Best Disney Nails

If you’re going to Disney World, one of the most fun things is planning your outfits! From the best family shirts to park specific outfits, dressing the part is half the fun.

But don’t stop there! Extend the Disney love to your nails! Whether you want classic Mickey and Minnie or your favorite princess, there are so many different options for Disney nails.

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best Disney nails to try out for your next Disney vacation or just for your next visit to the nail salon!

So without further ado, the Best Disney Nails around!

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Over 100 Best Disney Nails

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1. Disney Logo

disney logo
Nails via sonyas.nails

We love these nails so much! These nails have all the iconic Disney symbols – the castle (with Mickey!), Mickey Mouse silhouette, and the Disney “D.” The tie die look under the symbols are so festive and fun.

You can find the Mickey silhouette here:

Mickey Mouse Ears Disney Nail Art -Set of 36
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2. Classic Black and White Mickey and Minnie

neutral nails with mickey faces
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

If you’re looking for a little classic black and white Mickey and Minnie, this is adorable! Each hand has four classic Mickey silhouettes with one hand having a Minnie face and on the other hand a Mickey face!

If you want to DIY this, start with a nude color base and let it dry completely. Next add mini Mickey Mouse silhouettes on four fingers on each hand. You can always leave off the more complicated Mickey and Minnie faces or use stickers for those!

3. Red Polka Dot Nails

black white red mickey nails
Image via @thelittlebeautyloftmsg

A little black, white and red all over gives you the cutest Mickey and Minnie inspired nails! These are fairly easy to DIY at home.

Do a red glitter on your pinky and thumb, a white solid nail with a black Mickey silhouette on your ring finger, a black nail with Mickey inspired tip with a red line and 2 white dots on your middle finger. On your ring finger do a solid red, let it dry and then add white polka dots!

4. Purple Mickey Nails

purple mickey nails
Image via @thelittlebeautyloftmsg

These nails are very similar to the ones above but in a purple shade! When you include the Mickey silhouette, it really doesn’t matter what color you choose, everyone knows you’re showing your love for Mickey and Disney!

5. Mickey Heads

white and pink and gold mickey nails
Nails via sonyas.nails

These Disney nails are perfect to celebrate Disney’s 50th Anniversary! You will need three colors for these nails: glitter gold, white, and pink. Use a nail design tool to make Mickey’s head using 3 dots! So easy!

6. Simple Mickey Heads

french tip with red mickey face
Nails via sonyas.nails

These gorgeous nails are a subtle way to show your love of Disney. These nails are a simple French manicure with a Mickey silhouette on one finger on each hand! The best part of these nails is they will literally go with every outfit.

7. Mickey Hands

red nails with mickey hands
Nails via sonyas.nails

We love a red nail, and these are no exception. Simply paint your nails your favorite shade of red and then add a Mickey’s hand decal on one finger and a silhouette decal on another finger!

Cartoon Nail Art Stickers Decal 3D 8 Sheets
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8. Disney Castle

disney castle
Nails via sonyas.nails

These nails are simple yet stunning. We are suckers for anything with Cinderella’s castle on them! These nails use classic Disney red and white nail polish, and then add some sparkle with silver! Add a castle decal and a Mickey decal on each white nail – they will pop!

9. Princess Castle

princess castle
Nails by nailsbybrooke___

These castle nails are exceptionally cool for one reason – they glow in the dark! These are perfect for enjoying the fireworks at the castle at the end of the night.

10. Thumper

thumper nails
Image via @giulisnails

These GORGEOUS nails feature Thumper from Bambi! The artistry is simply amazing. These are perfect for spring. We love the Mickey made out of crystals on the first finger!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/19/2024 10:47 am GMT

11. Minnie With Perfume

minnie and perfume
Image via @giulisnails

These nails are simply amazing! Minnie Mouse is spraying perfume on herself – you get the whole picture when you put the nails together! We love the pink background that makes everything pop.

