7 Facts About Minnie Mouse We Bet You Didn't Know

From her real name to her favorite color, how well do you know Minnie Mouse?

Her real name is Minerva Mouse!

1. Her Real Name Isn't Minnie

Minnie has a dog named Fifi and a cat named Figaro.

2. She has pets

Russel “Russi” Taylor has arguably the most recognizable voice of Minnie.

3. Her voice was done by Walt!

Minnie received her own Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 22, 2018 in celebration of her 90th Anniversary.

4. Minnie's in Hollywood

Originally, Minnie wore a hat all the time but in 1940 they did a full makeover putting a bow in her hair and on her shoes.

5. Minnie wore a hat

Minnie is an unofficial Disney Princess.

6. Princess Minnie

Minnie was designed with a short flapper style dress which showed her knickers and black stockings.

7. Minnie was a flapper

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