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Everything to Know About Stroller Rental at Disney World

If you’re planning a trip to Disney with little ones you’ll want a stroller! While bringing your own stroller is a good option, you can also rent strollers at all the Disney Parks.

Keep reading for all the details you need to know before you rent a stroller at Walt Disney World!

Stroller rental at Disney World

Everything to Know About Stroller Rental at Walt Disney World

To start, stroller rental is available at each of the Disney parks as well as Disney Springs. You cannot rent a stroller at Disney resorts.

Cost of Stroller Rentals at Disney World

Stroller rental from Disney World is $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 for a double stroller. If you rent your stroller for multiple days you will get a few dollar discount per day.

Disney rental strollers

You can also get a discount if you prepay for your Disney World stroller rental before your trip – this is called a Length Of Stay Rental. You will receive a Length Of Stay Rental ticket which you will show the cast member at the rental location and you will then get your stroller!

Keep your receipt in your pocket or backpack if you rent a stroller. If you happen to misplace your stroller you can get a new one by showing your receipt.

Rented strollers cannot be removed from the Disney parks. That means you will not be able to use the stroller at your Walt Disney World resort or the Disney water parks. If you are park hopping, you will have to return your stroller before you switch parks. Show your receipt at your new park to get a stroller without paying twice.

Double stroller Disney rental

Disney strollers are best for older kids. The restraint is a belt, not a five point harness. If your child has a difficult time sitting up Disney rentals are not good options for you. The double stroller is a bench seat with no divider.

Stroller Rental Locations At Disney World

Stroller rental locations are:

  • Magic Kingdom – Main entrance
  • EPCOT – Main entrance and International Gateway
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Garden Gate Gifts
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Oscars Super Service
  • Disney Springs – Sundries

Most stroller rentals are where wheelchair rentals are if you need that too!

Stroller rental World Traveler

Things to Know About Disney’s Strollers

Disney actually gave their strollers a makeover in 2022! They’re now a cute, whimsical red, black and yellow color scheme complete with Mickey and Minnie on each side.

Each stroller as a few pockets to help hold some of your stuff as well as a small cover to help give your little ones some shade.

Pros and Cons of Disney World Stroller Rentals

Let’s give you a quick overview on some of the pluses and minuses of stroller rental.

A stroller at Animal Kingdom


  • One less thing to bring with you when you travel to Disney
  • You only have to pay once per day. If you park hop you just need to show a Cast Member your rental receipt. This makes hopping on a bus, monorail, boat or skyliner a lot easier!
  • Great option for older kids who start to lose steam as the day (or week) goes on! If you don’t need one for daily use, it’s great to have in your back pocket if you need it.


  • A pro is also a con! You can’t remove the strollers from the park so your kids will need to walk (or be carried!) from the park exit to wherever your next location is.
  • They aren’t great for infants. There is only a lap belt so if your child isn’t sitting up yet you won’t be able to use them.
  • Strollers can run out. This doesn’t happen often but it has happened. Unfortunately stroller rental can’t be reserved in advance.
  • There’s no stroller rentals at the airport so your kids will need to walk or be carried through that.

Third Party Stroller Rentals

If you are looking for a stroller that you can rent for use at your resort AND the parks there are a few local rental companies to check out. A few good options are ScooterBug, Kingdom Strollers or Magic Strollers.

Art of Animation lobby

Many stroller rental companies will deliver and pick up right from the lobby at your Disney World resort hotel. With the exception of ScooterBug, most rental companies require you to be there to get the stroller (or hand it back). This can be a bit of a logistical headache so something to keep in mind.

Using a third party rental is a good option if you have smaller kids or want a bit more options in your stroller.

If you’re thinking about bringing your own stroller, here’s a few of our favorite strollers and stroller accessories for Disney World! We also have 13 tips you need to know if you are renting a stroller or bringing your own.

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