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The 60 Best Lady And The Tramp Quotes

Memorable Lady and The Tramp Quotes

Lady and the Tramp is one of those classic Disney movies that has enthralled generations of kids!

The original animated Lady and the Tramp was released in 1955 and the live action/CGI hybrid version of the the movie was released in 2019. The story was inspired by a 1945 Cosmopolitan story of “Happy Dan, the Cynical Dog” by Ward Greene.

Just in case you have not seen Lady and the Tramp or if it’s been a while, here is the quick summary.

Lady is a cute, pampered cocker spaniel who belongs to a human whose name is Darling. Lady was a gift from Darling’s husband, Jim Dear.

lady and the tramp flower and garden festival

When a baby arrives in the house, Lady starts getting neglected while also having to contend with two siamese cats (Is and Am) and a mean Aunt (Aunt Sarah). Due to an unfortunate turn of circumstances, Lady finds herself out on the streets.  

It’s there she runs into a street wise mutt named Tramp. These two dogs coming from very different backgrounds find they have more in common than they do differences. This is where their love story begins.  

Our family has always been fans of the original movie all the way back to owning the VHS video tape. We equally enjoyed the live action film when it was released. We had a piano in our home and for years we would sing the Siamese song, “We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please” while playing on the piano.

Besides that catchy tune that sticks in your head all day, there are a number of other fun and memorable scenes throughout the movie.

Do you recall when Darling said to Lady, “We’re not a family without you”?  We still get a bit emotional when thinking about that scene. The Lady and the Tramp movies are just full of great heart-warming quotes.

Lady and the tramp quotes

Whether you are a fan of the 2019 live action film, Lady and The Tramp, or you lean to the original animated version of Lady and The Tramp, we have some of the best lines from either movie for you.

Lady and the Tramp Quotes from the 1955 animated classic film

1.  Jim Dear: [giving Darling a hatbox] “It’s for you, Darling. Merry Christmas.”
Darling: “Oh, Jim Dear. It’s the one I was admiring, isn’t it? Trimmed with ribbons?”
Jim Dear: “Well, it has a ribbon, huh?” [The box is opened; inside is a young cocker spaniel]
Darling: “Oh, how sweet!”
Jim Dear: “You like her, darling?”
Darling: “Oh, I love her. What a perfectly beautiful little lady.”

2. Si and Am: “We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please.”

3. Tramp:  “Okay, okay, okay! But remember this, Pigeon: A human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.”

lady and the tramp flower and garden festival

4. Lady: What’s a baby?
Jock: Well, they…they resemble humans.
Trusty: But I’d say a mite smaller.
Jock: Aye, and they walk on all fours.
Trusty: And if I remember correctly…they Beller a lot.
Jock: And they’re very expensive. You’ll not be permitted to play with it.
Trusty: But they’re mighty sweet.
Jock: And very very soft.
Tramp: Just a cute little bundle…of trouble!

5.  Tramp: “And by a lucky coincidence, you see before you, modeled by the lovely little lady, the new, improved, patented, handy-dandy, never-failed, little-giant log puller! The Busy Beaver’s Friend!”

6. Lady: “What is a baby? I just can’t understand. It must be something wonderful. It must be something grand. ‘Cause everybody’s smiling, in a kind and wistful way, and they haven’t even noticed that I’m around today.”

7. Dog Catchers: “You little mutt! I’ll lock you in the pound, I swear it!”

8. Jim Dear: “Darling, look.”
Aunt Sarah: “And if you want my advice, you’ll destroy that animal at once.”
Dog Catcher: “Don’t worry, Ma’am. We’ve been after this one for months. We’ll take care of him.”
Darling: “Well, what do you suppose…?”
Jim Dear: “Say, what’s going on here?”
Dog Catcher: “Just picking up a stray, mister. Come on, get up! Caught him attacking a baby.”
Jim Dear: “Good heavens!”
Darling: “My baby!”
Jim Dear: “Aunt Sarah!”
Darling: “Aunt Sarah! Aunt Sarah!”
Jim Dear: “Aunt Sarah!”
Darling: “Aunt Sarah!”

9. Trusty: “There comes a time in the life of all humans when uh… well as they put it… uh, the birds and the bees? Or well… uh… the stork? You know? Uh, no…”

10. Tramp: “Not to change the subject, but, um… ever chased chickens?”
Lady: “I should say not!”
Tramp: “Oh-ho, then you’ve never lived!”
Lady: “But we shouldn’t.”
Tramp: “I know. That’s what makes it fun. Aw, come on, kid. Start building some memories.”

Lady and the tramp quote

11. Trusty: “That’s right, Miss Lady; as my grandpappy, Ol’ Reliable used to say… I don’t recollect that I’ve ever mentioned Ol’ Reliable before?”
Jock: “Aye, ye have, laddie. Frequently.”

