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The Best Rain Poncho And Rain Gear For Disney World

Going to Disney World takes a lot of planning, and one of the things that you may be forgetting about is rain gear!

If you are headed to Florida in the summer months you are guaranteed to have afternoon showers most days so it’s a good idea to pack a poncho in your bag.  These are rarely strong storms with heavy rain that will send you inside, but you will see a little rain!

If you are going to Florida in the fall as hurricane season starts up you are more likely to see a lot of rain and wind (but fewer crowds!). Florida weather can change quickly and it is best to be prepared.

We have been to Disney World when the weather forecast has been clear and it ended up pouring down rain for part of the afternoon. We have also been there when the prediction was rain all day and the most we experienced was a drizzle for a few hours.

The moral of the story: Central Florida weather is weird.

Disney rain ponchos magic kingdom

Our crowd calendar will give you tips on what to expect regarding weather in Orlando, so be sure to check it out. We go over high temperatures, the number of days you can expect rain, and total rainfall for each month.

Having the right rain gear can really make your time at Walt Disney World more enjoyable. Even if it doesn’t rain, it’s always an added bonus to have on had for wet rides like Splash Mountain! You don’t want to be walking around in wet clothes all day! 

The Best Disney Rain Poncho and Rain Gear

the best disney world rain poncho and rain gear

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Best Rain Jacket Overall

Marmot Mens Precip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket 

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This is a fantastic breathable, lightweight rain jacket. Made of neoprene, this jacket will repel water and wind! It has a hood that rolls up into the collar which we love.

This jacket has two full length side pockets with zippers as well as an extra back pocket for storing additional items. This is an excellent choice for any adult as you will have this for years to come.

This rain coat comes in 9 colors and sizes small to 3x-large.

MARMOT Womens Precip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

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This amazing jacket also comes in a women’s style in a ton colors! The sizes range from x-small to xx-large.

Best Rain Poncho

Hooded Rain Poncho Jacket Coat

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07/21/2024 07:18 pm GMT

This heavy duty rain poncho for adults comes in an incredible 43 different colors and patterns, making it a great choice for both men and women!

One of the biggest perks of choosing a rain poncho instead of a rain jacket is that you can toss the poncho over your backpack. The rain poncho also gives added versatility to stroller covers or even spreading it out to sit on. 

This rain poncho is long, hooded, and breathable. It is made of waterproof polyester fabric making it comfortable to wear around Disney! The hood is adjustable, there are zipper pockets, and the sleeves have snaps to keep them closed.

One of the best parts of this particular poncho is the zipper closure. Many ponchos you have wrestle over your head. This poncho gives you the flowing flexibility of a poncho with the ease of a rain jacket!

This poncho truly has it all.

This poncho comes in a color matched 9.8”x 6” pouch for easy storing. This is a popular choice among Disney regulars and shows up regularly as a highly recommended Disney rain poncho.

Best Disposable Rain Poncho

Hagan PRO Disposable Rain Poncho

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07/21/2024 09:45 pm GMT

If you don’t want to carry around your wet rain gear after it rains then disposable rain ponchos are for you! For $12 you get a pack of five individually wrapped emergency rain ponchos. They come in several color option.

These are cheap ponchos so they are not breathable, but for the price you can’t really beat it. We recommend this disposable poncho if the chance of rain is slim but you want to throw something in your backpack “just in case.”

Of course, you can also find similar compact size, cheap rain ponchos at your local dollar stores!

Best Budget Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs Ultra-lite2 Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket

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This waterproof rain jacket is made of 100% polyethylene and is easily packable into your day pack! We like that this jacket has a hood with an adjustable cord to help keep you protected from wind and rain. This is a great way to stay dry on a budget!

Elastic cuffs and a stuff sack make this a great choice if you are trying to stay on a budget! This jacket comes in blue or khaki colors. This is a popular choice for many Disney vacationers.

