5 Stroller tips  for Disney World

Planning to use a stroller at Disney World? If you have a child under 5, having one on hand can truly enhance your experience. Here's 5 things you need to know!

Strollers need to be folded down when you get on a Disney bus. You will likely not have to fold down your single stroller on the monorail, boat, or Skyliner — but plan to fold down your double stroller.

1. Prepare to fold down!

It will almost surely rain on your Disney vacation, so make sure that you have a stroller cover.

2. Prepare for rain!

Park your stroller only in designated areas. Disney Cast Members keep these areas neat, so it is possible your stroller will be moved while you are in an attraction. Don’t panic, it is there!

3. Prepare to park!

Disney is a crowded place and your stroller is large. Don’t wander mindlessly with your stroller — keep an eye out for other visitors, especially kids.

4. Prepare for people!

A balloon, fake flowers, a fancy label from Etsy, or simply a bright colored piece of fabric tied around the handle can help your stroller stand out in a crowd!

5. Prepare to find your stroller!

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