Disney Villains Nail Art

Love ’em or hate ’em, Disney villains are a vital part of all the Disney movies!

If you want a fun way to include your favorite Disney villain on your nails for an upcoming Disney trip or even Halloween, check out these!

Disney Villains Nail Art

1. Disney Villain Nails

disney villain nails

Image via @nailsbysheridan_

So many villains, so little time. If you can’t decide which villain is your favorite, add more than one! It’s crazy that with just a few details you can immediately know which villain is which.

2. Monochrome and Matte Villains Nails

monochromatic villains

Image via @beckyboo_nails2go

Love a classic black and white look? You can totally do that with your nails, even if the villains colors aren’t just black and white! This is another great way to show off more than just one villain on your naisl

3. Bad Girls Nails

bad girls nails

Nails by @hannah_nails_it

Who doesn’t love (or hate) the bad girls of Disney? These gals are complete with bright red lips to add to their flare.

4. Disney Villains – Scar and Ursula Nails

scar and ursula nails

Image via @leszarts_de_marie

Can’t decide if Scar or Urusla are your favorite villain? Get them both! The middle finger on each hand is the true villain photo while the rest of the fingers add to the villain’s personal vibe.

5. Ursula Nails

ursula nails

Image via @kellyohstein

She may be the scariest villain under the sea, with the creepiest sidekicks! Ursula is one fierce villain. If she’s your fav, here’s a fun way to add her to your nails!

6. Urusla Nails #2


Image via @giulisnails

How do you pick just one Ursula face? Her signature red lip is on both – on one hand have her kissing face and on the other hand feature her side eye.

7. Ursula Nails #3

ursula nails

image via @emmadollymix

Nix the full face and go just hair and lips…trust me, everyone will know who it is! Add some tentacles and quotes and you’ll have the creepiest nails under the sea.

8. Ariel and Ursula Nails

Image via @nonaphilippa

It’s totally acceptable to have both the villain and the princess as part of your mani! This one is perfect with Ariel on one hand and Ursula on the other. THe sparkle nails with hidden Mickeys add to the fun!

Find some fun Disney Princess nails here!

9. Gaston Nails

gaston nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Gaston has more than a few funny quotes and this mani is perfect! The “I’ve got biceps to spare” quote pairs perfectly with the massive bicep on one nail.

Check out some of our other favorite Gaston quotes!

10. Gaston Red Nails

gaston red nails

Image via @ruthsnailart

Want a more subtle Gaston mani? Go all red with just one accent nail of Gaston’s handsome face!

11. Scar Nails

scar nails
Nails by nna_naomynailart_officia

Who can resist Scar? Whether you’re spending the day with the animals at Animal Kingdom or just want to show your love for a classic, this manicure is a fun way to add some Scar to your nails!

12. Scar Nails #2

scar nails

Image via @leszarts_de_marie

Want something a bit more monochromatic? Try a black and grey Scar! The gold accents really add a punch to these nails.

13. Scar Nails #3

scar nails

image via @emmadollymix

Lastly, add a Scar quote! “I’m surrounded by idiots” is a classic Lion King quote and perfect for adding to your Scar nails.

14. Lion King Hyenas Nails

hyenas nails

Image via @ruthsnailart

Want to show some love for Scar’s sidekicks? Add a hyena to your nails! You can even do Scar on one hand and one of his trusty hyenas on the other.

15. Disney Villains Nails

disney villains
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Can’t pick just one? Try on a few for size! You can immediately tell which villain is which without even seeing their full heads.

16. Disney Villain Heads Nails

villain heads

Nails by @hannah_nails_it

You saw the ladies in the previous, here’s some of the male Disney villains! A fun combo would be men on one hand and ladies on the other.

17. Hook Nails

hook nails

Nails by @hannah_nails_it

Hook! Hook! Hook! If Peter Pan is one of your all time favorite rides (like it is for most!) you have to get Hook nails! There’s so much to love between the hook nail, the quote and the treasure.

18. Evil Queen Nails

snow white evil queen

Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

The Evil Queen is one of the most classic Disney villains. This manicure is the perfect classy nail to encompass her class style. All black nails with a few fun accents, these are the perfect nails for visiting Story Book Dining!

