How Well Do  You Know  Minnie Mouse?

The following are some amazing facts you may not know about the queen of Mickey’s heart, Minnie Mouse!

Minnie's Family


Minnie grew up on a farm with her parents. She has twin nieces and her uncle is Mortimer Mouse!

Minnie's Real Name


Minnie's real name is actually Minerva Mouse!

Minnie's Other Names


Minnie has also gone by Maestro Minnie and Princess Minnie. She's an honorary Disney Princess.

Minnie's Pets

Minnie has 2 pets - a dog named Fifi and a cat named Figaro.


Minnie's Voice


The first person to voice Minnie was none other than Walt Disney!

Minnie's Star


Minnie received her own Hollywood Star on January 22, 2018.

Minnie Wore a Hat


In the beginning, Minnie originally wore a pillbox hat with a flower in it.

In Real Life


Russi Taylor, who voiced Minnie, and Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey, were married in real life!

Minnie's Debut


Minnie got her start in Steam Boat Willie on November 18, 1928

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