12. Mickey in Love

Mickey in love
Image via @giulisnails

We know that Mickey Mouse truly loves Minnie Mouse (no, they are not twins!). Lovestruck Mickey is such a unique way to have Mickey Mouse on your nails! We love the red French tip and the lipstick kiss decals on the other nails.

13. Mickey and Minnie at the Beach

mickey and minnie in bathing suits
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

Whether you’re spending some time at the ocean on your Disney vacation or just hitting up Blizzard Beach, these cute nails with Mickey and Minnie rocking swimsuits are perfect!

14. Princess Dresses

disney princess dresses
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Heading to the Princess breakfast or just want to show your Disney Princess pride? Show off the beautiful fashion of your favorite Disney princesses! These adorable nails instantly show your love for the princesses and their iconic dresses.

15. Princess Hair

disney princess hair nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Along the same lines as the ones above, but this time show off your favorite Princess’ hair! You can even combine the two nail sets with dresses on one hand and hairstyles (and crowns!) on the other!

16. Disney Princess Hair #2

Disney Princess Hair
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

If you need even more ideas of hairstyles, here you go! These four ladies are some of the most classic Disney Princesses out there that everyone will certainly recognize!

Check our over 30 Disney Princess nail designs on this post!

17. Olaf Nails

Olaf Nails
Image via @giulisnails

Do you want to build a snowman? Olaf is one of the most lovable Disney characters so why not show your love for him on your nails! A mix of snow and glitter keep Olaf the center of attention.

18. Olaf Nails #2

olaf nails
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

A bit more simple way to show off your Olaf love is these nails! Do four nails a full on glitter with one large Olaf on one finger.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/19/2024 10:47 am GMT

19. Olaf Nails #3

olaf nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

One final look at an Olaf manicure featuring tiny snowmen!

20. White and Black Mickey Nails

white nails with miceky mouse face
Image via @olive.nails128

These simple nails are fun and easy to do at home! Paint your nails white – several coats works best. Then put a Mickey Mouse decal on one of your fingers and decorate with some gems!

21. Black and Grey Mickey Nails

black and grey mickey nails
Nails by nna_naomynailart_officia

Here is a super unique Mickey Mouse design. We love how the red “Mickey” looks like it is spray painted graffiti! An of course, you can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse. The black galaxy look of the pinky really adds to the edgy look.

22. Classic Black Mickey

simple black and grey nails
Nails via sonyas.nails

These nails just make us smile! This is a look you can do at home! Paint 1-2 nails on each hand a nude color with some shimmer or sparkle. Then, add a black mickey silhouette with decals or by using a nail tool!

The silhouette can either be alone or with a red tipped French manicure style with the classic Minnie white polka dots. Paint the remaining nails a sparkly black and you are good to go!

23. VIntage Minnie

minnie mouse rosie the riveter nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Minnie Mouse stars as Rosie the Riveter in these nails! The vintage look is so fun. We love how each nail on the hand looks different but they all still go together.

24. Subtle Disney

subtle disney
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

Here is another design using nude nail polish as the base! Simply add polka dots in white, Mickey silhouettes in black and red, and then a larger Mickey on one hand and a Minnie on the other!

25. Mickey and Minnie Nails

Mickey and Minnie Nails
nails via nailsbykatiedutra

This is a fun look using several nail decals on top of nude nail polish. Paint the remaining nails a gorgeous sparkly red!

Cartoon Nail Art Stickers Decal 3D 8 Sheets
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

26. St Patrick’s Day Mickey and Minnie

st patricks day disney nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Heading to Disney in March? Want a fun way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? These fun green Disney nails combine both St Patrick’s day and Disney together!

27. Mickey Balloons

birthday balloon disney nails
nails via nailsbykatiedutra

These whimsical nails showcase those iconic Mickey Mouse Disney balloons. Of course, you can add sparkles (or is it pixie dust?) and your other favorite Disney symbols!

28. Pink and White Minnie Nails

Pink and White Minnie Nails
Nails via @olive.nails128

Here is another subtle Disney look that is perfect for someone who loves light pink nails. Paint one nail on each hand white and add your favorite Minnie Mouse decal! Jazz up the pink nails by adding a flower on one nail.

