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Best Counter Service at Hollywood Studios in Disney

There was a time when Disney’s Hollywood Studios was small enough to visit, take in most of the attractions and still eat a sit down table service meal. Those days are just a memory now.

With the addition of Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, along with new attractions and characters, Hollywood Studios has a lot to do and a short time to get it all done.

When we are at the Disney Parks we want to optimize our food consumption the best we can. When we don’t have character meal reservations we choose to eat quickly in order to optimize our time in the parks. Below are some of the best counter service restaurants at Hollywood Studios.

What is Quick Service Dining at Disney World?

Quick Service, also called Counter Service, are restaurants where you can walk up to a counter, order your food and eat it at the restaurant or take it to go. It is the “fast food” of Disney. The other option to eat at Disney is “Table Service” which is where you sit down with a server or buffet.

Both types of restaurants are at each Disney Theme Park (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and Walt Disney World Resorts.

A newer option for ordering from quick service restaurants is mobile ordering, where you can also order your food in advance using your My Disney Experience app. 

A list of all the quick service restaurants in Hollywood Studios

Please note that a “quick service” doesn’t always mean there is substantial food (burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches etc…). Quick Service can also mean a coffee shop or an ice cream vender so when making your plans, keep this into consideration. You can check up to date menus on Walt Disney World’s website.

ABC Commissary

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Commissary Lane, close to the Sci-Fi Diner
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American

Anaheim Produce

  • Mobile Order: No
  • Location: In Sunset Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (healthy snacks, treats and frozen drinks)
mickey pretzel at disney world

Backlot Express

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Echo Lake
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Burgers, BBQ, Cubans and more)

Catalina Eddie’s

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Sunset Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Pizza, chicken, salads and more)

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Galaxy’s Edge
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Or is it American? Docking Bay 7 boasts foods from all over the universe so you will have to decide!)
Docking Bay 7

Dockside Diner

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Echo Lake
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Specialty hot dogs and milkshakes)
Dockside Diner Hollywood Studios
Dockside Diner photo credit Alexis Lariscy

Epic Eats

  • Mobile Order: No
  • Location: In Echo Lake
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (just treats here including Funnel Cakes and ice cream)
Glimmer and Shimmer Funnel Cake (photo by Becky Hutchinson)

Fairfax Fare

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Sunset Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (waffle bowl full of chicken, pork or brisket is one of the best options here)

Hollywood Scoops

  • Mobile Order: No
  • Location: In Sunset Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (ice cream treats)

Kat Saka’s Kettle

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Galaxy’s Edge
  • Type of Fare Specialties: Snacks only
Buttered blue grains popcorn
Popcorn from Kat Saka’s Kettle Photo by Becky Hutchinson

KRNR The Rock Station

  • Mobile Order: No
  • Location: In Sunset Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: Snacks and drinks


  • Mobile Order: No
  • Location: In Pixar Place
  • Type of Fare Specialties: Snacks and drinks


  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Grand Avenue
  • Type of Fare Specialties: Italian (pizzas, subs and more)

Ronto Roasters

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Galaxy’s Edge
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Wraps, grilled sausage and more)

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Sunset Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Burgers, Fries and more)

The Trolley Car Cafe

  • Mobile Order: No
  • Location: In Hollywood Boulevard
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (some treats but mostly a coffee place)
trolley car cafe restaurant hollywood studios

Woody’s Lunch Box

  • Mobile Order: Yes
  • Location: In Toy Story land
  • Type of Fare Specialties: American (Sandwiches, Melts and more)

6 Best Quick Service Restaurants in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Instead of ranking the best restaurants based only on food, we are giving you the ones we feel rank as the best places to visit depending on what you are looking for.

For many of us, the atmosphere and theme of the restaurant we choose is just as important, if not more important, than the quality of food. This is Disney after all, and everything is an experience. Because of this we are taking atmosphere into consideration for this ranking.

