Best Coolers for Disney World Under $50

When it comes to Disney World we are all about finding ways to save money wherever we can! One of those ways to save money is to cut back on buying food and snacks in the Disney parks.

In order to do that, we need to bring in food, our own snacks and beverages, and in order to do that, we need something to bring it in with. We want to give you some of the best choices for backpacks, bags and coolers for bringing your food into the parks.

In addition to saving money, there are other reasons you may want to bring in food and drink. Someone in your party (or possibly many) have dietary restrictions that make it easier to bring in what you want to eat as opposed to searching for food that meets your needs.

Another great reason to bring in your own food is you have it handy when the little ones get hungry. Anything we can do to keep spirits high during the Park days helps and keeping tummies full is one of those ways. No one wants hangry kids at the most magical place on earth!

Backpack and Cooler Rules at Disney World

Before we look at the coolers, let’s review the Disney World rules for what you can and can not bring into the parks.

Food, snacks and drinks are totally fine to bring into any of the four Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Hollywood Studios), with the exception of the following:

  1. You cannot bring in any glass containers
  2. You cannot bring in any alcoholic beverages
  3. You cannot bring in any dry ice or loose ice. (reusable ice packs, gel packs are totally fine and make a great alternative)

We recommend getting groceries delivered to your hotel room and bringing your snacks and beverages into the parks. We have a list of snack ideas here!

Other important information to consider

Coolers and backpacks are acceptable to bring into the parks, however, they must be no bigger than 24 inches (long) x 15 inches (wide) x 18 inches (high).

You are allowed to bring in hard coolers, assuming it fits the acceptable dimensions, but we find the soft shell coolers are the best for Disney World.

There are lockers in all of the Disney World parks that you can store your cooler in which could be an option to consider.

Water bottles are also acceptable to bring into the parks. Why are you not reviewing water bottles? Because we already have the best water bottles here!

If you are looking for the best backpacks for your Disney World vacation that are NOT coolers, check out our list here!

Here are our favorite coolers!

Backpack Coolers

disney coolers

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A backpack cooler is very convenient because you can carry it all day long in the park. The ones we are recommending have very comfortable shoulder straps which make them a great option for the long day in the park.

In case you are taking turns carrying the cooler the adjustable straps will make it easy to fit on anyone. They are insulated to keep things cold (and hot) for a long time. Lastly, these are all very affordable.

Backpack coolers can get very expensive but we are focusing in on best backpacks and coolers for your Disney vacation. So below are what we feel are the best cooler backpack options for your trip.

1. Sparter Backpack Cooler


  • Front zip pocket great for napkins, paper plates etc…
  • 2 insulated compartments
  • Leak proof (free replacement if there is a leak)


  • Can tip over

The backpack cooler is functional, and it held together through a week-long trip to Disney World. Now, my husband uses it to carry drinks and his lunches when he rides his motorcycle.

Amazon review from Courtnee

2. Coleman 28 Can Backpack Soft Cooler


  • Super comfy straps
  • Mostly water resistant
  • 2 side water bottle pockets


  • Waist band can’t be removed (and you may not want it)
  • Handle on top is thin

Perfect for our disney trip. We used the freezer packs and carried sandwiches, snacks and drinks in this. It fit on all the rides easily and kept everything cool. A great investment! 

Amazon review from Samuel Bunting

3. Tourit Cooler Backpack 30 Cans


  • Multiple pockets including mesh pockets
  • 600 Oxford, high-density foam, and leak-proof liner


  • Front face pocket is pretty slim

I bought this for our trip to Disney World last week, based on other reviews I read here. This Tourit cooler backpack did not disappoint! It kept everything nice and cold, all day long even with the heat and humidity. There is plenty of room and the extra pockets were great for snacks and flavor pouches for water. I highly recommend this product! 

Amazon review from Christine

4. Seehonor Insulated Cooler Backpack


  • Different colors to choose from
  • Includes a small removable multi tool you can use as a bottle opener, can opener or screw driver
  • Thick strap


  • Front zipper is not insulated, but great for your phone and other similar personal items

We bought this for a Disney World trip. Worked perfectly. It was under the max size allowed in. Fit water and a couple sandwiches for the day. Really nice backpack!

Amazon review from Christina

5. Adrimer Cooler Backpack

Pros: Anti-theft pocket on the back. Great for protecting your valuable items.