29. Birthday Nails

birthday disney nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

If you will be celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World you should definitely consider having birthday nails! We love all the sparkles on these nails. We can’t think of any better place to celebrate than at Walt Disney World!

30. Birthday Nails #2

birthday nails

Nails by nailsbybrooke___

Here is one more birthday themed Disney nail! The pink nails look like they have sprinkles on them and the banner and Disney balloons have the same colors as the sparkles. We love that Mickey is wearing a birthday hat and that the cupcake has Minnie Ears!

These would be great paired with a Disney birthday shirt!

31. Birthday Nails #3

birthday disney nails

Image vai @hannah_nails_it

There’s no shortage of ways you can celebrate your birthday on your nails, is there? We adore the incorporation of Mickey balloons and a cute Mickey cake!

32. Mickey Minnie Halloween Nails

mickey Minnie halloween nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Halloween is one of the best and most popular times to go to Disney World so if you go then, you should definitely go all out! These orange and black Halloween inspired Disney nails are the perfect mix of candy, Disney and bats!

For more Halloween fun, check out our favorite Disney Halloween shirts!

33. Minnie Style

minnie style
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Minnie Mouse has the best style, doesn’t she? Share your love for Minnie and the fashionista that she is on your nails! From her shoes to bloomers to her hat (did you know Minnie used to wear a hat??), your nails will look so fun with these!

34. Red and White Mickey and Minnie Nails

red and white minnie and mickey nails
nails by nailsbykrystle

These nails are classic Disney and we love it. Red nail polish goes on all but one nail – and add white polka dots to a couple nails. Use nude nail polis on the remaining nail and add a Disney decal!

35. Disney Treat Nails

Disney treats nails
Nails via @tamaminails

Disney treats are one of the best parts about going to Disney World, right? Why not show off your favorite snacks on your nails!

36. Seven Dwarfs Nails

seven dwarfs
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

We’re big fans of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs here at Disney With Dave’s Daughters. Why not pick your favorite dwarf to paint on your nails! We love this cute Doc nail!

37. Daisy Nails

daisy nails
Nails by nna_naomynailart_officia

Switch things up from your classic Minnie with her best friend, Daisy! Paint your nails an ombre purple with fun accents of glitter and sequin. On one nail paint the adorable Daisy!

38. Disney Villains

disney villains
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Disney Villains are some of the most loved and hated characters of Disney. Show your favorite (or most disliked?) villains for your Disney trip!

39. Monorail Nails

monorail nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

One of the best parts about Disney World is the Monorail! These nails are incredibly unique – you’d be the talk of Disney when you show up with Monorail nails!

40. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Nails

twilight zone tower of terror nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of our favorite rides and likely many of yours too! What better way to show your love for a specific ride than on your nails!

41. Disney Characters

classic characters
Nails by nailsbykrystle

Here are super unique ways to show off your favorite Disney Characters. If you love longer nails these ideas are perfect for you. Our personal favorite is Goofy’s hat!

42. Christmas Characters

disney characters at christmas
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

If you are going to Walt Disney World at Christmas time you are in for a treat! Make sure your nails are in the same festive mood. The dots on these nails look like snowflakes and all the characters are ready for it!

43. Genie and Aladin

genie nails
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

The classic Disney movies from the 90s are some of our favorites. Consider taking a break from Mickey and Minnie and having the genie and Aladdin on your nails!

Genie is one of our favorite Disney Sidekicks!

44. Cinderella and Star Wars

star wars nails
nails by nailsbykrystle

If you are a Star Wars fan you can have your nails fit the style! These Star Wars nails have the Mandalorian with baby Yoda and other classic Star Wars characters to get you ready to head to Hollywood Studios.

If your favorite princess is Cinderella, consider getting Gus Gus and Lucifer on your nails!

45. Beauty and the Beast Mrs Potts & Chip

Beauty and the Beast Mrs Potts & Chip
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Some of our favorite Disney characters are actually not the main characters of the movies but are the sidekicks! These nails feature Mrs. Potts and Chip. And while Belle is nowhere to be seen, everyone knows these are Beauty and the Beast nails!