Star Wars land Galaxy's Edge

Location is another significant factor. If you are making your plans, the location might dictate the importance of where you eat. For example if you are in Toy Story Land and riding Slinky Dog Dash and you know you will need to eat in that area, then you will want to locate a restaurant that is nearby.

We will explain why we like the restaurant in terms of the food, location, and atmosphere and at the end of each option we will give the main reason we like it.

1. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Why we like it: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is out of this world and a great option to eat at, especially great for the Star Wars fans in your crew. We like to say, “come for the atmosphere, stay for the food”.

Galaxy's Edge star wars at disney world

Its design motif is centered around a galactic hangar bay complete with crates to sit on, industrial space equipment everywhere and basically everything you would expect to find in a space hangar.

Disney has done a wonderful job of taking what could be a pretty blah atmosphere like a hangar and developed it into a super cool and exciting place to eat.

You really need to take some time and check out all the space junk that surrounds this place. It really is pretty incredible. There is quite a bit of seating inside and much more outside if you want to grab your food and take it out.

The story goes is that Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs has docked a food freighter full of supplies and he’s ready to make some exotic food to satisfy your appitite. When you get past the Batuu, Star Wars names for the dishes you have Beef and stir-fry, pork ribs, chicken, chicken salad and a few other items.

Docking Bay 7 Galaxy's Edge
Photo by Tom Bricker of Disney Tourist Blog

This could be a place not to bring picky eaters and those who were looking for the typical burger, hot dog and fries. It is also a bit on the more expensive side when it comes to quick service locations but overall we feel it’s a great choice to head to for one of your quick service meals.

The main reason we like it? The atmosphere is amazing!

2. ABC Commissary

Why we like it: Lights…Cameras….Eating! Themed as a production studio commissary, this is a wonderful consideration for one of your quick service options. The food has some great options including a Barbecue Rib Platter and Southwest BBQ Burger but there are lighter options as well including a Shrimp Teriyaki Bowl and Mediterranean Salad.

ABC Commissary

Children have good options as well including the always reliable Mac and Cheese, Chicken Strips and Uncrustables PB&J. We feel this counter service restaurant has some of the best value in terms of food quality and menu options. They don’t skimp on food portions which is really nice for a quick service restaurant.

The atmosphere of the ABC studios dining cafeteria is filled with posters and other tidbits which bring out the commissary feel but it is not overstated. The overall Art Deco feel with palm trees decorating the area really makes it feel like you are in a 1960’s California commissary.

Pork Carnitas Tacos from ABC Commissary

One other nice positive to eating at the ABC Commissary is the fact that it is air conditioned which feels amazing in the mid summer heat.

The main reason we like it? Great value for food quality and quantity.

3. Woody’s Lunch Box

Why we like it: Woody’s Lunchbox, designed as a giant lunch box, has all the elements to make it a wonderful place to eat for families with small children. It’s bright, colorful, in the middle of all the action in Toy Story Land like Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania. It is also the only counter service option in Toy Story Land so you could say they are the only game in town.

BBQ brisket melt Woody's Lunch Box

When it comes to food, Woody’s has a great Grilled Cheese sandwich that almost any kid will enjoy although we must admit that it surprises us that there aren’t many more options for the children’s menu.

For the adults, the menu items have some great options at a good value. BBQ Brisket Melt and a Chicken Salad Sandwich are pretty good and the Totchos is a unique option which is made up of Potato Barrels coated with Beef and Bean Chili.

Totchos Photo Credit: Lauren Russell

One thing that is NOT good at Woody’s Lunch box is the seating. There is very limited seating after you get your food and to make matters worse, they only offer outdoor seating and most of it is not in the shade, let alone in air conditioning.

All that being said, unless it is a blistering hot day and getting out of the heat for your quick serve meal is an absolute must, Woody’s Lunch Box is a great place and should be considered.

The main reason we like it? Good value food and only spot if you are in Toy Story Land, one of the most popular spots in Hollywood Studios.

