It All Started With a Mouse – 19 Mickey Mouse Secrets

You know Mickey’s face when you see it, and you know that Mickey sure loves Minnie. But did you know what Mickey’s first words on screen were? Did Walt say “it all started with a mouse” or “it all started by a mouse”?

Do you know who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse? Today let’s test your Mickey Mouse knowledge with some fascinating facts! Here are 19 things that you probably didn’t know about Mickey – everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse!

19 Mickey Mouse Secrets We Bet You Didn’t Know!

It All Started With a Mouse - 19 Mickey Mouse Facts to Test Your Disney Knowledge

1. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to ever speak.

The very first episode Mickey spoke in was “Karnival Kid”. And can you guess what his first words were? You’re right! “Hot dog, hot dog”!

2. Mrs. Disney gave Mickey his name.

Leave it to the Mrs. to make a lasting impact! Walt was all set to name him Mortimer but Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, told him it sounded too depressing.

Instead, she suggested Mickey and rest is history. Interestingly enough, Mortimer went on to become Mickey’s rival.

3. Micky Mouse was the first animated character to earn a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Mickey Mouse and family with young kids

Mickey Mouse received his star on November 18, 1978.

4. Walt Disney gave Mickey Mouse his voice!

Can you guess who gave Mickey Mouse his first voice? Ok, ok, we just told you but it was none other than Walt Disney himself!

5. Steam Boat Willie was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon

…well….sorta. Technically there was a show before Steam Boat Willie called Plane Crazy, but it didn’t sell right away so it wasn’t released to the public. After Steam Boat Willie became a smash, Plane Crazy was re-released.

6. Mickey received white gloves on March 28, 1929

Chef Mickey Mouse

What’s up with the Michael Jackson gloves? Mickey Mouse received white gloves in the short video, “Opry House” on March 28, 1929 and they have stayed with him ever since. The great thing about the gloves is it can show off his hands from his arms.

7. Mickey Mouse only has four fingers.

Speaking of hands, have you ever counted Mickey Mouse’s fingers? We didn’t think so. If you do, you’ll notice he only has 4. Walt Disney thought a mouse shouldn’t have five fingers.

8. Mickey watches are the most popular merchandise.

Mickey watch

In 1933 the very first Mickey Mouse watch sold for $2.95. In 1957, Walt Disney was presented with the 25millionth watch! Of all the merchandise sold of Mickey Mouse, nothing is more popular than a Mickey Mouse watch.

9. “The Band Concert” in 1935 was the first Mickey Mouse color cartoon.

Mickey Mouse with 3 kids

10. Mickey Mouse hit the big screen in 1940 with his first full length motion picture.

What was it? Fantasia!

11. Mickey Mouse is the most popular write in vote for president of the United States in every election.

Mickey Mouse for president!

12. Mickey and Minnie are married!

Minnie Mouse

Shhhhhh, they want to keep it a secret but did you know that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are married? Yep, Walt Disney broke the news in 1933! He said they were married but are keeping it under wraps. We guess that’s why they both have the same last name…Mouse!

Want more about this or why people think they’re twins? Head here!

13. Minnie is the unofficial Disney princess.

Minnie Mouse with woman

When you name all the princesses of Disney, don’t forget Minnie Mouse. Minnie is the unofficial Disney princess. Mickey once said to her, “Gosh Minnie, you’ve always been a princess to me!” That sealed the deal!

14. In 1991 Wayne Allwine married Russi Taylor.

So what, you ask? Well, what if we told you at that time Wayne was doing the voice of Mickey Mouse and Russi was doing the voice of Minnie Mouse? We knew that would impress you!

15. Walt’s childhood pet was the inspiration for Mickey

Walt Disney had a pet mouse as a child which was the inspiration for Mickey Mouse.

16. 1955 was a big year for Mickey Mouse!

In 1955 the Mickey Mouse Club premiered and the iconic Mickey Mouse Ears appeared on the show for the first time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Family with Minnie Ears

17. To date, there are 121 Mickey Mouse shorts or features out to watch!

Better get on that Disney Plus subscription and get watching!

18. All Disney movies and the Disney theme parks have “hidden Mickey’s” in them.

The Disney imagineers have put hidden Mickey’s in all the theme parks, Walt Disney World resorts, and movies. It started in the 70s when EPCOT was being built! Have you spotted them all? Find out more here!

19. “It was all started by a mouse.”

The actual quote isn’t “it all started with a mouse”! One of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes about his accomplishments is: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse”.

How many of those fun Mickey Mouse facts did you know? Did you know the actual quote “it was all started by a mouse” and not the common version “it all started with a mouse”? You can find more Walt and Mickey quotes here!

Share in the comments any other fun Mickey facts you know that our dad Dave missed!

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