Did You Know? 5 Fun Facts about Disney World

Disney World is full of secrets, mysteries, and tidbits! There is so much more thought and behind the scenes things happening that you probably didn’t know Everything at Disney is done very intentionally and with much thought. For example, did you know that the Disney Princesses (and other characters) spend time truly studying their character? They know literally EVERYTHING there is to know about who they are representing. We have a list of questions you can ask the Disney princesses – we are pretty sure the princesss are impossible to stump!

We love finding out these fun facts about Disney tidbits and we will be sharing them with you on a regular basis! Here are a few Disney Fun Facts that you will find interesting. Did you know any of these before today?

Fun Facts about Disney World

1. There’s an Underground Trash System

Have you ever thought about how much trash is actually generated at Walt Disney World on a daily basis? Have you ever noticed that you never say anyone taking the trash out of trash cans?

The Magic Kingdom has a secret (or should we say a magical?) underground trash system!  When you put your trash in the receptacle it goes down into a tunnel system called an AVAC, or automated vacuum collection system for waste removal.

There is a secret underground trash system! #funfactsaboutdisney
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2. The “American” Flags aren’t real.

The American flags on top of the buildings on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World are missing a stripe and a star so they can be flown everyday and night and do not need to be lit up. Because these flags are not technically American flags they do not need to follow the Flag Regulations and etiquette. So don’t worry if you see them flying at night without a light on them – it is ok!

3. There is no gum!

Where is all the gum at Disney World? Guess what? You can’t buy gum anywhere at Disney World!

The simple reason is that they don’t want gum stuck all over the place. Remember the scene in Elf where Buddy is eating the “free gum” off the handrail by the subway station? That will never happen at Disney! So if you are an avid gum chewer, make sure you bring some with you to the park or you are going to be out of luck for your vacation!

4. Celebrate Your Birthday!

If it’s your birthday, tell Disney and they will give you a button to wear all day long! All you need to do is stop by your Disney Resort front desk or at the Guest Relations center in the park you are visiting that day. 

In the Magic Kingdom you will find Guest Relations on Main Street. Every cast member will acknowledge your birthday with a greeting. This is yet another way Disney aims to make your visit as special and as magical as possible.

5. Cinderella’s Castle is 189 Feet Tall

Did you know the Cinderella Castle is 189 ft tall?  The castle was purposely built under 200 feet so they wouldn’t need the aircraft warning light at the top.

Could you imagine how out of character it would look to have a pole with a flashing red light on top of Cinderella’s castle? We are so glad they thought ahead – and that the government hasn’t changed regulations!

And those are your 5 fun facts about Disney for today! The magic never ends at Disney so there will be much more to come! Be sure to check out part two of our Disney Fun Facts here, where you will find out how many sunglasses end up in the lost and found each day!

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