5 Steps to Use the Disney Payment Plan

Everything about a Disney World vacation is amazing — except the price tag that comes with it. Here are 5 steps to take advantage of Disney's Payment Plan!

1. Pick your dates.

Remember, the further out your trip is at the time of booking, the more time you will have to save.

2. Book your trip.

Contact a certified Walt Disney Travel agent. Book with the $200 deposit and set up your flexible payment plan.

3. Save up!

Whether you have a payment plan that's monthly or weekly, ecide on a plan of action to put money towards your trip.

4. Pay off the plan.

The cost of the trip must be paid off 30 days before the start of your vacation.

5. Enjoy your dream vacation!

Make sure to check out the blog for tips to save money during your trip.

For our full guide to using the Disney World Payment Plan,  head to the blog!