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13 Expert Tips For Using Your Stroller At Disney World

If you’re heading to Disney with little kids, chances are you’ll want to bring a stroller with. Although Disney has strollers to rent, you can bring your own stroller with you.

In our personal opinion, the best stroller for Disney World is one you already own! One of the major perks of bringing your own stroller is that you are familiar with it and your child is familiar with it. This will decrease frustration and irritation on a long, hot day at the parks.

family on Main Street usa magic kingdom castle
We’ve brought our own stroller to Disney World and Disneyland multiple times and it worked out great!

You are able to bring your personal stroller with you from your hotel to the parks and back. This is not the case with rentals!

13 Tips For Using Your Stroller At Disney World

expert tips for using your stroller at disney world

1. Use the right size stroller!

Probably the most important tip is to bring the right size stroller. Strollers have to be the right size or Disney won’t let you use them.

According to Disney’s website, “Strollers must be 31″ (79cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long or smaller”. Double check if you fear your stroller is close to that!

stroller line at walt disney world

2. Know when you need to fold down your stroller or not for Disney transportation.

Not all transportation has the same rules when it comes to strollers! Here’s the typical guidelines for Disney transportation.

  • Strollers: Strollers need to be folded down when you get on a Disney bus. We recommend doing this before the bus arrives so you’re ready to go.
  • Monorail: You will likely not have to fold down your single stroller but plan to fold down your double stroller. During busy times they may ask you to fold it down to accommodate more riders.
  • Boat: You will likely not have to fold down your single stroller but plan to fold down your double stroller. During our last visit we did notice a woman had to fold down her single stroller before boarding a boat even though it wasn’t that crowded.
  • Skyliner: You will likely not have to fold down your single stroller but plan to fold down your double stroller.
looking into a disney skyliner

3. Park your stroller only in designated stroller parking.

Disney Cast Members will keep these areas neat, so it is possible your stroller will be moved while you are in an attraction. Don’t panic, it is there!

Prevent this by parking your stroller in the correct spot to start so you don’t panic that your stroller was stolen. An AirTag can be helpful to track down your stroller.

family at Disney World entrance

4. Watch out for people!

Disney is a crowded place and your stroller is large. Watch out for people, especially kids. Many people get frustrated when people mindlessly wander the parks with their strollers – don’t be that person.

5. Bring stroller identification.

There are literally thousands of strollers in the Disney parks and hundreds of the same Disney rental strollers. Identify your stroller with something – a balloon, fake flowers, a fancy label from Etsy or simply a bright colored piece of fabric tied around the handle!

Stroller parking at Bibbibid Bobbidi Boutique

6. Make sure your stroller has storage!

One of the best things about having a stroller is you have a place to put your stuff! A large undercarriage is great for storing backpacks, jackets or sweatshirts, water bottles and souvenirs.

We just recommend not leaving something in there that you would hate to go missing.

7. Bring some oversized carabiners.

Large carabiners are great for holding water bottles, park purchases or other essentials you want close to you.

8. Prepare for the rain!

It will rain on your Disney vacation, so make sure that you have a stroller cover. It will help keep your kid (and all your stuff!) more dry.

You can find even more rain gear here!

dad and stroller in rain gear

9. Bring a fan.

It can get incredibly hot in Florida and a stroller fan can be a tremendous help! This is not only to help keep your child comfortable but also safe. A small fan can drastically lower the temperature in strollers or car seats to prevent your child from overheating.

10. Don’t leave valuables in your stroller.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but theft can happen, even at the happiest place on Earth! I always wear a fanny pack or small crossbody bag with my wallet, phone, etc and have my diaper bag full of kid essentials (wipes, snacks, change of clothes, etc) that would be tragic if it went missing.

11. Be ready for security checks.

There are separate lines for strollers when you go through security but that doesn’t mean you can just push everything that you have piled on to your stroller through.

Be prepared to remove bags and large items out from under your stroller so your stroller can go through all by itself.

Find out some of our other security check tips here!

12. Leave the wagon at home!

Disney World does not allow wagons of any type in the Disney parks. You will sometimes read about people who were allowed in with a wagon but as a general rule, they are not allowed so we highly recommend not attempting to bringing one in.

13. But bring the double stroller (if you need it)

Yes, you can bring a double stroller to Walt Disney World! We recommend bringing a back to back stroller instead of one that has the kids riding side by side. It will be easier to maneuver a longer stroller in the crowds than a wider one.

You can find some of our favorite strollers here.

Magic Kingdom entrance

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