13 Best Seven Dwarfs Products

seven dwarfs products

Do you love the Seven Dwarfs? We do! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an iconic 1937 Disney movie that brings us nostalgia. We love the classic movie and the simple animation. Of course, what we love most about Snow White is the Seven Dwarfs! They make the movie fun, give us comedic relief, … Read more

Disney Princes

Everyone loves the Disney Princesses! They get all the adulation. All the limelight. But it’s time to give some a shoutout to the guys of Disney…the Disney Princes! They come in all sorts of personalities – silly, shy, pompous, quiet – but they all have one thing in common – in the end they are … Read more

Best Eeyore Quotes And Sayings From Winnie The Pooh

piglet and eyore flower and garden sculpture

Eeyore is the pessimistic stuffed old grey donkey belonging to Christopher Robin in the classic Winnie the Pooh books written by author A.A Milne. Eeyore is the gloomy friend of  his chubby bear pal Winnie the Pooh, Kanga the Kangaroo, wise Owl, little Piglet, and the one and only Tigger. These beloved characters live in … Read more

Your Guide to Disney World Princess Dining in 2024

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We’re sure you’re wondering what’s the latest with Disney World Princess Dining these days. Where will you find them? Which restaurant is the best? We love Disney World for many things but to watch your child interact with the Disney Princesses is near the the top for us. Ok, if we’re being honest, we love … Read more

The 29 Top Genie Quotes from Disney’s Aladdin

Jasmine and Aladdin

The original animated version of Aladdin was released in 1992. Its popularity rose quickly thanks in part to the music of Alan Menkin (A Whole New World, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali). Of course, Robin Williams and his depiction of the genie is what really stole the show! Genie is perhaps one of the most … Read more

58 Best Jafar Quotes from Disney’s Aladdin Movies


Looking for the best Jafar quotes? Jafar is the main villain in Disney’s Aladdin, the 31st animated Walt Disney Pictures film. He is the Sultan’s most trusted advisor but as we all know, he was actually very evil and wanted to rule Agrabah. He is recognized by his long, narrow face, twisted, black goatee and … Read more

The 60 Best Lady And The Tramp Quotes

lady and the tramp

Memorable Lady and The Tramp Quotes Lady and the Tramp is one of those classic Disney movies that has enthralled generations of kids! The original animated Lady and the Tramp was released in 1955 and the live action/CGI hybrid version of the the movie was released in 2019. The story was inspired by a 1945 … Read more

How Old Is Flynn Rider – And Why It is Controversial!

Flynn on Tangled float at parade

How Old is Flynn Rider? What is all the controversy about? Tangled is Disney’s wonderful remake of the story of Rapunzel. It is in our family’s top five movies that the Walt Disney Animation Studios ever produced. We love the story, the humor, and the absolutely stunning animation that is said to have cost $260 … Read more

The Best Gaston Quotes (Beauty and the Beast)

Gaston's tavern restaurant

Beauty and the Beast is one of our favorite Disney princess movies. Well, let’s be honest – we love ALL the princess movies! However, Beauty and the Beast holds a special place in our hearts because it is a part of our childhood. Beauty and the Beast was Katie’s favorite princess movie as a child … Read more

The 59 Disney Cats You Need to Know

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“It all started with a Mouse” is the famous Walt Disney saying, but before there was Mickey Mouse there was a rabbit: Oswald the Rabbit. Did you know that even before Oswald, there was actually a cat? Disney cats have been around since the beginning! Walt created a cat named Julius for the Alice Comedies – … Read more

101 Dalmatians Names: A List of All the Puppies

Dalmatian puppies

You are probably well acquainted with the story and plot of the 101 Dalmatians but may be unsure of the names of the characters.   Have no fear, we have you covered in this post. First things first.  Did you know that the 101 Dalmatians began with a book?  In 1956, Dodie Smith wrote her … Read more

Our Favorite Disney Sidekicks – The Best Characters

Sebastian and Flounder gold statue

When you think of Disney movies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your favorite Disney princess or your favorite wicked villain. You might be thinking about how funny a story is or how moving it is. We are willing to bet that if you made a list of your favorite Disney characters … Read more

Full List of Every Disney Character at Disney World

Rapunzel Magic Kingdom

If you are heading to the Disney World theme parks, there is a good chance you will want to see at least one Disney Character. If you are heading with children then it is going to be a “for sure” thing! Even as an adult, to see Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck brings out the … Read more

Disney Princess Dresses and Princess Costumes

Little girls love dressing up as their favorite Disney princess! Its not just for Halloween – kids love playing dress up in their favorite Disney Princess dresses at home and with friends. If you are going to Walt Disney World on vacation, we recommend packing your kiddo’s favorite costume to wear for when she meets … Read more

Disney Princess Movies List

Feature films starring princesses have been a Disney staple for over 80 years. For many of us, our childhood includes a favorite Disney Princess animated movie! The Disney princess movies list consists of some of the most loved characters. After the movie is over, the Disney princess continues to be close to our hearts as the … Read more

