11 Best Disney World Backpacks (2021)

One of the most common questions that people have when planning a trip to Walt Disney World is, “Can I bring a bag into Disney parks?” The answer is YES! In fact, not only can you bring a bag or backpack into Disney World, we recommend it.

When you are choosing a bag or backpack to bring into the parks, you will want to make sure that the bag is comfortable and that you are able to stay organized. You do not want to end the day with sore shoulders or back because you chose fashion over comfort.

Trust us, you can find cute AND comfortable backpacks! You also want to make sure that you are not wasting time digging around in a backpack trying to find a power cord or fruit snack.

Does Disney World Have A Bag Policy?

Yes, there is a Disney Park bag policy:

  • Suitcases, bags, and backpacks must be smaller than 24″ x 15″ x 18
  • No wagons
  • All bags are subject to being searched
  • Be sure to check the prohibited items list (examples include no selfie sticks or balloons!)

Can I Bring Food into Disney World?

Yes, you can! In fact, we suggest that you do bring food, snacks, and water bottles into the park. This will help you save both time and money. Disney World does not allow glass containers and does not allow you to bring in alcoholic beverages. We suggest the following snacks:

  • Beef jerky
  • Trail mix that does NOT include chocolate. (Chocolate will melt!)
  • Gummy treats or fruit snacks
  • Granola bars, Kind bars, Clif bars, or Lara bars
  • Mickey themed goldfish crackers for the kids!
  • Cheese sticks
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Gum (Did you know Disney does not sell gum?!)

What should I pack in my Disney bag?

11 Best Disney World Backpacks (2021)

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There are a whole host of things that you will want to consider packing for the day for any theme park whether you’re going to Magic Kingdom, Epcot or any of the parks! (Our one exception is you may want to consider bringing a change of clothes if you go on Splash Mountain or other water rides so you don’t spend the entire day in wet clothes!)

Most of this depends upon how many people are in your party and the ages of any children. We have a list of specific things to consider bringing into Disney World here. In general, here are some of the basic things you will want to bring no matter your age or size of your group:

  • Portable cell phone charger
  • Identification and Credit Card
  • Sun protectant – this could include sunscreen, a hat, a lightweight long sleeve shirt, or even a portable fan
  • Water bottle (counter service restaurants will refill this for you for free!)
  • Autograph book
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer

What are the best backpacks for Disney World?

You will want to look for the following features when choosing a bag for Disney World:

  • Adjustable, padded backpack shoulder straps
  • Multiple zipper pockets, side pockets or other organizational features
  • If you are not bringing a stroller make sure the backpack is big enough for extra items for your children
  • Be sure to read reviews before purchasing a new backpack or bag for your Disney trip, specifically pay attention to comfortability
  • Fill up your backpack with everything you will bring into the parks BEFORE you leave to make sure there is enough room and it is comfortable.

Here are our favorite backpacks and bags for your Disney trip!

11 Best Disney World Backpacks

11 Best Disney World Backpacks (2021)

1. Coleman Soft Backpack Cooler

Coleman Soft Backpack Cooler

Features: If you primarily want to to bring snacks and drinks into the park, this is a great option for your Disney World vacation! Your fruit and water will stay nice and cold in this insulated backpack. This backpack has adjustable padded straps and an outside pocket for maps, hand sanitizing wipes, and your rain poncho!

Dimensions: 19.38 x 14.76 x 1.78″

Best for: Anyone who is not on the Disney Dining Plan and is planning on bringing your own lunch into the park.

We used this bag for our summer Disney World trip. My boyfriend and I each had one of these. In the morning we would load it with waters and snacks. To avoid having to pack ice packs I froze some bottles of water and put them in there, as they thawed we’d drink them. The front pocket is tight, but it held my poncho, keys, sunscreen, and other items. The bag never leaked during our weeklong trip. We are going back again this summer and this bag is coming with us again!

