Disney World  in April

Packing FAQs

If you're heading to Disney World in April,  there are a few key considerations. Here's what you can expect — and what to pack!

What weather should I expect in April?

April weather can be inconsistent but generally pleasant. Plan on warm during the day — especially if it is sunny — with potential clouds, chilly mornings, and rain.

Is April a good time to go?

Yes — the weather is still pretty mild and it's the tail end of spring breaks so it might not be as crowded. (Note that an April Easter and special events can bring an increase in crowds, so check the calendar!)

So what should I pack?

We recommend:  1. T-shirts 2. Long-sleeve top/jacket/layer 3. Pants 4. Comfy shorts 5. Socks 6. Swimsuit 7. Sneakers and sandals

Anything else to consider?

First, the photos. You will have dozens and dozens of pictures taken so it is smart to put a little bit of thought into what to wear. You want to look back at photos and love your pictures!

Anything else to consider?

Second, bring at least one Disney themed t-shirt! For example, the Flower and Garden Festival is happening in EPCOT during April, so consider wearing floral Disney shirts on your Epcot day!

For even more packing tips and outfit ideas,  head to the blog!