Everything to Know About King Triton

Have you ever wondered about the king of the sea?

King Triton is a character from the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” He’s Ariel’s father and rules over his undersea kingdom and all merfolk. His power comes from his trident, which he uses to create storms and make waves. He also has control over water in general, including its temperature and clarity.

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Background of King Triton

King Triton is voiced by Kenneth Mars in all three films, who also played the role of Judge Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

King Triton’s first appearance was in the 1989 Disney animated feature, The Little Mermaid. He is the ruler over Atlantica and king over all merfolk; he has power over water, including its temperature and clarity.

He has seven daughters including Ariel, and his main enemy is Ursula the sea witch, who wishes to take his throne and always makes trouble for him. He is the husband of the late queen Athena, who died due to contact with humans.

How King Triton Got His Powers

Much of King Triton’s story comes from greek mythology where King Trition is the demigod of the sea. In Disney’s films and cartoon series, King Triton is the ruler of all the ocean waters, he can control water in any way that is imaginable.

He became king when his father King Poseidon had to leave because of a fight with him and his brother Neptune (who looks almost identical to King Triton).

In The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning, it is shown how King Triton got his legendary trident: he was competing for it, along with his brothers Ariel and Attina. He won the competition by saying he would rule all of the sea.

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King Triton’s Personality

King Triton is a powerful ruler who rules over all merfolk, but at some times, he has gone too far.

When Triton is angry, he loses control of his temper and destroys everything near him. He has a bit of a rivalry with King Neptune; both are kings of the sea, and both are shown to be kings of their own realms.

One of King Triton’s most prominent characteristics is that he can be rather overprotective of Ariel and keeps her away from the “outside world”, which is why he does not approve of her fascination with it. He seems to be strict, which he became after the death of his wife, but it is because he wants what’s best for his daughter.

King Triton has a strong hatred towards humans because he thinks they will hurt Ariel. Because of this, he forbade Ariel to visit the human world, but that didn’t stop her from doing so.

Once Ariel got trapped on land by the sea witch Ursula, who had disguised herself as a human and tricked King Triton into giving her the powerful trident, King Triton realized his mistake towards humans.

King Triton’s Appearance

He is a muscular, tall merman. King Triton’s lower body is an aqua tail and long white hair. He has thick, grey eyebrows and a long white beard and white mustache.

He has blue eyes and wears a gold crown on his head. King Triton’s crown looks like a sea star with 5 prongs and he also carries a golden trident. He wears gold arm bands on both arms. These are clear signs of his royal status

He is one of the few Disney Characters with a somewhat masculine voice. (The others being Mufasa from the Lion King, Atta from The Lion King 1 1/2, and Hades from Hercules.) Coincidentally, he and Hades are both voiced by James Woods

King Triton Powers

King Triton does not have magical powers in and of himself, however, his trident is magical. In some of his appearances, he wields a magical trident with which he can cause storms and make waves.

He also has control over water in general, including its temperature and clarity. His power is so great that it’s implied to spread across all waters around the globe. He can also create a protective barrier around Atlantica, and in the anime he was able to cause an avalanche on land by freezing all the water vapor in the air.

King Triton is often accompanied by Sebastian his “right hand” crab who works as his personal adviser and magician. In some appearances however, Triton is seen with a pipe, and he even says that “”It’s not easy being king!””

King Triton’s Weapon

King Triton’s weapon is a magical trident. The Trident of Poseidon (or the “Trident of Atlantica” in some appearances) was given to him by his father, Poseidon. It allows him to control water and create storms, among many other things that are too powerful to be mentioned here.

You can see King Triton use his trident as a weapon when he finds Ariel’s human artifacts in a cave. We see that Triton can have an explosive temper and destroys the artifacts with his trident. We do not see King Triton make many aggressive actions in the original movie.

King Triton’s Relationship with Ursula

Ursula was once a senior member of the court of King Triton and Triton’s trusted adviser. For a long time she tried to figure out a way to get back at King Triton for sending her away from the kingdom.

Eventually, as we all know from the events of the original film, she betrayed him and stole the Trident of Poseidon after Ursula transforms Triton into a worm. This allowed her to rule over the seas through King Triton. In the end, King Triton rules again with Ursula’s defeat from Prince Eric.

King Triton’s Relationship with Ariel

Ariel and Triton are father and daughter. Ariel was born before King Triton became king and Ariel’s mother died a few years later.

King Triton often forbids his daughter, who has grown up believing that she is a “daughter of the sea”, to go onto land or else be punished for disobeying him. In one way, this prevents her from experiencing life on land but it also keeps her from getting into the hands of any humans. King Triton has a soft spot for his Ariel as she is his youngest daughter and he wants to protect her from humans. You can see Tritons loving relationship with Ariel rule over his desire to keep her as a mermaid at the end of the film when he turns her into a human. He truly is a loving father who wants the best for his daughters.

King Triton’s Relationship with Sebastian and Flounder

Sebastian is King Triton’s right hand crab. In most appearances, Sebastian works as a kind of adviser to King Triton, although he does not always agree with King Triton’s ideas. King Triton enlists Sebastians help to find out about Ariel’s fascination with the human world. Sebastian is constantly annoyed by Ariel’s curiosity about the human world, and he often tries to keep her in check of King Triton’s orders. Flounder is a Ariel’s best friend and always helps her when she’s in need.

Where to Find King Triton In Walt Disney World

While you can’t meet King Triton in Disney World, you can ride Under The Sea – Journey Of The Little Mermaid located in Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This is a fun ride for all ages that takes you through the story of the original movie!

You can also watch The Voyage Of The Little Mermaid live action and puppetry show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can meet Ariel at a variety of character meals in Walt Disney World.

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