Disney's Hidden Mickey Pins

Everything to Know

Have you heard about Disney's Hidden Mickey trading pins!?  I'm excited to tell you everything you need to know about these collector items!

What is a Hidden Mickey pin?

Hidden Mickey pins look like a normal pin: they are made by Disney, they are metal, they have iconic Disney images. These pins are fun to collect and trade.

What is a Hidden Mickey pin?

What sets Hidden Mickey pins apart from a regular pin is somewhere on the front there is a little Mickey silhouette head, hence the name.

What makes these pins so special?

Each authentic pin comes with an identifying number stamped on the back that tells you how many came in the set and what year they were issued.

How do you get a Hidden Mickey pin?

The primary way to collect Hidden Mickey pins is by trading with Cast Members at  the Disney Parks.

But how do I get pins to trade in the first place?

You can purchase single pins or sets on Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, as well as at pin trading events across the country.

Can't I just buy pins from Disney?

Yes! You can purchase pins at Disney World or from the Disney Store. Just keep in mind that buying your collection just isn't as fun as trading!

Anything else I should know?

Hidden Mickey pins also go by the name Hidden Disney pins because the hidden icon isn't always a Mickey. Star Wars pins use a Jedi symbol, Marvel pins have an "A" for Avengers, and Toy Story pins have a star.

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