Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon – Which is Best?

Many people are unaware that Walt Disney World not only includes the four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), but it also includes two amazing water park!

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are Disney World’s two family friendly water parks.

If it is summertime in Orlando, you may want to consider spending a day at one of these water parks!

You don’t have to be on a Disney parks vacation in order to enjoy these parks – you can purchase a one day pass if you are on a Florida vacation and want one day of Disney water fun.

After much thought and deliberation you have decided to spend one of your Disney World days at one of the water parks. Great idea! Now you have one more decision to make, which water park? 

Most people don’t have the time to hit both Disney World water parks (if you can, fantastic!) so we want to give you information to help you make a logical decision on which water park will work best for you and your crew! Because each one has strengths and weaknesses, we are going to compare them in different categories.

Are you ready? Lets go!

Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon Similarities

Before we get into the categories, let’s spend a moment talking about what is pretty much the same in both water parks:

  1. Both have roughly the same amount of water rides and slides
  2. Both parks can be closed for cold weather and during the winter, each park takes turns being closed for refurbishments
  3. Both parks have free parking
  4. Both have swimming pools and lazy rivers
  5. Both are approximately the same size
  6. It rains often in the summer in Florida and though they won’t close from rain, they will shut down when there is lightning or a severe thunderstorm. Even if it is approaching but has not arrived yet. Please be aware of this
  7. Both have quick service for food and drinks
  8. Both have similar amenities like towels, lockers, life jackets etc…
  9. Both water park tickets cost the same ($73.49 for ages 10 and up)
  10. Both are themed water parks

Ok, on to the categories:

Category 1: Theme/Overall Look

Both of the Walt Disney World water parks are themed, which means each park has a fictional backstory. Lets find out how each water park came to be!

Typhoon Lagoon Theme

Typhoon Lagoon was once a tropical paradise, but a huge unexpected storm of epic size came and ravaged it. Left in it’s wake is the remains of what was once there.

You will even find an empaled shrimp boat called Miss Tilly stuck in the peak of Mount Mayday. Other remains of the destruction can be found throughout the park.

You will find things such as broken surf boards and marine vessels which give Typhoon Lagoon a fun atmosphere. Every 1/2 hour the mountain erupts with a geyser blast 50 feet in the air.  

Blizzard Beach Theme

Blizzard Beach came about because of a great cold front that hit Florida. This cold front brought a major snow storm which produced this ski resort at Mount Gushmore. When the warm weather returned the ski resort was going to be shut down.

However, they saw an alligator sliding down one of the trails and landing in a pool of water from the melted snow. Hence, Blizzard Beach was born. 

Surrounded by snow, ski lift chairs and other ski resort themes, Blizzard Beach gives a “cool” look for sure. 

Final Thought: Blizzard Beach is universally thought to be the “cuter” themed of the two but really, you can’t find too much at fault with Typhoon Lagoon’s theme.  

Category 2: Best Thrill Slides

Typhoon Lagoon Best Thrill Slides

Humunga Kowabunga sends sliders down five stories and clearly leads the charge for most scary slide in Typhoon Lagoon. 

For raft ride enthusiasts, which are a little less intense, Typhoon Lagoon offers more rides than Blizzard Beach including Crush ’n’ Gusher, a “raft roller coaster” for two people. Typhoon Lagoon also has Keelhaul Falls, a one person inner tube “thrill ride” down Mount Mayday.

Blizzard Beach Best Thrill Slides

Summit Plummet is Blizzard Beach’s crown jewel for giving out heart attacks. Where Humunga Kowabunga goes down five stories, Summit Plummet goes down twelve stories with a near vertical drop at 360 feet long! 

Blizzard Beach also has the Downhill Double Dipper, an inner tube thrill ride where you race against a friend!

Final Thought: If thrill is what you are after, you will find no better than Blizzard Beach in this category. But if you lean toward a more mild experience with raft rides, Typhoon Lagoon has some good options.

Category 3: Best Lazy River

Typhoon Lagoon Best Lazy River

Castaway Creek is a long river ride around the park and is scenic and relaxing. It is approximately 2,000 feet long and has 5 different landing spots where you can get on and off.

There is a tunnel through Mount Mayday that you go through! This is great ride the whole family can enjoy.