Amazon user Andrea Hollick

2. Under Armour Adult Team Hustle 3.0 Backpack

Under Armour Adult Team Hustle 3.0 Backpack

Features: This backpack gets amazing reviews and comes in 8 different colors! We love the unique pocket at the bottom of this backpack for extra convenient storage options.

This bag also features two water bottle holders on the outside pockets and has adjustable straps. Under Armour backpacks are highly recommend by frequent Disney travelers for their durability.

Dimensions When Full: 9.3″W x 13.6″L x 18.9″H

Best for: Families, especially with younger children. The size and organization of this backpack make this unbeatable.

3. Patagonia Refugio 2XL Backpack

Patagonia Refugio 2XL Backpack

Features: This backpack is worth every penny! You can’t beat the organization elements in this type of backpack – 3 zipper pouches and spots to hold your cell phone, wallet, and plenty of room in the main compartment!

The shoulder straps are padded and also have a chest strap that you can use to take some of the pressure off your shoulders. The size of this pack is perfect for women and comes in 4 colors.

Dimensions: 17″H x 11″W x 6 ½”D

Best for: Because this pack is geared towards women, we would say this bag is a great backpack for moms with young kids and could easily be used as a diaper bag! Of course, anyone can carry this backpack around and be fine.

4. Kavu Original Rope Sling Crossbody Bag

Kavu Original Rope Sling Crossbody Bag

Features: These Kavu rope sling bags have been around for years and aren’t gong anywhere! People love these bags for the organization pockets, adjustability, and ease of use. The adjustable strap with the clip make this bag easy to use for literally anyone and gives you the ability to clip it on to a stroller.

This bag has two main pockets, an internal zip pocket for your keys, ID, and important items and two front pockets! This is a great bag if you aren’t planning on carrying too much with you.

Dimensions: 20″ x 11″ x 3″

Best for: Anyone who is traveling with adults or older kids and don’t need to bring too much into the park. This bag is also perfect for teens who want to carry their own gear.

I bought this bag to use on my frequent trips to Disney. The large inner pocket is great for carrying a water bottle (or souvenirs picked up along the way). The multiple small pockets both outside and inside the bag make it easy to stash phones and wallets. It even held up during a rainy Halloween party. The only downside is that it can be annoying to deal with digging through the larger pockets if it’s not well organized in advance.

Amazon user Sara

5. OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

This sling bag is an organizational dream! This small yet functional sling bag packs a punch with an outside water bottle pocket, an anti theft pocket, and even a handy strap pocket!

Speaking of straps, this reversible strap can be clipped on either the left or right side of the bag, making it comfortable for everyone. This bag comes in 5 colors, gets amazing reviews, and is under $25!

Dimension: 11.8″ x 4″ x 17.7″

Best for: A family who has younger kids but does not need a diaper bag anymore. This bag is perfect for mom and dad to switch of carrying throughout the day

6. Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack

Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack

This backpack is a bit smaller than an average pack, but that is what we like about it! If you aren’t bring too much into the park but you prefer a backpack rather than a sling bag this is perfect for you.

This pack has two water bottle pockets, multiple zipper pockets, and comfortable shoulder straps with a chest strap. This backpack is also water resistant which makes it perfect for the summer months when there are daily afternoon showers in Florida!

Dimensions: 15.8″ x 9.4″ x 5.9″

Best for: This bag is perfect for families! If you have more than one child and need to carry extra snacks and clothes, this bag is for you.

We initially bought this for our family vacation to Disney World / Universal. It was the perfect size to carry in sandwiches, snacks, and water bottles. It wasn’t too big for my 8 and 10 year old to carry either. (They actually fought over who could wear it next.) We were still able to fit a few souvenirs in the bag on top of all our food and sunscreens, etc. Now, we still use the bag whenever we take day trips hiking or to parks. I absolutely love this bag! It’s just the right size, not too small, definitely not bulky!