19. Evil Queen Nails #2

evil queen

Image via @nonaphilippa

Want a less stark black nail? Try a more pastel Evil Queen!

20. Evil Queen #3 Nails

Image via @nonaphilippa

The Evil Queen’s alter ego is the old lady! It would be super fun to have the old lady on one hand and the Evil Queen’s true face on the other.

21. Evil Queen Nails #4

fairest of them all nails

Nails by @hannah_nails_it

We love adding quotes to nails, and this one is perfect! This mani gives you the Evil Queen in both Queen form as well as old lady form along with the quote “The Fairest of Them All”. Don’t forget the poisoned apple!

22. Jafar Nails


Image via @giulisnails

If Aladdin is your Disney movie of choice, you have to get Jafar nails! These stunning nails feature a matte red with Jafar’s mischievous face on the middle one. Add a few gems to an accent nail and you’ve got the perfect Jafar nails!

23. Jafar’s Headpiece Nails

jafar nails

Image via @ruthsnailart

Want a more subtle Jafar nail design? These are the way to go! Rather than his whole face, just include his headpiece. Everyone will immediately be able to know who it is with it’s telltale black and red design.

24. Randall Nails

randall nails

Image via @ruthsnailart

One villain that doesn’t get as much attention is Randall from Monster’s Inc! If you’re a Sully and Boo fan, these might be the perfect Disney villain nails for you. We love how his body wraps around a few fingers to give him that sneaky feeling.

25. Maleficent Nails


Image via @giulisnails

Maleficent is the most famous villain! These nails pay homage to this queen of all the villains. The iridescent nail and diamonds accents complete the look.

26. Maleficent Nails #2

mistress of all evil

Nails by @hannah_nails_it

These nails have all the aspects of Maleficent! Her face plus her dragon complete with the “Mistress of All Evil”. It’s perfect if you want to include all of the perfect – I mean horrible – parts of this evil villain.

27. Maleficent Nails #3

malificent and green flames

Image via @nonaphilippa

Green flames plus Maleficent? Yes please! The green gives these nails an extra creepy vibe.

28. Maleficent Nails #4

maleficient #5

Image via @nonaphilippa

Want a more classy vibe when it comes to Maleficent nails? These nails are so chic all while featuring everyone’s favorite villain.

29. Maleficent Nails #5

maleficent nails

image via @emmadollymix

These cheeky fun nails give a playful vibe to Maleficent! Bright colors and green glitter give this villain a less spooky vibe.

30. Maleficent Dragon Nail

maleficent dragon nails

Image via @ruthsnailart

Want to do a Maleficent nail that’s different than the rest? Skip her human face and go with her dragon! The black nails with glitter add a perfect touch.

31. Cruella Nails


Image via @giulisnails

As you’ll see in the next few nails, Cruella is one of the most loved (or hated!) villains especially in recent years with the new release of the 101 Dalmations.

This intricate design of Cruella’s angry face is the perfect accent nail to capture the creepy Cruella vibe!

32. Cruella Nails #2

image via @emmadollymix

Want something a bit more playful? Try out some Dalmatian spots! Having a heavy mix of spots and dog collars tones down the angriness of Cruella de Ville.

33. Cruella #3

cruella nails

Image via @leszarts_de_marie

For an even more subtle mani, try this one! On one hand just have a few 101 Dalmatians hints – the puppy paw and some red swirls with polka dots and on the other hand include half of Cruella’s face and her classic red glove and long cigarette.

34. Cruella Nails #4

101 dalmatians and cruella

Image via @hannah_nails_it

If you love Cruella de Ville, why not add a fun quote! “Fashion Above All darling” is one of her most quoted sayings and perfect for adding on your nails!

35. Cruella Nails #5

cruella nails

Image via @nonaphilippa

Want to do just a fun tip! We adore this polka dot tips that are subtle enough to be cute and not scream Dalmatian!

36. Cruella Nails #6

cruella nails

Image via @ruthsnailart

Lastly, you could try this combo of not so Dalmatian polka dots in Cruella’s signature red color along with her classic face and classic red gloved smoking hand.

37. Hades in Hercules Nails

hercules villain

Nails by @nailsbyhannahcaval

Love the movie Hercules? This is a unique manicure for you! Cover most of your nails in dark clouds and adorn one nail with the face of Hades, the antagonist in Hercules.

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