Best Disney Themed Kids Rain Jacket

Mickey Mouse Rain Coat

We highly recommend purchasing a unisex Disney themed rain jacket for kids! We have several reasons for this.

First, if it is raining your child will be excited to put on their Mickey kids poncho- you will be happy to avoid an argument and your child will stay dry. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/21/2024 09:34 pm GMT

Second, purchasing a unisex jacket give you the option of passing down a jacket that will likely get very little use to younger siblings no matter the gender – or sell for some cash! 

We like this yellow Mickey Mouse jacket so much! The ears on the hood are so fun and the stripes on the inside go with the fun Mickey Mouse print on the outside. You can’t go wrong with this jacket!

This jacket comes in sizes 2T to 6.

Best Rain Poncho For Kids

Mickey Poncho

Rain ponchos are so easy for kids because you can easily pop it over their heads! It allows them to have a bit more air flow so they’ll ideally keep it on a bit longer than a jacket.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This Mickey rain poncho is a super cute option for kids of all ages! There are snaps on both sides to help keep it on and a hood to help keep kids dry.

This officially licensed Disney gear has Mickey and Pluto on making it a perfect option for your Disney trip!

Best Umbrella For Disney World

Repel Umbrella Windproof Double Vented Travel Umbrella

When choosing an umbrella to bring to Disney World you need to consider two things: size and wind. You don’t want to bring a full size golf umbrella with you into the park. It will simply be a pain to carry around.

Go with a compact travel sized umbrella. The Repel umbrella is 11.5 inches when closed and has an easy to operate single button to both open and close! This umbrella will fit in the mesh water bottle holder on your backpack making it easily accessible.

It is imperative that you choose an umbrella that will withstand wind gusts. This is especially important if you are in Florida during hurricane season when wind can reach higher speeds.

disney backpack

An umbrella does you no good if it turns inside out with a bit of wind. This Repel umbrella is double vented making it a great choice. Another perk of choosing an umbrella is you can use it to provide some shade during a hot, sunny afternoon!

I haven’t used this product yet but it feels like a quality product. I purchased this product for our Disney World trip. I wanted an umbrella that would be good for strong wind and rain. It is lightweight and compact. A perfect addition to my DisneyWorld day pack

Amazon review from Karen F.

Best Waterproof Shoe Cover

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07/21/2024 07:34 pm GMT

Waterproof shoe covers are new to us, but they are becoming quite popular on Disney tip boards and Facebook groups!

These reusable shoe covers are made of high elastic silicone and will protect your shoes from getting soaked by a Disney downpour. There is a convenient zipper in the back to make them easy to put on. At ten bucks, these might be worth putting on your packing list!

Best Stroller Rain Cover

Bemece Stroller Rain Cover

Bemece Stroller Rain Cover, Universal Stroller Accessory

Bemece Universal Stroller Rain Cover is made of EVA thin film which can be used directly for food packaging, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.The material is very smooth and soft to touch It is a must-have item for parents to travel with their babies, which can protects your baby from rain, snow, wind, dust and give them the best care in a safe environment.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/21/2024 07:43 pm GMT

Don’t forget a stroller cover! The exact stroller cover that you get will depend upon your stroller – if you have a double stroller make sure it is the right size! (Check out our favorite strollers and stroller accessories for Disney.)

This stroller cover fits a variety of strollers and has velcro to help keep it closed. You will be happy to have this to keep your baby (and bags!) dry!

Best Sneakers For Rainy Weather

Crocs LiteRide for Men and Crocs Lite Ride for Women

No, don’t wear rain boots to any of the Disney theme parks. Your feet will NOT be happy! However, wet shoes will make just about anyone cranky. We have a much better option! Crocs! Did you know that Crocs make more than just clogs? 

These sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for wet weather or water rides! These shoes are lightweight and feel broken in from day one, making them a perfect choice for walking for miles around Disney World. 

