Disney: The Greatest Theme Park

One of the biggest things that we hear when talking to people about Disney world is this: My kids and I won’t like it because there aren’t any roller coasters.

First of all there are roller coasters. So lets just set that argument off to the side.

Second, one of the things you need to know about Disney World is that it is a THEME park, NOT an amusement park. If you are looking for a park where the main point of your visit is amusement in the form of roller coasters, carnival style games and other attractions, Disney is not your place.

Disney is a theme park. The theme is, of course, Disney. All throughout Disney World you will be surrounded both visually and audibly by the theme of Disney. And what do you suppose the primary theme is that you will find? Easy. Storytelling.

Disney is known for telling us stories. Woody and Buzz, Cinderella, Moana, Belle, Peter Pan. These stories have shaped many of our childhoods. Step inside any of Walt Disney World Resort’s parks and prepare yourself to be immersed in the story of Disney.

So yes, there are roller coasters. But instead of hopping on a zipping to and from coaster and in 90 seconds the ride is done and your stomach has dropped a few times, you will get in line for the 7 Dwafs Mine Ride. As you wait in line you will find yourself surrounded by lamps that you would find in a mine shaft. The walls and decor immerse you in the story of the 7 dwarfs going to work each day. The cast members are dressed appropriately to the theme. And as you get on the ride you feel as though you are a part of the story of the 7 Dwarfs…with a few stomach drops and exciting turns and twists along the way. In the middle of the fast moving ride you stop to take in all 7 Dwarfs working and mining diamonds….and as everyone on the ride starts singing “Hi Ho!” you are zipped off to the end of the ride. You finish thrilled and smiling….and if you look closely you’ll see the wicked queen dressed in disquise waiting to poison Snow White.

This story could repeated for so many other rides in Magic Kingdom alone….go on a journey into space on Space Mountain, hop on a runaway train on Big Thunder Mountain, and enter in the story of Br’er Fox on Splash Mountan.

So yes, you could get more thrilling rides at an amusement park. But if you are wanting to immerse yourself in the stories of your childhood in a way that thrills you as an adult….welcome to Disney World.

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