11 Tips for Celebrating Your Birthday at Disney World

If you ask people what their favorite day of the year is, most will say their birthday.  If you ask people where their favorite place on earth is, most will say Disney World.  So what happens when you combine the two for a Disney Birthday? A magical experience second to none! 

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We want to share with you some of the best ways to enhance that special day so you don’t miss out on anything that might be available to you while visiting Walt Disney World. Adults surely are welcomed and encouraged to share that it is their birthday but we are going to assume this is for a child in your family.

Let the word out early on!

The first step in having a fantastic birthday at Walt Disney World is to make sure everyone knows we have a birthday boy or girl. If you are using a travel agent, make sure you tell them as you are booking your trip. 

One time as we were getting off the Disney Magical Express to our Disney Hotel, we were met with a Cast Member going right up to our birthday person and saying “Happy Birthday” while pinning the birthday button on him (to this day, I don’t know how the person knew who’s birthday it was).  What a wonderful way to be greeted!  Most of the time you will not have this experience, so as you are checking in you should let the Cast Member know about the birthday. They will make sure you have a birthday button.

One Note: if your days at Disney World are not exactly on your child’s birthday, you can fudge the date, however, we suggest telling your child in advance that on “Wednesday” (or whatever day you choose), we are going to celebrate your birthday!  It just makes it more special!

Button on, let’s go

As your Prince or Princess heads out on the day of their birthday, make sure they have their button on. All day, Cast Members do a wonderful job of making your child feel special with their birthday. If you are not a shy parent (even if you are, this is your day to break out of your shell) don’t be afraid to announce to everyone from photographers to snack stand folks that “We have a birthday girl here!” 

Other ways you can draw attention to the birthday boy or girl is to buy or make the Mickey Ears with a birthday cake on them or/and make a slash to wear that says “Birthday” on it.  The important thing is to make every effort to spread the news!

11 Special Disney Birthday Ideas

Here are some great ideas to further your birthday celebration at Disney World:

  1. Make a reservation (early on!) for a special experience like dining with a favorite character!  We suggest getting up and going to a character breakfast!  What a wonderful start to your day!  May we suggest Cinderella’s Royal Table or for the very young, Chef Mickey’s?
  2. Consider bringing a fairly large birthday card, giving it to your child birthday morning and telling them they are to get birthday autographs throughout the day (and can carry over to other days you are visiting the parks) from the Characters and Cast Members.
  3. When eating at table service restaurants in the parks, most will give your child a complimentary desert after the meal. Again, make sure you telling the server that you are celebrating a birthday.
  4. Disney World Birthday Cakes in the shape of Mickey’s head are a wonderful addition to making the day special.  Most table service restaurants can have one ready for you if you tell them in advance.  You can also have them sent to your room by letting them know 72 hours in advance.
  5. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, your birthday boy or girl can make a light saber.  Head over to Savi’s Workshop for full details!
  6. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has fun, nature-themed challenges for your outdoorsy birthday kid!  It’s totally self guided and your child can collect badges around the park!
  7. Consider participating in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom! The Magic Kingdom is in danger of being overtaken by evil villains and your birthday gal or guy needs to help with this fun interactive scavenger hunt! Find more here.
  8. Young princesses and knights having a birthday can get a royal birthday makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique.  It can be a bit pricey but pretty cool for a birthday upgrade!
  9. Speaking of spendy, you can get Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday Celebration with an array of decorations and cupcakes for $325 or Mickey and Friends Ultimate Birthday Celebration with food treats, games and party favors for $550.  These will be delivered to your room for your birthday child and guests. Please note: Mickey and Minnie do not come. (They would like to come but you know how busy those celebrity types get.)
  10. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride at two of Disney’s most scenic resorts, Port Orleans and Fort Wilderness.
  11. Book a private cruise.  You and 17 friends can book the Grand 1 yacht and cruise around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon.  For an extra special treat, you can watch the evening Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Yacht!  Wow, that would be an amazing end to a birthday!

Make your Disney birthday celebration how you want it!

On a personal note, just being at Disney World on a child’s birthday is all the “special” you may want or need and we totally understand not wanting to spend any extra money. Make the birthday special by being together in a very wonderful, magical place!

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