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Best Bathrooms at Each Disney World Park (and where to find them)

Have you ever wondered where TinkerBell…. tinkles or where Winnie the Pooh…poos?

Let’s face it, if you are going to Disney World, sometimes while you are there, mother nature will be calling on you and your party.  We have discovered over the years that not all Disney World bathrooms are the same.  Actually, some are downright pretty cool! Well, maybe not so cool it’s like an attraction, but still, why not make a necessary part of your day part of the fun!

Speaking of cool, almost all the restrooms are air-conditioned which can be another welcome relief from the horrendous heat that can bake you in the summer. 

We thought we’d let you in on where to find the most comfortable, colorful, clean and Disney themed rest stops in each park.  Obviously, when there is a potty emergency going on, you may not have the luxury of making it to one of these, but as you pass them, it’s always a good idea to utilize them while you are there.

Of course, there are a TON of great options at Disney World. We decided to give you our favorite two rest areas in each park.  We like to name them “number 1” and number 2”.

So let’s get going…(hee hee)

Best Bathrooms In The Magic Kingdom

Tangled Restroom

Location: Across the courtyard from Peter Pan and It’s A Small World.  Look for Rapunzel’s tower for a height reference.
Main Reason We Like It:  Theming 

Our number 1 bathroom at Magic Kingdom is found in Fantasyland!  Super cute theming both outside the rest rooms as well as in them.  It starts with colorful paintings of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on the walls along with floating lanterns from the movie. 

Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom

As you enter the bathroom you will see wanted posters, flying pans and feel like you are truly in a Corona bathroom!  This area is exceptionally beautiful at night!  If you are waiting for others in your group to come out, you can try and find all the hidden Pascal’s all over the area.  One thing to take note of is that this is a busy restroom so it can tend to get pretty chaotic.

Pirates of the Caribbean Restroom

Location: In the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop by Pirates of the Caribbean.
Main Reason We Like It: Theming and not very crowded

Pirates of the Caribbean ship in the ride

Our number 2 bathroom at Magic Kingdom is found in Adventureland!  The theming is continued from Pirates of the Caribbean with the Spanish design, clay flooring and architecture from the main attraction. 

You have the added benefit of having it tucked away in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop so it isn’t as crowded as other restrooms. Check it out after you exit the ride!

Best Bathrooms In Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Galaxy’s Edge Market Restroom

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
Main Reason We Like It: Star Wars Theming and the sounds

Galaxy's Edge

Our number 1 bathroom at Hollywood Studios is of course the one at Batuu! If there was ever a fun way to do your business it would be at this restroom.  Great decor with its industrial cargo-vessel feel. Sound effects are playing and the music is always putting you in the Star Wars mood. If there is a downside, it’s very busy all the time so that getaway place is not here, but everything else is super cool!

Hollywood Brown Derby Restroom

Location: Just inside the side entrance of the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant
Main Reason We Like It: Theming and not very crowed

Hollywood Brwon Derby entrance

Our number 2 bathroom at Hollywood Studios is an elegant, spacious and quiet rest area just off the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant.  Many of the restrooms we are featuring in this post are on our top list because of their amazing theming, however, the theming is not the primary reason we are ranking this one high on our list. It is simply clean, nice, elegant and not crowded.

Best Bathrooms in Epcot

American Adventure Restroom

Location: In the World Showcase, American Adventure in the back towards Japan
Main Reason We Like It: Large and in charge!

American Adventure Pavilion

Our Number 1 bathroom at Epcot is at the American Adventure Pavilion.  If you are drinking around the world or just walking Epcot’s World Showcase, you can’t go wrong visiting the American Adventure restroom.  It is by far the largest and usually the emptiest of all the bathrooms in the World Showcase.  Tons of stalls and super quiet because many forget it’s there.  We love it.

Journey Into Imagination Restroom

Location: On the back side of Journey Into Imagination
Main Reason We Like It: Super quiet

Journey Into Imagination in EPCOT entrance

Our number 2 bathroom at Epcot is the absolute quietist, nicest rest area in this entire list.  It seems that no one is aware of this restroom which makes it a great family rest stop while you are in Epcot.  Enjoy!

Best Bathrooms in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Village of Anandapur Restroom

Location: In Asia moving right toward Expedition Everest
Main Reason We Like It: The outside theming is amazing

Animal Kingdom Path

Our number 1 bathroom at Animal Kingdom is found in the make-believe village of Anandapur.  We must first give you 2 disclaimers about this restroom.  First, there is nothing special about it inside.  This is a typical bathroom. 

Second, this is a very heavily trafficked area so it can get very busy.  So, why do we like it?  The theming walking into it is absolutely amazing.  You really feel you are in a remote village going into a local rest area.  

Rafiki’s Planet Watch Restroom

Location:  Take the train out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch
Main Reason We Like It: You do your business in the jungle

Rafiki's Planet Watch path

Our number 2 restroom is found at Rafiki’s Planet.  When you take the train to the Conservation station at Rafiki’s Planet you are far, far into the jungle, way away from any civilization…or so it seems.  Disney has placed a super nice bathroom there with air conditioning, nicely themed and best of all, not many people visit it.  The best part is they pipe in sounds so it feels like you are in the jungle as you do your business.

Of course, you might have a different favorite location to stop and take care of business! If you find yourself in a heavily themed area stop and check out a bathrom. If you are in a fun restaurant (Round Up Rodeo BBQ, for example) check out the bathrooms before you leave! You are almost guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by the theming.

One quick tip – if you are with small kids stop and use the bathroom whenever you have a moment. Do you see a bathroom and don’t see a line? GO IN AND USE IT. You do not want to be in line – especially a long line – and have to leave and go the restroom. Take the opportunities while you can!

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