The Best Disney Snacks You Need to Eat!

Planning your Disney vacation and want to eat the best snacks? You’re in luck! Today we’re sharing the best Disney snacks at all the parks! Food at Disney World is a fun experience! Everything is themed to the park you are in and Mickey Mouse ears tend to show up even in your food selections. … Read more

What to Wear To Disney World (By Month)

Going on vacation to Disney World? After all of your work with choosing restaurants, securing fast passes, making reservations, and booking flights, figuring out what to wear to Disney World is easy! Ok, we know that packing for any vacation is not always the easiest. There are so many considerations for what to bring on … Read more

9 Secrets of Disney’s Hitchhiking Ghosts – Haunted Mansion

Welcome, foolish mortals, to a post all about the iconic hitchhiking ghosts at Walt Disney World! A visit to the Magic Kingdom is not complete without heading over to a beloved Disney attraction, Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square for a little fun, fright and a hitching ghost or three!  The Haunted Mansion is one of … Read more

Disney World Height Requirements (For All Rides and Attractions)

Heading to Disney World? Taking kids? You may not realize it, but one of the most important things to do is to look into the height requirements for Disney rides. You need to know what the Walt Disney World Height Requirements are for all the different attractions throughout all the parks early on in your … Read more

Best Christmas Movies on Disney Plus

Best Disney Christmas Movies

Updated 2023 One of the best part about the holidays is curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and watching a movie. We love Christmas movies here at Disney With Dave’s Daughters – in fact, as a family, Christmas is our favorite holiday! December is usually very cold here in Minnesota, so we … Read more

It All Started With a Mouse – 19 Mickey Mouse Secrets

mickey mouse at topolinos

You know Mickey’s face when you see it, and you know that Mickey loves Minnie. But did you know what Mickey’s first words on screen were? Did Walt say “it all started with a mouse” or “it all started by a mouse”? Do you know who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse? Today let’s … Read more

Best of Disney Plus for Families

tower of terror

Do you have Disney+? We do! We are big fans of Disney+ and we love having access to all those Disney shows and movies that previously have been in the vault. One of the best things about Disney Plus is also one of the worst. Disney puts out movies and shows that relate to a … Read more

Disney World Frequently Asked Questions: Disney FAQ

Congratulations, YOU ARE GOING TO Walt Disney World! We are so excited that you have decided to go to the happiest place on earth. Truly, there are few places that bring our family as much joy, memories, and smiles as Walt Disney World. Disney World truly is the worlds greatest theme park and we are … Read more