read more

11 Best Table Service Restaurants at Epcot

Biergarten Restaurant

If you’re heading to a Disney World theme park, chances are you’re going to need a place to eat, even if you go just for the day! Well lucky for you, there’s some amazing popular restaurants at all the parks. Today we’re going to share about the best table service restaurants at Epcot. Before we … Read more

15 Best Magic Kingdom Rides (Disney World)

mine train ride at magic kingdom

We love everything about the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World!  We love the smells, the colors, the treats, the food, the parades, the fireworks and even the fun ways they make your queue (this is just a fancy way of line) wait just a bit more enjoyable. But the biggest reason we (and probably … Read more

Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Tiers & Tips

Update Fall 2021: Walt Disney World is no longer using FastPass+. This system is permanently suspended at the Disney Parks. In its place is Genie+, a new paid program to utilize Lightning Lanes. You can find out more information here. As you start making your plans for visiting Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, it … Read more

Where To Find The Disney Princesses

One of the most fun parts of being in Disney World is getting to meet all the characters! One of the highlights of each of our trips to Disney is saying hi to Mickey, Minnie, and finding our favorite Disney characters in the parks. You may be lucky enough to find a character or two … Read more

Disney World Height Requirements (For All Rides and Attractions)

Heading to Disney World? Taking kids? You may not realize it, but one of the most important things to do is to look into the height requirements for Disney rides. You need to know what the Walt Disney World Height Requirements are for all the different attractions throughout all the parks early on in your … Read more

Disney World’s 50th Anniversary – What to know!

Can you believe that Walt Disney World is turning 50 years old in 2021? Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is a huge occasion, and as we know, Disney sets the standard for celebrations! Lets take a quick look back at the start of Walt Disney World. On October 1st, 1971 the Magic Kingdom, along with 2 … Read more