Katie’s husband owns these shoes and wears them all summer long – they have lasted for several years and still look great and feel amazing!

These crocs sneakers come in many different color options and sizes.

Best Sandals For Rainy Weather

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials

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07/21/2024 07:48 pm GMT

We love our classic Birkenstock sandals, but they simply lose some of their comfort when they get wet. Introducing the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials! These get fantastic reviews for comfort, safety (non slip), and durability in the rain.

You get the classic look of the two strap Birkestocks but the water durability of a pair of crocs! The price is less than $60 making these a great purchase.

Teva Sport Sandals

If you aren’t into the Birkenstock style, Teva and Keen brand sandals are known for their incredible comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. If hikers and campers swear by these sandals you know they will be fantastic for miles of walking and potential downpours!

Teva sandals come in a wide variety of colors for men, women, and kids!

With two adjustable velcro straps these shoes will fit almost any shape foot. There are no awkward buckles or ties so your kids will be able to put them on themselves!

Keen Sport Sandals

Keen sandals have a covered toe and a great cross between shoes and sandals. These shoes last forever, so the price is worth it – especially for adults. Men especially tend to like this style of shoe!

Keen sandals also come in a variety of colors for men, women, and kids! We personally have passed Keen sandals for kids through several different kids and multiple families. They are a well made, comfortable shoe and are perfect for the playground and splash pad!

These shoes come in 31 different colors and are perfect for boys and girls!

What to Look for in Rain Gear

If you already own a rain jacket you may just want to bring that! We always encourage you to not spend any more than you need to. If you are in the market for a new rain coat, here is what you want to look for:

1. Packable

You don’t want anything too bulky. A large poncho means it takes up large space in your backpack and you don’t want that!

2. Breathable

Stay away from any plastic rain coats that will make you sweat. It may be raining, but it will still be hot and humid in Florida. This is especially important if you are purchasing a rain jacket or rain poncho that you plan on keeping for a long time.

Our main exception to this is if you choose a very inexpensive dollar store poncho that you plan on throwing away.

3. Color

A fun pattern and color or a clear poncho will make it easy for you to keep track of your family in the rain when everyone is wearing rain gear. When it starts raining and everyone is putting on white ponchos you will be glad you have something different.

4. Price

There are perfectly good rain jackets at every price point! Stay within your budget!

You will need some sort of backpack to carry your rain gear in. Take into consideration everything you will be carrying around for the day to make sure everything will fit.

disney cup in rain

Disney Rain Gear FAQs

What do you wear to Disney when it rains?

The best thing to wear is a rain jacket or poncho. This will help keep you and all your stuff dry!

Are Disney ponchos worth it?

Yes! Not only will they keep you dry but also your backpack and other gear.

Does Disney sell rain gear?

Yes, Disney does sell rain gear but truthfully you’re better off buying rain gear before your trip to save some money!

Now that you have thought through what you are looking for and what you need, we will share some of our favorite rain gear for those rainy days!

Just a reminder, you don’t need to bring your rain poncho every day! Check the weather forecast and if it looks sunny and nice, you can probably leave your poncho in your hotel room. Yes, Florida rain can be a bit unpredictable so you may find yourself caught in a bit of rain but you’ll eventually dry off!

One suggestion we have is to put an extra pair of socks (or outfit) in a plastic bag in your backpack. If it does rain, you can change into dry socks and throw your wet ones into the bag.

If you head to Disney during the rainy season you’re likely going to need some rain ponchos or some sort of rain protection. We do recommend purchasing what you need prior to your vacation if you can – buying rain gear at your Walt Disney World Resort will be extra expensive.

We hope this helps you pick out some good rain gear for your next Disney vacation! The most important thing is that you remember you are in the happiest place on earth with your family – don’t let some rain ruin your magical vacation! Find a show, an indoor attraction, or a restaurant to kill some time. Or, simply throw on that rain gear and keep on trekking! Have a magical time!

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