12. Tramp:  “The voice of experience, buster. Heh-heh. Boy, just wait ’til Junior gets here. You feel the urge for a nice, comfortable scratch, and…’Put that dog out! He’ll get fleas all over the baby!’ You start barking at some strange mutt. ‘Stop that racket, you’ll wake the baby!’ And then, then they hit you in the room and board department. Oh, remember those nice, juicy cuts of beef? Forget ’em. Leftover baby food. And that nice, warm bed by the fire? A leaky dog house.”

13. Tramp: “Look again, Pidge. Look, there’s a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it’s all ours for the taking, Pidge. It’s all ours.
Lady: “It sounds wonderful.”
Tramp: “But?”
Lady: “But who’d watch over the baby?”
Tramp: “You win. Come on. I’ll take you home.”

14.  Zoo Security Guard: “Oh, so, I’m a liar now, am I?! Well, you listen to me! Resisting an officer of the law! Oh, you’re going to pay!” [Tramp bites the zoo security guard’s buttocks] 
“OW!! Pull a knife on me, would you?! Trying to assassinate me, are you?! Carrying a concealed weapon!” 
Tramp: “Come on, Pidge. The place is ours.” [he enters the zoo with Lady, as the zoo security guard and the professor continue fighting]

lady and the tramp flower and garden festival

15. Tony: “Hey, Joe! Look! Butch-a, he’s got a new girlfriend.”
Joe: “Well, a-son of a gun! He’s a got a cockerel Spanish-a girl.”
Tony: “Hey, she’s pretty sweet kiddo, Butch. You take-a Tony’s advice and settle down with this-a one, eh? Hehehe.”
Lady: “This-a one”?
Tramp: “This-a one… this-a… Oh! Tony, you know. He’s-a not-a speak-a English-a pretty good.”

16. Lady: “Oh!
Tramp: What’s the matter, Pidge?”
Lady: “We can’t go in.”
Tramp: “Why not?”
Lady: “Well, the sign says, “No Dogs Allowed.”
Tramp: “Yeah, well, well, that’s… That’s the angle.”
Lady: “Angle?”
Tramp: “Look, we’ll just wait for the right…Uh-oh! Here we are now. Just lay low.”

Cocker Spaniel

17.  Tramp: “Exactly. Life on a leash. Look again, Pige. Look, there’s a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it’s all ours for the taking, Pige. It’s all ours.”

18. Lady: “If you grow careless, don’t blame me. And I don’t care if the Cossacks do pick you up! Goodbye! And take this with you!”

19. Lady: But when she put that horrible muzzle on me….
Tramp: Oh, say no more. I get the whole picture. Aunts, cats, muzzles. Well, that’s what comes of tying yourself down to one family.

20. Tramp: What’s wrong, pidge?
Lady: A rat!
Tramp: Where?
Lady: Upstairs, in the baby’s room.
Tramp: Which way do I get in?
Lady: Through the little door, on the porch.

21. Lady: Haven’t you a family?
Tramp: One for every day of the week. The point is, none of them have me.
Lady: I’m afraid I don’t understand. Tramp: It’s simple. You see… Hey! Something tells me it’s supper-time. Come on. I’ll show you what I mean. Now take the Schultzes here. Little Fritzie… That’s me, Pidge. Makes this his Monday home.
Lady: Monday home?
Tramp: Ach, ja! Mondays is Mama Schultz cooking der Wiener schnitzel. Delicious! Now, O’Brien’s here is where little Mike…sure and that’s me again, Pidge. Comes of a Tuesday.
Lady: Of a Tuesday?
Tramp: Begorra and that’s when they’re after havin’ that darlin’ corn beef. 

22. Tramp: “Well! Snob Hill.”

23. Tramp: “You see, Pidge, when you’re footloose and collar-free, well, you take nothing but the best.”

24. Tramp: “Looks like I’m the one in the dog house.”

25. Jock: “This time you knew the truth, lassie. It shouldn’t have happened to a dog.”

lady and the tramp flower and garden festival

26. Jock: “Aye. It seems only yesterday she was cuttin’ her teeth on Jim Dear’s slippers. And now, there she is, a full-grown lady.”

27. Jock: But, well… Trusty has lost his sense of smell.
Lady: [gasps] No!
Jock: But we must never let on that we know, lassie. ‘T would break his poor heart.

28. Bulldog in Pound: “He has an eye for a well-turned paw, he has. Let’s see, there’s been Lulu…”
Toughy: “Yeah, and Trixie…”
Dachsie: “And Fifi…”
Pedro: “And my sister, Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua. I think.”

