Mickey Mouse Nail Ideas

Mickey Mouse nail art is the perfect way to show your love for Mickey whether you’re heading to the parks or not!

Here’s some fun and unique Mickey Mouse manicures to try out.

Mickey Mouse Nail Art

1. Black and White Mickey

Image via @prepprimenailbar

These classy, neutral nails feature 3 classic features of Mickey – his hand, his outline and his symbol! I love the variety of each on this nail design.

2. Mickey Hands

red nails with mickey hands
Nails via sonyas.nails

Doesn’t it just feel like Mickey is waving hi to you? Or giving you a thumbs up? You’ll have to smile looking at these!

3. Black Checkered Mickey Nails

Image via @madradhairandnails

Checkered nails are in right now so why not make them a little bit more Disney? These are perfect with the added Mickeys on one nail

4. Orange Mickey

orange miceky

Image via @nailsbykrystle

If orange is your color, these are for you. This bright orange color is sweetened by the cute Mickey faces on each hand. He’s looking happy in his coordinating orange shirt!

5. Captain Mickey

captain mickey

Image via @giulisnails

These Sailor Mickey nails are ideal for a Disney Cruise! Complete with anchor and wheel, these are perfect for setting sail.

6. Pop Art Mickey

pop art mickey

Image via @giulisnails

Staying at Pop Century? Try Pop Art Mickey! What a fun design and unique way to showcase Mickey on your nails.

7. Baby Mickey

baby mickey

Image via @giulisnails

How adorable is this little baby Mickey hugging his teddy bear? If you’re heading to a baby shower, just found out your expecting or doing Disney with your little one for their first trip to Disney, this is the perfect nail for you.

8. Wintery Santa Mickey

winter mickey

Image via @giulisnails

If you’re heading to Disney at Christmas, these are a fun wintery design! Both Mickey and Minnie are wearing Santa hats and the snow accents really pop!

9. Classic Red and Black with Subtle Mickeys

classic red and black nails

Image via @nailsbysheridan_

We love a good old school Mickey and combine that with some cute hidden Mickeys and this is the cutest mani! The red accents are a fun nod to Minnie too!

10. Blue Happy Mickey

blue happy mickey

Image via @nailsbysheridan_

Blue is a bit of an unexpected color and this one is so cute! We love the adorable happy Mickey face on this one.

11. Red and Orange Mickeys

red and orange mickey

Image via @nailsbysheridan_

These look like paint splatter Mickeys! They’re almost like hidden Mickeys on your nails. This could be done in a variety of different color schemes.

12. Rainbow Tips Mickeys

rainbow tips mickeys

Image via @the_nailstudio_newquay

Whether you want to bring out the colors of spring or just can’t decide on one color, this is the perfect mani! The tips match the Mickey on the nail in addition to a white Mickey and silver sparkles.

13. Red Yellow Black Mickey Nails

red yellow black mickey

Image via @nailsbysheridan_

14. Subtle Christmas Mickey

subtle mickey christmas nails

Image via @giulisnails

15. Subtle White Mickey

subtle white mickey

Image via @olive.nails128

If you’re getting married at Disney World this is the nail for you! Stunning and classic with white Mickeys and lots of sparkle.

16. Peeking Mickey

peeking mickey

Image via @olive.nails128

These nails are so cute! The classic black and white will go with any outfit you pick for Disney. Each hand has a little Mickey poking out along with small Mickeys on the rest of your fingers.

17. Black, White and Silver Mickey

Black, White and Silver Mickey

Image via @olive.nails128

Another black and white Mickey manicure, this one is a bit more funky! There’s a mix of black bases with white Mickeys and white bases with black Mickeys.

18. Rainbow Mickey

Image via @aztec.charlotte

Another simple yet fun nail design is this! Keep a sold color for the bulk of your nails and have one accent with rainbow colors and Mickey outlines!