Blizzard Beach Best Lazy River

Cross Country Creek is 3,000 feet and even though technically it is longer than Typhoon Lagoon’s, you really won’t be able to tell.

It features polar caves, a grotto, and showers from Mount Gushmore. There are 7 landings along this river where you can enter or exit. Be sure to keep a lookout for Ice Gator!

Final Thought: Both are great and if relaxation is what you want, you will find it at either one almost equally.

Category 4: Best Pools and Play Areas For the Little Ones

Typhoon Lagoon Best Pools and Play Areas For the Little Ones

This park has a great kids section called Ketchakiddee Creek. It is a fun play area for children 48 inches and shorter. 

Ketchakiddee Creek has super fun waterfalls, tubes you can crawl through, different fountains, slides and a mini waterslide. You can even shoot a water cannon aboard the leaky tugboat S.S. Squirt.

Ketchakiddee Creek features a small sandy beach area to give your preschoolers a fun beach experience. This play area also plays kid friendly music that young children will enjoy.

Blizzard Beach Best Pools and Play Areas For the Little Ones

There are two great areas at Blizzard Beach for kids: Tike’s Peak and Ski Patrol Training Camp. Tike’s Peak is for little kids who are 48 inches and shorter.

Tike’s Peak has miniature snow -banked slides, side by side downhill slides, a junior inner tube ride and snow chutes. Tike’s Peak also has a few sandy areas for kids to play.

Ski Patrol Training Camp is for a bit older kids, pre-teens. It has obstacle courses, a zip line, body slides, inner tubes and a bit more advanced play offerings.

Final Thought: Though both parks are great we feel if your children are younger, we lean toward Typhoon Lagoon and if they are a bit older, Blizzard Beach.

Category 5: Best Wave Pool

Typhoon Lagoon Best Wave Pool

The Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool is broken up into sections. For part of the time there are bobbing waves which are fun but for most of the time it has serious surf waves. 

These waves are the real deal folks! The swells are 6-feet high and it is considered North America’s largest wave pool and the water parks signature attraction. No inner tubes are allowed in this wave pool – enjoy trying to body surf! Younger kids should be strong swimmers if they want to try out this pool.

Blizzard Beach Best Wave Pool

Melt-Away Bay is the wave pool at Blizzard Beach. It is strictly a bobbing pool but you are allowed to have inner tubes in the pool which is one acre in size and heated. Melt-Away Bay is for all ages.  

Final Thought: If you are into the big surf waves, you will probably want to be at Typhoon Lagoon but remember that it’s only part of the time that the waves are running.

Category 6: Dining Options

Typhoon Lagoon Dining Options

Typhoon Lagoon has six counter service options to make sure you don’t get too hungry or thirsty! The dining options available are:

  1. Happy Landing’s Ice Cream
  2. Leaning Palms
  3. Let’s Go Slurpin’
  4. Lowtide Lou’s
  5. Snack Shack
  6. Typhoon Tilly’s

Blizzard Beach Dining Options

Blizzard Beach has nine counter service restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat, a snack, or a drink! The dining options available are:

  1. Arctic Expeditions
  2. Avalunch
  3. Cooling Hut
  4. Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments
  5. I.C. Expeditions
  6. Lottawatta Lodge
  7. Mini Donuts by Joffrey’s Coffee
  8. Polar Pub
  9. Warming Hut

Final Thought: Of course, Blizzard Beach has more options, but we don’t feel the food should be much of a deciding factor for you.

You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks into both of the water parks. Just remember that you are not allowed to bring glass containers or alcoholic beverages.

Want to learn to surf?

Before we go, have you ever thought of trying to surf? If you have ever wanted to learn to surf, then you will want to check out the surf lessons at Typhoon Lagoon. At $199 per person, (which includes a light breakfast and photos) you can learn from surfing pros in a fun and exciting wave pool environment.

All in all, a day at the Disney Waterparks can be a great way to spend a day in Florida! Is there a best Disney water park? We would say it all depends upon your family and your personal preferences.

Using the info above we think you will be able to choose the perfect park for your family. Enjoy the water, the beach chairs, the sand, and your family and you are guaranteed to have a magical time!

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