Magic Kingdom and Toddlers – Expert tips on what to do!

Taking a toddler to Disney World? Today we’re talking all about the Magic Kingdom and toddlers – what the best rides are, the pros and cons of different attractions and our expert tips!

Disney World attractions, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s favorite attractions may be on another’s “skip it” list. This is what makes life fun…we are all different with different tastes.

Each family and each person has different opinions of what is fun and what is dumb – some of us laugh at Jungle Cruise jokes and some of us groan! Kids are no exception to this. Some children get scared very easily and can’t watch Monsters Inc. and others are ok watching much scarier movies.

Keeping this in mind, we are giving you our suggestions for taking your toddler to the Magic Kingdom. We’ve broken down a number of attractions and other areas of the Magic Kingdom that we think your toddler will likely enjoy.

The Magic Kingdom is by far the best park for toddlers to visit. If you’re a family with preschool age kids, we suggest spending two days exploring and enjoying the Magic Kingdom before heading anywhere else! We also have tips on visiting Epcot, Universal Studios, and the Animal Kingdom with toddlers – so be sure to check them out!

Magic Kingdom and Toddlers – Expert tips on what to do!

Magic Kingdom and Toddlers - Expert tips on what to do!

A few disclaimers:

  1. We are considering toddlers to be approximately age 2-4.
  2. Our goal is to give you a good base of what to explore in the Magic Kingdom with your toddler. This is not an extensive list but this gives you an excellent starting point.
  3. You know your child best. Read the pros and cons list carefully and use your best judgment. For example, if your child is extremely scared of the dark, you may want to avoid a particular ride even though our suggestion is to try it.

Jungle Cruise

Pros: Slow ride through the “jungle” on a “river” sitting in a “boat”. This attraction has corny jokes and animatronic animals. Very tame ride!

Cons: We must admit, it’s not one of our favorites for adults, especially because it usually has a pretty long wait. However, as far as toddlers go, there really is not much in the con department!

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pros: Slow moving, calm boat ride. This, like Jungle Cruise, is a Disney classic.

Cons: This attraction has a few dark spots and you move between a battle taking place. It can be a bit scary to your little ones, but with a little coaching about what they will see it can take away the anxiety.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Pros: A calm ride that will take you on the well known story of Peter Pan and Wendy in Neverland.

Cons: You will have the sensation of flying and it will get dark as you “fly” over the city at night but it shouldn’t be an issue for your toddler. This attraction is very popular which means it can have long lines! You may want to use a fast pass for this attraction – check this out for tips on how to best utilize fast passes.

It’s A Small World

Pros: Great visuals, song, and cultures coming together! This attraction is another Disney classic!

Cons: We dare you to go through the rest of the day and not have the song in your brain.

Under The Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Pros: Great children’s ride that moves slowly and tells the story of the Little Mermaid – hopefully a story your little one is familiar with. Of course, this attraction has great music!

Cons: None. The story gets condensed at the end but hopefully your preschooler will not be analyzing the ride’s production qualities.

The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

Pros: This is a perfect children’s attraction! This attraction is happy and sunny as you ride a Hunny Pot through the pages of Hundred Acre Wood. The queue is half the fun! You don’t mind waiting in line for this one.

Cons: Not even Eeyore can find a problem with this ride!

Tomorrowland Speedway

Pros: Driving cars…what little one wouldn’t like that? Please note: Children under 54” tall must be with an adult, however, they can steer while you work the foot pedals. The max speed for the cars is 7 mph.

Cons: Not many cons for the kids! Adults, that’s a different story. Between the gas smell, the noise and the heat, it can only be chalked up to “the things we do for our kids!”

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Pros: Shoot laser canons at targets and compete against your partner. Great fun even if you get zero points!

Cons: It goes by much too fast!

Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

Pros: Simple, calm and a great place to rest your feet as you move on this 10 minute ride through Tomorrowland. This ride is a family favorite – we ride it at least twice each time we visit the Magic Kingdom! You even get a sneak peek at the inside of Space Mountain!

Cons: Nothing whatsoever!

Midway Type Attractions: Spinning Rides

We are putting these together in one category because they are similar. These are the types of rides you might find at a county fair with a Disney “spin”! If motion sickness is a concern to your child or you, our suggestion is keeping your child’s lunch where it belongs and not ruining your day by going on any of these attractions.

You may even consider avoiding these parts of the Magic Kingdom in order to not entice your child with an attraction you will not be able to take them on. However, if spinning is ok for you and your child, go for it!

  • Mad Tea Party
  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant
  • The Magic Carpets Of Aladdin
  • Astro Orbiter

Toddlers Will Also Love….

There are many things you can do with your toddler at Disney World that are not under the heading of “Attractions” but are things you should consider doing with your little ones!

Liberty Square Riverboat

Fun ride on a steamship around the Rivers of America. This half mile, 17 minute ride takes you around Tom Sawyer Island and is located in Liberty Square. The boat has 4 levels and most toddlers will enjoy riding it!

Walt Disney World Railroad

Fun ride on a real steam locomotive around the Magic Kingdom! This 20 minute ride has 3 different stations throughout the Magic Kingdom. If you have a toddler who is into trains (Thomas the Train, anyone?) they will really enjoy this!

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

A wonderful Cinderella inspired carrousel that is a must for any child! 90 gorgeous horses to choose from – the carousel is sure to delight your child and the child in you!

Move It! Shake It! MouskeDance It! Street Party

You and your children will love this rocking and entertaining dance event! This is an outdoor show by Main Street and is weather dependent. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience App for show times.

Sneaky Tip: Speaking of street parties…we have seen several spur of the moment dance parties happen in Tomorrow Land. There is a stage behind the Astro Orbiter (as if you are on your way to Space Mountain). We have seen Chip and Dale, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible, Fro-Zone, and Goofy at these fun dance parties! This is a fun event toddlers will love – be sure to stop if you happen to see this going on!

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Your child has never seen a parade until he/she has seen this one! Spectacular floats, brilliant colors, and all the Disney Characters are in this 12 minute parade! This parade is subject to the weather and you can check My Disney Experience app for times.

Tom Sawyer Island

A kid friendly island reachable by raft! Great fun! This is a hideaway inspired by the stories of Mark Twain. Located in Frontierland.


Remember that Disney has Rider Switch which allows you to ride an attraction while another family member waits with a child. The alternate adult is able to skip the line and ride the attraction once the first parent is done! You can find out more and see a list of attractions here.

Remember to plan ahead for rest time and be prepared to take some breaks from the Florida heat with your little ones.

You may want to check out Disney attractions height chart to see if there are any additional attractions you want to consider – especially if you have kids on the taller side. Along with knowing the height requirements, we have 6 additional tips for having a successful vacation to Disney World with your toddler here.

We are excited for you to take your toddler to the Magic Kingdom! We hope this helps you have a magical time with your child. Get into the magic even more by wearing Disney themed apparel while at the parks! We love doing this, and have a round up of our favorite toddler Disney clothes for little girls!

Did you know you can bring your toddler’s favorite snacks into the park? This will help you save money and stay on budget. You can find our other tips for sticking to your budget here!

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