19. Scarecrow Mickey

scarecrow mickey

Image via @hannah_nails_it

If you need a good fall Mickey mani, here’s one! Mickey dressed up as a scarecrow is so fun! Add a few sunflowers and patches and you’re ready for a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Disney.

20. Neon Mickey

paintball mickey nails

image via @emmadollymix

Whether it’s summer time and you got those neon color vibes happening or it’s an 80s themed party, these neon nails are sure to be the life of the party!

21. Watermelon Mickey

summer mickey

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Summer isn’t the same without watermelon…and of course Mickey Mouse! These nails are such a cute way to welcome summer with its Mickey shaped watermelon, hidden Mickey shaped seeds and of course, Mickey eating a piece of watermelon!

22. Animal Kingdom Mickey

animal kingdom mickey nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

This Safari Mickey is the perfect mani for the Animal Kingdom! With animal print tips, you’ll be the envy on Kilimanjaro’s Safari!

23. Snowman Mickey

mickey in winter nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

You likely won’t see snowmen at Disney World but don’t let that stop you! This adorable Mickey shaped snowman is such a cute winter nail design.

24. Mickey in Love

Mickey in love
Image via @giulisnails

Valentine’s Day? Your anniversary? Found your true love? Whatever the occasion, celebrate with this adorable Mickey Mouse in love mani!

25. Neon Mickey Tips

hot pink mickey french tips

Image via @sonyas.nails

We have one other checkered option above, but this one is a bit different! Swap the black for a pop of color and add that color both all over and on tips. Include some Mickey outlines on the white boxes for your Mickey nails!

26. Blue and Black Mickey Nails

blue and black mickey nails

Image via @sonyas.nails

These are great nails to DIY at home! Pick any color for a base, add glitter lines on a few with a Mickey outline on one. This one is super easy to switch up the color to make it fit your outfit!

27. Rose Gold Glitter Mickey

rose gold mickey nails

Image via @sonyas.nails

Rose gold is always fun for Disney World and these are so cute! They would also be fairly simple to DIY once you master the Mickey Mouse outline.

28. White and Black Mickey Nails

white nails with miceky mouse face
Image via @olive.nails128

All white is a chic way to go that will perfectly match all your Disney outfits! These nails include Mickey’s face on one nail and Mickey’s signature on another, both surrounded by some glam gems!

29. Black and Grey Mickey Nails

black and grey mickey nails
Nails by nna_naomynailart_officia

If you’re a long nail kinda gal, these are a great option! Split Mickey’s face in 2 and include some graffiti with “Mickey” on another.

30. Classic Black Mickey

simple black and grey nails
Nails via sonyas.nails

These nails are so chic, simple yet totally Mickey. The black sparkles are a fun and easy base while the red polka dot tips are a perfect nod to Minnie Mouse.

31. 50th Anniversary Nails

50th anniversary nails
Nails By @hannah_nails_it

Disney knows how to celebrate and it’s so fun to be there when they do! If you missed out on the 50th anniversary celebration, don’t worry, they skipped right to 100! (Ok, ok, the 50th anniversary was Disney World’s celebration and 100 is for the Walt Disney Company celebration.)

Just swap the 50 for 100 and you’re good to go!

32. Subtle Disney 100

subtle disney 100 nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

If you want a more subtle vibe when it comes to celebrating Disney’s 100 year anniversary, check out these! You get the classic nod to Mickey with a cute small “100” and some sparkles on one of the nails.

33. Birthday Mickey

birthday disney nails

Image vai @hannah_nails_it

Is there anything better than Disney ON YOUR BIRTHDAY? I don’t think so! Get your nails in on the fun with a special Mickey birthday manicure!

Find some of our favorite Disney birthday shirts here!

34. Conductor Mickey

mickey conductor nails

Image via @hannah_nails_it

Are the parades your favorite part of Disney? Conductor Mickey is the nail design for you! With music note accents and the class M-I-C-K-E-Y song, this is the perfect musical mani.

There you have it! So many different ideas on unique mickey nails for just about any occasion. Which one was your favorite?

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