How to Save Money at Disney World

A trip to Disney World can be super expensive!  Here's 5 hacks to some save money!


 You will not only save money at Disney World itself, but the airline prices will probably be much cheaper as well.

Go Off-season


A good travel agent not only won’t cost you anything (Disney pays for them, not you) but they are worth their weight in gold!

Go with a  Travel Agent


Pack up sandwiches, fruit and granola bars and store them in a locker for seven bucks until you are ready to eat.

Bring Your  Own Food


Let Tigger hop.…you should not.  This costs quite a bit more than a standard park pass so do not purchase it.

Don’t Upgrade  to the Park Hopper


You will need to pay $15 bucks a day to rent one and it’s $31 for a double.  YIKES!

Bring your  own stroller.

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