The 30 Best 101 Dalmatians Quotes You’ll Love

101 Dalmatians All Star Movie Resort

If you are looking for wonderful quotes about love, friendship and family, as well as some more off the wall ones like Cruella de vil quotes, from the characters of the One hundred and One Dalmatians, we have you covered.   Based on a novel of the same name by Dodie Smith, the Walt Disney … Read more

13 Worst Disney Villains – Evil Animated Characters

story book dining evil queen

This post is dedicated to the ones we love to hate…or to be politically correct, the ones we love to dislike with great intensity! The worst Disney villains. Disney has always understood that in order to have a great story, you need not only a great hero or heroine but also a great villain.  These Disney … Read more

Where to Meet Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) at Disney World

aurora at epcot

If you are headed to Disney World soon and someone in your crew simply must meet Princess Aurora, you have come to the right place.   Princess Aurora, also know as Sleeping Beauty along with her good friends, Snow White and Cinderella have been around longer than all the other princesses and have a great … Read more

What animal is Goofy? A dog or a cow? The shocking truth!

goofy gold statue at Magic Kingdom

The question “what kind of animal is goofy?” has been around for ages. It is on par with contemplating whether there is life on other planets or if the chicken or the egg came first. Almost from the first time people saw this beloved character on the big screen this has been a point of … Read more

The Best Winnie the Pooh Quotes: Love and Friendship

Winnie the Pooh has found his way into the hearts of millions of people around the world for nearly 100 years. He first appeared publically in the London Evening News on Christmas Eve 1925. British author A.A. Milne created the character, Winnie the Pooh, after a teddy bear owned by his son, Christopher Robin Milne. … Read more

Seven Dwarfs Names


Whether you just need a list of the Seven Dwarfs names or you want to know more about the Seven Dwarfs and how they all got their names, this is for you! Since Walt’s first feature length animated film came out in 1937, everyone has fallen in love with Snow White and her adorable Seven … Read more

The 25 Best Tow Mater Quotes from the Cars Movies

tow mater

You all know the Disney movie Cars and the amazing Lightning McQueen, but do you know his faithful sidekick, Tow Mater? Tow Mater is one of the main characters of the Cars franchise. He’s one of the most lovable, funny Disney sidekicks and makes the Cars movies that much more fun! Let’s start with a … Read more

Best Edna Mode Quotes From The Incredibles Movies

edna mode

Edna Mode is one of the unsung heroes of the Incredibles franchise. She brings humor, spunk, fun, and fashion to these…incredible movies. Edna is known for her short stature, bob haircut, and her habit of calling everyone “darling.” Most of all, Edna is the fashion designer for all the super heroes supersuits. Edna loves working … Read more

Dopey Dwarf From Snow White | Fun Facts & 11 Products

Dopey Dwarf is the most popular of the Seven Dwarfs from Disney’s Snow White. Dopey is the youngest and the silliest of all the dwarfs! How much do you know about Dopey? Today we’re going to share some fun facts we bet you didn’t know! But first, a bit of background. The seven dwarfs are … Read more

Disney Princess List

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Wondering who all of the Disney Princesses are? Planning your Disney World trip and hoping to meet all of the Princesses? This Disney Princess list will not only share all of the Princess Names but also fun facts about each and what to ask them when you meet them at Disney World! We all have … Read more

Merida – the 11th Official Disney Princess


Merida is the eleventh official Disney princess. She is the star of the movie Brave! Brave is a unique movie as it is set in Scotland and focuses more on the love of family instead of a love story between a prince and princess. Brave was released on June 22, 2012. It received a Golden … Read more

Rapunzel – the 10th Official Disney Princess

Rapunzel is the tenth official Disney princess and is the heroine of the movie “Tangled.” This is one of our personal favorite Disney princess movies, as we find it charming and funny all at the same time! Tangled was released on November 24, 2010. It reportedly cost $260 million dollars to make, which makes this … Read more

Tiana – the 9th Official Disney Princess

princess tiana

Tiana is the ninth official Disney Princess! She is the heroine in the movie “The Princess and the Frog.” The Princess and the Frog was released on December 11, 2009. It was directed by John Musker and Ron Clements who also directed Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. The movie is based on the novel “The … Read more

Pocahontas – the 7th Official Disney Princess

Pocahontas is the 7th official Disney Princess. She was the princess of the movie in none other than Pocahontas! Pocahontas was debuted in 1995. Pocahontas is an animated movie story about the real Powhatan woman named Pocahontas and what took place when English colonial setters arrived. Pocahontas is adventurous, brave and kind. The movie “Pocahontas” … Read more

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) – The Fourth Official Disney Princess

little mermaid at art of animation

If you love mermaids, true love and adventure, you definitely would love The Little Mermaid and the star of the show Ariel! We love talking about the Disney Princesses and today we’re going to dig into who Ariel is and what you need to know about her. Ariel is the third original Disney Princess. The … Read more