13 Best Disney Valentine’s Gifts

Disney Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Gift Guide

Updated January 2024 Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show someone that you care! Disney has some of the best love stories out there, so it is no surprise that they also have some of the best Valentine’s gifts! We have chosen some of our favorite Disney themed gifts to give for Valentine’s Day. … Read more

How to get Disney Plus on any TV

disney+ on any tv

Disney Plus streaming has become very popular, especially if you have kids. And why not. Having the entire Disney catalogue in one spot is not only convenient but also one of the only ways to get certain specials and new releases. There are many options available to you on Disney+. No matter what your interests … Read more

20 Best Mickey Mouse Gifts for Adults

disney gifts for adults

If you love Mickey or shopping for a Mickey Mouse fan, you’re in luck! Here’s some of the best Mickey Mouse gifts for adults! You will find the perfect gift for the Disney lover in your life! These would make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special gift giving holiday. 20 Best Mickey … Read more

9 Best Orange Bird Products

orange bird products

The Orange Bird is a part of Disney’s amazing history in Florida! After disappearing for a few decades, the Orange Bird is making a comeback. We are loving that the little Orange Bird is gaining more and more popularity with Disney fans. If you don’t know about Orange Bird, be sure to check out our … Read more

Best Disney Christmas Pajamas For The Family

Disney Christmas Pajamas

Updated October 23, 2023 Christmas pajamas are fun tradition for many families. In our family, Mom and Dad (Dave) gave each of us kids new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Jen and I have continued that with our kids! If your family loves Christmas pajamas like we do, you may want to consider some of these … Read more

18 Best Disney Christmas Clothes

Updated October 2023 Christmas is a special time of year where everything seems a bit more magical. Lights are sparkling, gifts are wrapped, movies are on, and gatherings are planned! We love the entire holiday season. No matter if you are going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or a family gathering, these Disney Christmas … Read more

Best Disney Gifts for Women

Best Disney Gifts For Women

Updated October 2023 If there’s a woman in your life who can’t get enough of Disney, Mickey and the gang, or princesses, you are in for a treat! I have sourced the internet for some of the best Disney gifts for women. From socks to bags and everything in between, here’s some amazing gift ideas … Read more

12 Best Disney Board Games

If it were possible to be on vacation all the time, we would be visiting Walt Disney World regularly! Unfortunately, that isn’t reality. One thing we love to do is to bring bits of Disney magic home with us. We love how Disney magic brings the whole family together. Another thing that brings us all … Read more

Disney Gifts and Apparel For Teens and Tweens

Disney gifts for teens and tweens

Updated October 2023 Sometimes shopping for teens and tweens can be very challenging! Their tastes are constantly changing. I am a parent of both teens and tweens, and I rounded up a ton of gifts that I think the Disney loving young woman would enjoy! These would make great birthday and Christmas presents. Of course, … Read more

57 Disney Nails for Your Next Magical Manicure

If you’re going to Disney World, one of the most fun things is planning your outfits! From the best family shirts to park specific outfits, dressing the part is half the fun. But don’t stop there! Extend the Disney love to your nails! Whether you want classic Mickey and Minnie or your favorite princess, there … Read more

Disney World Hotel Refillable Mugs – Everything to Know (2023)

refillable mugs

Since 2013, Walt Disney World Resorts have had an option where guests can purchase a refillable mug which can be used at their resort. Many people wonder…is it a good deal? How does it work? What can you put in it? Should I get one? We will cover all the information around Disney refillable mugs … Read more

41 Hidden Things To Do At Disney World

498 animal kingdom-2

Disney World is full of secrets. It seems like Walt Disney snuck all sorts of hidden gems and fun things to notice into the Disney Parks! The more you look, the more you see. For example, you might notice that Cinderella’s castle is actually much shorter than it appears – Disney used forced perspective to … Read more

Disney World Visitor Statistics 2022

Disney World is an expansive place and it has a reach far beyond little girls who love princesses. It is a place for the young and the young at heart! When planning a Walt Disney World Vacation, you may be wondering what you will encounter when you are there. Will there be couples? Families? Little … Read more

Walt Disney World vs Disneyland: 15 Differences To Help You Choose

Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner, weighing in at 500 acres (.8 square miles) is Disneyland.   And in this corner, weighing in at 43 square miles is Disney World! Have you ever wondered how Disney World and Disneyland differ or are the same? Do you know which one was built first or how many parks … Read more

6 Disney World Abandoned Attractions

Disney’s motto has always been bigger and better, and they do a great job at it! But what happens to the attractions when they are no longer the new shiny toy? For many of these attractions, they are repurposed into the Bigger and Better new attractions.  A once ultra scary ExtraTERRORestrial Alien became Stitch’s Great Escape. The always … Read more

13 Best Disney Themed Gifts

Looking for the perfect Disney themed gift for a loved one? You’ve come to the right place! We think you are never too old for Disney! We love finding fun Disney themed gifts that are geared more towards adults. Why not add some Disney magic into your every day life? These items make perfect gifts … Read more

Best Christmas Movies on Disney Plus

Best Disney Christmas Movies

Updated 2023 One of the best part about the holidays is curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and watching a movie. We love Christmas movies here at Disney With Dave’s Daughters – in fact, as a family, Christmas is our favorite holiday! December is usually very cold here in Minnesota, so we … Read more

It All Started With a Mouse – 19 Mickey Mouse Secrets

mickey mouse at topolinos

You know Mickey’s face when you see it, and you know that Mickey loves Minnie. But did you know what Mickey’s first words on screen were? Did Walt say “it all started with a mouse” or “it all started by a mouse”? Do you know who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse? Today let’s … Read more

Best of Disney Plus for Families

tower of terror

Do you have Disney+? We do! We are big fans of Disney+ and we love having access to all those Disney shows and movies that previously have been in the vault. One of the best things about Disney Plus is also one of the worst. Disney puts out movies and shows that relate to a … Read more