What to Know about

disney's Rock 'n' roller coaster

If you're going to hollywood studios, you need to hit up the rock 'n' roller coaster! here's what you need to know!


The Rock n Roller Coaster opened July 20, 1999. It's located at Disney's Hollywood Studios near the Tower of Terror attraction.

Story line

You enter the building to see Aerosmith finish up a recording session. The band is late for a concert so Steven Tyler invites you to the show with backstage passes. You exit the room to ride a "limo" to the show!


This indoor roller coaster goes from 0mph to 57mph in 2.8 seconds and you will experience a force of almost 5Gs!

The limo

The rollercoaster super-stretch limo cars are themed to look like 1962 Cadillac stretch limos.  Music lovers will love that each car has 120 speakers, 2 tweeters, 2 mid-bass drivers, and 1 sub woofer. Each passenger has their own 5 speakers!

Chicken Exit

Don't want to ride the ride but want to see the decor inside and watch the Aerosmith "show." You can! Just head into the attraction all the way up until the group is ushered into the "garage." Then tell a cast member that you don't wish to ride the coaster and you will be escorted to the exit!


License Plate      Song 1QKLIMO           Nine Lives UGOGIRL           Love in an Elevator & Walk This Way BUHBYE             Young Lust, F.I.N.E. & "Love in a                               Roller Coaster" 2FAST4U            Sweet Emotion H8TRFFC           Back in the Saddle & Dude Looks Like                               a Lady

Each of the 5 cars have their own Aerosmith soundtracks!

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