Amazon user JSP

7. Disney Parks Attractions Mini Backpack Loungefly

Disney Parks Attractions Mini Backpack Loungefly

If you are looking for a Disney themed backpack look no further than Loungefly! This mini Disney backpack features attractions from Disney World – Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Spinning Teacups, and more! This backpack has two zipper pockets and two outer water bottle style pockets.

Dimensions: 12.24″ x 11.54″ x 5.98″

Best for: Women and older teen girls. This pack is bit smaller and definitely has a feminine look to it.

8. Waterfly Fanny Pack

Waterfly Fanny Pack

This Waterfly brand Fanny Pack is phenomenal. It has several zipper pockets, including a hidden pocket in the back! This fanny pack comes in 29 colors and is water resistant. The adjustable waist band and clip make this accessible to anyone to wear around the waist or across the chest.

Dimensions: 9.4″ x 4.3″ x 2.1″

Best for: Women and teen girls. Men could definitely use this if they wanted, but we find that fanny packs are more often used by women. We recommend this pack as a great choice for anyone traveling without kids.

I wore it at least 10-12 hours a day for a full week at Disney world. It worked flawlessly and even kept my stuff dry after riding some of their water attractions. For the first few hours the zipper was hard to open and close, but it was just from being new. As soon as it was worn in it started working perfectly and I never had another issue. Great pack.

Amazon review from Josh

9. ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

While this backpack doesn’t have extremely padded shoulder straps or crazy organizational compartments it does have one thing we love: compatibility. In fact, this backpack is frequently recommended by experienced Disney travelers!

This backpack stores in its own carrying case, making it easy to throw into your suitcase or carry on luggage. This water resistant bag is perfect for carrying a few sweatshirts to put on in the cool Florida evenings – then roll up the bag and toss in your hoodie pocket!

This backpack is affordable and will come in handy after your Disney trip – keep this in the trunk of the car for trips to Aldi or the park!

Dimensions: 10.6″ x 5.5″ x 17.7″

Best for: Literally ANYONE. This backpack shows up all over Disney World as one of the most. popular and versatile bags. If you don’t need crazy amounts of organization this bag is for you.

10. Seehonor Insulated Cooler Backpack

Seehonor Insulated Cooler Backpack

Here is another option for an insulated cooler backpack. This pack can hold up to 25 cans and is completely leak proof! This color has one large cooler storage compartment, two side mesh pockets, one front zipper pocket with divider, and one inside mesh pocket on the lid for extra storage! Comes in 7 different colors.

Dimensions: 13.3” x 8.6” x 14.9”

Best for: Anyone not on the Disney Dining Plan. Also great if you are heat sensitive and like to have cold water or other cool drinks available at all times.

This backpack worked awesome, it held a ton of food/drinks and never leaked, we bought it for our trip to Disney and it was great money spent!

Amazon review from Michael Campbell

11. Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

If you have babies or toddlers be sure to consider bringing a diaper bag backpack to Disney World! This is an organizational dream, with pockets and spots for diapers, wipes, bottles, a changing pad, and more.

This backpack can also be used as a bag or be hung on a stroller. The adjustable, comfortable straps make this perfect for a family with young children! (Be sure to read our 7 tips for visiting Disney World with toddlers).

Dimensions: 11.8″ x 7.8″ x 16.5″

Best for: Of course, anyone with babies and toddlers!

What are the best Disney backpacks for kids?

We do not recommend that you give your small child their own bag to carry around Disney World. Go ahead and get your little one a cute Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse backpack or one with their favorite character on it – but let them bring it to school or as an airplane carryon instead.

The last thing you want is to carry 2 backpacks because your child got tired of carrying it for an entire long day at the parks.

It is too much to expect a little one to keep track of a backpack in Disney World. Trust us, as a parent, you want to keep track of as little as possible in order to soak up every magical moment with your family.

And trust us, they’ll be thrilled to be wearing their Magic Band every day at the most magical place on earth!

We hope you found a backpack that will work to meet your needs! Be sure to check out our favorite Disney Ears – these are our favorite things to bring into the parks!

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