Top storage compartment for organizing granola bars, dry snacks and other similar items

Cons: It’s a bit smaller than some for the price

Perfect for Disney World! I purchased this for my 10 day excursion to Disney World. It was perfect for holding my snacks/lunch/water bottle and personal items. All the security people commented on how nice the bag was! A great purchase and I know I will be using this back pack for other trips as well!

Amazon review from Candy

6. Maelstrom Cooler Backpack


  • Great bag with plenty of room
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • The most unique function design of all the bags


  • Possibly not as durable as others

Lifesaver! Bought it for Disney trip and must say it didn’t disappoint. Comfortable, sturdy enough and fit all we needed. No leaking and kept its form after multiple wears.

Amazon review from Maddy

7. Oniva Disney Micky Mouse PTX Backpack Cooler


  • Cute design makes it a great Disney park bag (Mickey Mouse artwork on the front)
  • Stretch cargo cord on exterior front to secure items such as a sweater


  • Doesn’t hold as much as others

Perfect for a cooler to Disney parks! I have gone to Disney World twice since I bought this and it’s perfect I don’t suggest putting ice in it. Definitely buy prefrozen ice packs. If using it for home I still suggest the same thing and I love the inside top you can store your phone and car keys so they don’t overheat. Perfect purchase! 

Amazon review from Figment72

Cooler Bags

If you choose not to carry a backpack cooler, then soft cooler bags are a great option for your Disney trip. You can pack them with as much food, bottles of water, baby food and other non food items and put them under the stroller or take turns carrying them.

Here are some wonderful inexpensive options for going to the Disney theme parks with a soft cooler bag.

1. Coleman 16 Soft Cooler


  • Removable hard liner
  • Durable great bag with a great name


  • Shoulder strap is not ideal

Bought this for Disney World and it worked great! Kept enough drinks and snacks cool for our family of 4 all day at the parks. Love the pockets on the front and sides to stash things like bags of gummies or fruit. 

Amazon review from Amber

2. Oniva Disney Cinderella Topanga Tote Cooler Bag


  • Cute design with Mickey’s sweetheart Minnie Mouse on the front makes this bag a hit at the parks
  • Lined interior is heat-sealed PVC insuring no leaking


  • When full, hard to carry all day

Purchased for trip to Disney. Did the job. kept things cool in hot Florida weather. Nicely made. Bright color. Highly recommend.

Amazon review from Mrs. Owen

3. Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag


  • 2 mesh pockets that can hold drinks or even an umbrella
  • Deep front pocket for snacks and important items you need in the parks


  • Picture shows shoulder strap but doesn’t come with one

Got this for Disney World and it was perfect!!! Now that we are home my husband and I fight over it lol it’s a great size and easy to travel with!

Amazon review from Shanda

4. CleverMade Maverick collapsible Bag


  • 5 layers of leak-proof insulation, waterproof zipper and body
  • Fleece lined pocket for your sunglasses or cell phone


  • One of the more expensive bags

Used it on vacation in Florida. Did well. Just understand it’s not a $200 one. Would buy it again if ever needed.

Amazon review from Hello

5. Maelstrom Soft Bag


  • Extra Large capacity yet lightweight
  • 5 layer insulation design for allowing things to stay colder longer


  • If you overload it, it’s a beast to carry

I bought it a few months ago. Unfortunately, the trip I was planning back then was canceled, and I finally put it to good use last week on a Disney trip. One of the reasons I bought this was the height of the cooler — long bottle friendly! (wine bottles/smart water/or 2 stacks of cans). It doesn’t have the hard plastic liner, which is a plus or a minus based on what you want. I wanted something that I can fold and put away, so that was a big plus. Performance-wise, it provided a chilling beverage throughout a sunny, hot Florida day in Disney only with those icepaks and a bucket of ice from the hotel. The ice melted a bit toward the day’s end, but it did not leak.

part of a longer Amazon review from Jinyeong

6. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler


  • Flip Open zipper less lid for quick access to food and drink
  • Deep Freeze performance insulation


  • A bit clumsy to haul around

awesome, we took it to our trip to Disney World and it was great! Love the zipperless feature comes very handy when and it still keeps everything nice and cold. 

Amazon review from Sunflower

So there you have it! Whether you’re wanting to save some money, bring in a special snack or just be certain you have the kind of food and drinks you need for a day, these coolers are all fantastic options!

We hope you found the best cooler for you and your Disney vacation.

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