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Walt Disney Club level 'concierge'

Staying in one of the Club Level rooms at a Disney World resorts takes the magic and perks up a notch! Here's what you need to know. 

What is club level  at disney world?

Also known as Concierge or Club Level Concierge, Club Level is a designated area within a Disney resort with various special benefits.

What are some club level benefits?

Complimentary food and drinks — including fresh fruit all day — is the biggest perk!

Which resorts have club level rooms?

Which club level is best?

Each resort's Club Level has a different look, feel, and cost, so which is "best" is quite subjective. That said, the Disney Beach Club's Club Level is one of our favorites!

Which club level has the best food?

The Kilimanjaro Club Level at the Animal Kingdom Lodge has the best food.

Which club level has the best views?

The Atrium Club Level at Disney’s Contemporary has the most amazing views.

How much does  club level cost?

The price of a club level room varies, but you should plan on budgeting at least $700 per night.

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