29. Tramp: “It kind of feels like home.”

Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene
Image from Disney

30. Tramp: [to a pair of pigeons] “Hi, gals. How’s pickin’s?” [the pigeons fly away] “Pretty slim, eh?”

31. Tramp: “[looking around at the rich end of town] I’ll bet they got a lid on every trash can.”

32. Jock: “Dinnae listen, lassie. No human is that cruel!”

33. Boris: “Ah, but someday he is meeting someone different. Some delicate, fragile creature who’s giving him a wish to shelter and protect.”

34. Boris: “Ah, but remember, my friends. Even Tramp has his Achilles heel.”

Quotes from the 2019 live action film, Lady and the Tramp

35. Tramp: “I’m free to be myself and by myself.” 

36. Tramp: “I had a home and a family. I had it all. They loved me, and I loved them. And then, one day, it all changed. I waited in that spot all day and all night.”

37. Darling: “She’s the perfect little lady.”

38. Tramp: “People are not loyal, and the sooner you start looking out for yourself, and only yourself, the better.”

39. Tramp:  “Being free without you there, that’s just being alone.”

lady and the tramp quotes

40. Lady: “Replaced by a baby? It makes no sense! Can a baby provide him and Darling with a sense of wholeness and reason to live?”

41.  Lady: “There was a lot behind that fence! My life was full of love and meaning. I was a part of something special. We were a family.”

42. Lady:  “I’m not so sure I still have a home to get back to.”

43. Lady: “You know, street dogs are just like us. They just aren’t lucky enough to have homes. That’s all.”

44. LadyI can’t even remember the last time Darling gave me a belly rub.  Speaking of bellies, Darlings tummy is getting really big.  I am pretty sure it is gas from too many treats.  We have all been there.”

45.  Tramp (to the identical poodles):  “Hey, hi!  Are you two, uh, twins?”
Poodle: “I’m her husband, pal.”
Tramp: “Aha!”

46. Lady: “I’ve never howled before.”
Tramp: “You’ve just gotta reach down deep and find that inner wolf inside you.”

47.  Tramp: “You may not want to hear this but I know people and people are not loyal. And the sooner you start looking out for yourself, and I mean only yourself, the better.”

48. Tramp: “Look I’m not buying the hustle but I respect the effort.  But take it from me, in about 6 months that voice is going to drop and the bit is dead.”

49. Tramp: “Just a cute little bundle… of trouble. Yeah, they scratch, pinch, pull ears…Aw, but shucks, any dog can take that. It’s what they do to your happy home. Move it over, will ya, friend? Homewreckers. That’s what they are.”

50.  Darling: “We’re not a family without you.”

51.  Lady: “I’m not the center of their world anymore but our world is bigger.”

Lady and the tramp quotes

52. Tramp: “Maybe I was wrong about you!”

53. Jock: “I may be small, but I am mighty!”

54. Server: “Dogs don’t talk.”
Boss: “Well, he’s talking to me.”

55. Lady: “Well, you’ll always be the Tramp to me.”

56. Tramp: “You’re about to be replaced.” 

57. Lady: “Bad dog? What did I do wrong?”

58. Lady: “Another perfect day, better get them up!”

59. Lady: “You may think that you know people, but you don’t know my people. They wouldn’t let me end up on the street on purpose.”

60. Tramp: “People just don’t do loyalty. Not like us dogs.”

lady and the tramp flower and garden festival Epcot

Fun Facts About Disney’s Lady And The Tramp

  • It’s well documented that Walt Disney loved animals and dogs in particular.
  • Lady and the Tramp was Walt’s first dog featured animated film coming out in 1955, followed up 6 years later with One Hundred and One Dalmatians.  It is a wonderful, heartwarming adventure with many twists and turns but in the end, it is a wonderful story of devotion, commitment, loyalty and above all, love.  
  • In 1937 Joe Grant showed Walt some sketches of his cocker spaniel dog named Lady. Walt liked the sketch, but not the story line that Joe created so the story went nowhere.
  • After seeing the story in Cosmopolitan, Walt and his team bought the rights to the story. This gave them total creativity over the story and because of this, changes were made throughout the production.  

Two fun stories involving Walt Disney himself are associated with Lady and Tramp.

First, it is true that Walt surprised his wife, Lily, with a puppy that he had hid in a hat box on Christmas!  She opened the box, as it started to move, screamed in delight. The puppy (which was a Chow, not a Cocker Spaniel like in the movie), and Lily were inseparable thereafter. 

Second, the famous spaghetti scene, which has been described as cinematic magic in regards to the most romantic moments in any movie, almost never happened. Walt wanted the dogs in the movie to have human emotions but he thought the spaghetti scene went a bit too far.  Luckily for us, his team won him over to the idea and the rest, as they say is history.

Disney has no shortage of fun animals in their movies! Be sure to check out the names of all our favorite Disney cats.

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