46. Marvel Nails

marvel nails
nails via nailsbykatiedutra

Show you are a fan of the Avengers with these Avengers themed nails! These particular nails show off Iron Man and we love the red and gold glitter nails that go along with the Avengers decals. (Can you spot the hidden Mickey?!)

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47. Baby Yoda Nails

yoda nails
nails via nailsbykatiedutra

These nails are in their own world in a galaxy far, far away! The space design on these is incredible. Baby Yoda (Grogu) is featured on one of the nails and a planet is on the other hand.

48. Scar Nails

scar nails
Nails by nna_naomynailart_officia

Perhaps the worst (or is it best?) villain of all time is Scar! These nails feature his sly, evil look. The green nail designs make this manicure set top-notch.

49. Simba Nails

lion king nails
Nails by nna_naomynailart_officia

You can almost hear baby Simba singing “Just Can’t Wait to be King” when looking at these incredible nails! We love the yellow, blue, and black color scheme.

50. Lion King Nails

lion king nails
nails by @piontkowaa

Here is another Lion King design! The sunset look of the yellow to pink makes these super fun. These nails feature classic scenes from the movies and are perfect if you are staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

51. Ariel and Sebastian

little mermaid nails
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

The Little Mermaid was Jen’s favorite Disney movie and we love these nails! These nails capture Arie’s look perfectly! The green is a perfect match for Arie’s fins, and of course, Sebastian is always close by!

You can do a similar look at home with these decals:

Cute Mermaid Nail Stickers (75+Decals)
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52. Flounder

little mermaid nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Here is another Little Mermaid look, but these feature Sebastian! Sebastian is one of our favorite sidekicks and we love that he takes center stage on these nails.

53. Stitch Nails

lilo and stich nails
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

These Lilo and Stitch nails are so unique! To try this look at home, paint your nails nude and then do a French tip in blue. Add Stitch to one of your nails and you are sure to smile every time you see him!

4 Sheets Stitch Nail Art Stickers Decals
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54. Stitch Nails #2

lilo and stitch nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Here’s another cute variation of Stitch nails including one of the classic quotes, “Stay Weird”.

55. Forky Nails

forky nails
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

If you love funny, quirky characters consider doing a Forky manicure from the Toy Story movies! These nails are perfect for a day in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios.

56. 50th Anniversary Nails

50th anniversary nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Here is another 50th Anniversary inspired manicure set. Disney’s 50th birthday comes around once, so embrace the celebration and get your nails to match!

57. Mermaid Inspired Nails

mermaid nails
nails via nailsbykatiedutra

These mermaid inspired nails take their inspiration from The Little Mermaid! Choose blue, green, yellow, and red sparkle polish and do an ombre look. You will be sure to make a splash!

58. Winnie the Pooh

Image via @prepprimenailbar

You can’t forget about Pooh! We love the Pooh ride at Magic Kingdom for the little ones in our life and these nails show your love of Pooh perfectly!

59. Black and White Mickey

mickey mouse nails

Image via @prepprimenailbar

Simple yet classic, these neutral color Mickey Mouse nails are perfect for a week at the park! Incorporating the classic Mickey silhouette and his hand, they’ll go with whatever outfits you have planned.

60. Magic Kingdom Nails

magic kingdom nails

Image via @nailzbysadesimm

These Disney nails incorporate so many of our favorite things – Mickey & Minnie, Monsters Inc, Buzz and Woody and of course Up!

61. Red, Black and White Mickey & Minnie

Image via @letyourcolorsbloom_

Here’s another classic that includes Minnie’s bow, Mickey’s pants and the Disney logo! It’s subtle yet stunning.

62. 80s Disney Nails

80s disney nails

Image via @sonyas.nails

Let’s go retro with these fun nails! We love the subtle Mickey silhouettes and Disney Logo incorporated in these nails.