4. Backlot Express

Why we like it: Backlot Express is a quick serve restaurant that has the feel of eating at a working movie studio warehouse. The decor is full of fun movie props, stunt gear, safety notices and tons of other great movie stuff.

The slogan for the Backlot Express is a “warehouse of good eating” and for the most part the slogan lives up to its name! The food options are your basic burgers, chicken type of offering, but they do have a wonderful Cuban sandwich and a unique BBQ pulled pork burger which is pretty tasty. Kids will find the typical Mac and Cheese, Chicken Strips and Uncrustables PB&J.

Cuban Sandwich from Backlot Express
Cuban Sandwich from Backlot Express

If you just read our review of Woody’s Lunch Box, you read that seating is an issue. Well, Backlot Express is the exact opposite. Seating at the Backlot Express is fantastic. Lots of it and comfortable, which is so needed after making your way around the park!

There is something to be said about making your lunch a resting spot, away from the elements of heat, cold, rain or whatever else the Florida weather department sends your way.

One highlight of the Backlot Express is the famous Wookiee Cookie! It’s amazing how good two oatmeal cookies sandwiched together with vanilla cream can taste!

Wookie Cookie snack
Wookie Cookie

The main reason we like it? Great seating area to rest your weary legs and the simple fare is not too bad.

5. Ronto Roasters

Why we like it: What could be better than walking into a restaurant and see a droid (8D-J8) in a BBQ pit turning a mechanical spit to cook your meal?! Ronto Roasters is the counter part to Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo with it’s Star Wars theme located in Galaxy’s Edge.

Ronto Roasters in Galaxy's Edge

It is interesting to note that Ronto Roasters is one of the few places in Hollywood Studios where you can get breakfast. Those making an early morning dash to hit Rise of the Resistance can celebrate their achievement by heading over to Ronto Roasters for breakfast.

In terms of food, Ronto Roasters specializes in wraps. Their menu does not offer much variety but when it comes to wraps, they are the kings. The infamous Ronto Wrap is filled with roasted pork, grilled park sausage, peppercorn sauce, and tangy slaw wrapped in pita bread.

They also have the Ronto Morning Wrap for the early risers and they also offer some pretty tasty plant based wraps.

Ronto Wrap food

The restaurant is all open air and there is usually enough seating except at very busy times, so be aware of larger groups during peak dining hours.

There is so much at Disney to take in and Ronto Roasters is not exception. There is a great back story in which a pod racing fan named Bakkar, also a butcher, decorated the restaurant with a number of pod racing flags and installed a modified pod racer ending that hangs from the ceiling of the restaurant in the center of the room.

The main reason we like it? Best quick bite in Batuu with fun surroundings.

6. Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Why we like it: This is a typical American fare restaurant with burgers and hot dogs but the location makes it a high traffic food option. Situated by Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster among other attractions, makes Rosie’s All-American Cafe a hit when it comes to the quick service spots to eat.

Rosies All American Cafe
Hollywood Studio

Because of this, there can be long lines and often patience needs to be in full force, but if you can eat here, you will find the food a bit better than your typical park food as there are some different options that set it apart from other fast food places.

Starting with the plant based Lobster Roll and Rosies’ All American Salad, Rosie’s has some healthier options which really helps after a steady Diet of burgers and hot dogs. The kids meal is a bit sparse with a cheeseburger and chicken breast nuggets being the only options. 

hot dogs at disney world

When it comes to seating, there are a large number of tables around but again, because of the sheer number of people that eat here, during peek times, it can be a bit difficult to find a table for your family.

The main reason we like it? Location, Location, Location! (near Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster) Plus, the food isn’t bad.

Hopefully this helps you narrow down some of your food options! Some of the menu options are large enough to share! Don’t forget that you can always bring your own food and drinks into the Disney parks. This can help you save some money by not having to purchase as much food in the parks.

If you are looking for more food options in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be sure to check out our favorite Hollywood Studios snacks! Several of the items (Wookie Cookie and Ronto Wrap) on our list can be found at the quick service locations listed above.