Making the most of  Disney world's 'Rope Drop' 

Rope Drop is the term Disney uses for when a theme park opens to the public and guests are allowed in.  As in: "Magic Kindom rope drop is at 9AM."

Arriving for rope drop is a great way to enjoy the benefits of starting early, like less crowds and shorter lines.

Here's 5 tips to make the most of rope drop!

You can “rope drop” at all four Disney parks –  but opening times vary and change, so check in advance on the Disney Experience app or the Disney website.

1. Plan ahead!

How early? you might ask.  For Magic Kingdom, we recommend 30 to 40 minutes before the official open time on a normal day, and 60 minutes early on a holiday or super busy day.

2. Arrive early!

Getting everyone in your family up, fed, dressed, and out the door very early can be near impossible! The kids (and some adults) will be annoyed at first...

3. Be prepared for initial grumpiness... 

Attitudes change as you walk into Magic Kingdom and see the castle without a crowd. Walking right onto a ride or two is a guaranteed cheer-me-up, too!

... Followed by utter joy!

Combining Genie+ with Rope Drop can help even more with wait times,  but it comes at a price! Click the link below for help determining if it's right for you

4. Consider a Rope Drop—Genie+ combo.

The security line is a spot where you can get slowed down (and miss out on the benefits of rope drop)!  Get familiar with the prohibited items list and anything that might trigger a false alert.

5. Fly through security!

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