63. Chewbacca Nails

star wars nails

Image via @kellyohstein

If Chewy is one of your favorite like us, these are the nails for you! We can assure you he will love them when you meet him at Hollywood Studios.

64. Seven Dwarfs

seven dwarfs nails

Image via @kellyohstein

I don’t know what we love more, the cute dwarfs or the stones they mined! This is such a fun way to bring some sparkle and cuteness to your nails.

65. Piglet

piglet nails

Image via @kellyohstein

Piglet in springtime is basically all of us in spring, isn’t it? So full of joy and hope and delight! We love this fresh take on Disney nails featuring one of our favorite Disney sidekicks.

66. Disney Cats in Costume

disney cat nails

Image via @kellyohstein

We truly adore all the Disney Cats, and no better way to show your adoration than adding them to your nails! These cute cats are all dressed up in costume, perfect for Halloween!

67. Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast nails

Image via @kellyohstein

Beauty and the Beast is one of our favorite movies so we love these nails!

68. Gaston

gaston nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Who can’t resist a little Gaston in their life? This fun manicure features a nice big bicep and one of our favorite Gaston quotes!

69. Pink and Orange 101 Dalmatians Nails

101 dalmations nails

Image via @kellyohstein

Ok, there’s no way to show your love for all 101 Dalmatians but you can add a few to your nails! The only questions is, which ones would you pick?

70. Classic Black and White 101 Dalmatians

101 dalmatians nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Here’s another cute variation of the 101 Dalmatians movie, but this one is a bit more classic. We love the 2 dogs on top of one another in true puppy fashion!

71. Cruella Nails

101 dalmatians and cruella

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Want to go to the dark side of the 1010 Dalmatians? Add Cruella to your nails! She’s a favorite villain and so fun to dress like.

72. Tron

tron nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

If you’ve had the chance to go on Tron, there’s no doubt you’ll want to represent one of the most thrilling rides on your nails! We absolutely loved it when we went on it and 100% would get this mani!

73. Space Mountain

space mountain nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Is Space Mountain more your thing? It’s honestly one of our favorite rides! This is the perfect way to show off your love for a classic Disney ride.

74. Magna Mickey Featuring Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger mickey

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Lots of brands are celebrating Disney’s 100th year celebration! Tommy Hilfiger launched a fun capsule collection.

75. Disney 100

100 celebration disney nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Disney 100 celebrations are everywhere, why not add them to your nails! We love the classic colors and silver sparkle on this manicure.

76. Subtle Disney 100

subtle disney 100 nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Love Disney 100 but want a bit more subtle vibe? This is the perfect manicure for just that! The simple “100” along with a peeking Mickey and subtle Mickey characteristics create the perfect Disney manicure.

77. Figment Nails

figment nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Figment is a family favorite since our brother fell in love with a Figment stuffed animal as a little boy that he still has today! This is a super unique nail design that is a fun take on a Disney nail.

78. Bruno Nails

bruno nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

While we don’t talk about Bruno, we do love painting him on our nails! 😉 Complete with his little friends (the mice!), this adorable nail design is perfect for any Bruno fan!

79. Disney Character Autographs

disney character authographs

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Skip the autograph books, go straight for the nails! While the Disney characters won’t be able to sign your nails, you can get them added to your nails prior to any Disney trip.

80. Woody and Jessie

toy story nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Are you Team Woody? We love this adorable nail design with Woody and Jessie and of course the flock of sheep! Complete with a rope in the design of a heart, this is the perfect love filled Toy Story manicure.

81. Woody & Buzz

buzz and woody nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Team Woody AND Buzz? We adore this hand reaching “You’ve Got a Friend in me” manicure to show the friendship between Woody and Buzz.

82. Toy Story Woody Nails

woody and andy nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

We love a good subtle nail design and this cowboy style Toy Story nail shows off the bottom of Woody’s boot with Andy’s name!

83. Love Letter

love letter mickey nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or you just want to celebrate tlove, this adorable love letter manicure is perfect!

84. Mickey and Minnie In Love

mickey and minnie in love nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Here’s another cute take on love nails with Minnie and Mickey splitting a heart!

85. New Year’s Mickey #1

NYE disney nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

What better way to welcome the New Year than with Mickey and Minnie? If you don’t get to be at Disney, you can still include them in the festivities! Include a disco ball, a clock and classic Mickey ears on the year – it’s perfect!

86. New Year’s Mickey #2

happy new year mickey nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Celebrate in style! We love the Mickey Mouse disco ball, Mickey fireworks and of course the Mickey hand showing the last number. What a fun way to celebrate the new year!

87. Churro

churro nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Can’t go to Disney and NOT get a churro? We’ve got the perfect mani for you! Celebrate churros in this fun and unique way!

88. Easter Mickey and Minnie

easter mickey

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Mickey and Minnie dressed up as bunnies? How cute! This adorable Easter inspired Disney manicure is a fun way to show your love for Disney at Easter time.

89. Watermelon Mickey

summer mickey

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Mickey and watermelons – what a perfect summer combination! The watermelon seeds in the shape of a Mickey silhouette and the watermelon as Minnie is such a cute summer mani!

90. Incredibles Manicure

incredibles nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Staying at the Contemporary? Heading to Hollywood Studios? Just love the Incredibles? Show off some your favorite characters (we adore Edna Mode and her funny quotes) on your nails!

91. Hot Pink Minnie Nails

hot pink minnie nails
nails via nailsbykatiedutra

Here is another amazing look featuring multiple decals on one finger. Don’t be too afraid to try layering – it can absolutely work! The bright pink colors on the other fingers go perfectly with Minnie’s bows.

92. Orange Bird

orange bird nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

The Orange Bird is everywhere at Disney and we love it! This is another unique Disney nail design for your next Disney adventure.

93. Animal Kingdom Mickey

animal kingdom mickey nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

We love dressing for the parks! Take it one step further and dress for the parks on your nails! This cute ranger Mickey with animal print tips are perfect for a day at Animal Kingdom.

94. Disney Character Feet

disney character feet nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

You typically see character’s faces, why not show off their feet! You immediately know who is who just by seeing their cute feet!

95. Snowman Mickey

mickey in winter nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

While there isn’t much snow at Disney World, you can still wear it on your nails! How cute is this manicure with Mickey making himself out of snow!

96. Mulan Nails

mulan nails
Image via @giulisnails

These nails are exquisite! If you love pointed nails consider getting Mulan and a dragon! The point of these nails works perfectly with the designs. These are perfect for going to the World Showcase in EPCOT.

97. Conductor Mickey

mickey conductor nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Just by looking at these nails we can bet you’re singing the classic “M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse…” song. The cute notes and Conductor Mickey make this great for musicians!

98. Rapunzel

rapunzel nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Who can forget Rapunzel, her lanterns and sweet little Pascal! The flowing hair and glowing sun represents Tangled perfectly.

99. Pascal


Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

Want a manicure of just Pascal? He is too cute!

100. Nemo and Friends

crush and nemo

Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

You can’t forget about Nemo! Featuring Squirt and Nemo, we love this adorable duo.

101. Minnie and Mickey Wedding

wedding mickey and minnie

Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

Mickey and Minnie getting married is the perfect manicure for your wedding day or when you’re celebrating a Disney wedding!

102. Evil Queen

snow white evil queen

Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

The Evil Queen is a classic Disney villain who everyone loves to hate! Complete with a creepy apple, this manicure is perfect for Halloween!

103. Colorful Disney Nails

colorful disney nails

Image via @aztec.charlotte

When you want all the colors but still want Disney, this is perfect! The variety of colors look cohesive with the striped nails and we adore the cute Mickey and Minnie poking their heads out. This is perfect!

104. Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc nails
Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

Monster’s Inc is truly one of our favorite family movies (our mom loves Mike Wazowski!) These nails have all our favorite parts of the movies – Mike’s eye, Sulley’s spots, and Boo’s costume!

Now that you know what Disney nails you want, time to shop for the rest of your outfit! Here’s some other fun Disney apparel to check out:


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