7 Things Not To Do At Disney World

Planning your Disney World Vacation? We’re so excited for you! To help you have the best time, we wanted to share 7 things not to do at Disney World!

Disney World is full of wonderful, amazing and beautiful experiences!  That being said, we wanted to give you a few ideas to insure success by not falling for these Disney World no no’s! Tuck these away to avoid on your next trip.

7 Things Not To Do At Disney World

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1. Don’t Wing It

You have heard us say this over and over and we will continue to beat the drum…You really need to plan your trip ahead of time and follow our step by step guide in order for your Disney experience to be stellar! There is just no getting around it.

You can’t “wing” Disney World! There’s no “spur of the moment” Disney World! You can’t “last minute” Disney World! We have found the common denominator with everyone who has had a bad experience at Disney is the fact that they did not plan well…or in many cases….did not plan at all!

For the rest of our list we aren’t going to talk about anything related to planning.  We are assuming you are getting your hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, fast passes etc…

2. Don’t Buy New Shoes

You and your crew are going to walk and walk and walk!  Best estimates is you will walk 10 – 12 miles in each park!  This doesn’t include getting there and your time around the hotel.

Don’t buy new shoes with Disney Characters on them and wear them for the first time when you get to the parks. That’s fine if you want to wear cute Disney inspired shoes but try them out well before your trip! Go to the mall and walk around for the afternoon and take the kids on a long walk in them. If they work, great! If not, stick to your trusty sneakers.

Wear comfortable and dependable walking shoes! Make sure your children have shoes that fit well and do not buy them new shoes right before your trip either.

3. Don’t be out of shape

You and crew need to be able to sustain those miles for every day you are at Disney. That means you need to be in somewhat decent walking shape. For some of us, that might mean we need to start a walking program well in advance of our trip to work up the miles so our endurance is up to the task.

Finally, you need to think through your day in the eyes of your legs (this goes back to planning, dang, I said I wouldn’t say anymore about that). Think through where you can find a meal or snack break. A watch the parade break. A head back to the hotel for a couple of hours break. Obviously, the kids are going to be the most susceptible to fatigue.

There’s actually something called “Disney Rash”! According to Healthline, “the medical name for Disney rash is exercise-induced vasculitis (EIV). This condition is also called golfer’s rash, hiker’s rash, and golfer’s vasculitis. A combination of hot weather, sunlight exposure, and sudden, prolonged periods of walking or exercising outdoors causes this condition.” Katie is pretty sure she got this one year we were there! You can find out more about the Disney Rash and how to prevent it here.

4. Don’t forget to plan for the heat

Florida in the summer can get a bit warm.  Let me rephrase that…Florida in the summer can almost be unbearable!  Summer is a time when most people go with their kids to Disney World because they are out of school and it’s more convenient, however, if you are going during those months, please don’t do these mistakes:  

Don’t forget the sunscreen.  You will need to pack and apply sunscreen liberally to every person in your family. A good hat is also advisable.  

Be sure to drink enough water. You need to think through keeping yourself and your crew hydrated.  Remember that quick service restaurants provide water free of charge even if you are not purchasing a meal. There is no reason to not stay hydrated!

5. Don’t Forget to Plan for Rest

Don’t run out of energy.  If you are going in the hottest days of the year it will be extremely hard to keep a hard core Disney pace, especially with the little ones. You will need to pace yourself better than if you were going on a not so hot day. This will mean more stops for DoleWhips!

6. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

We want our kids to have the greatest experience ever at Disney World!  Heck, WE want to have the greatest experience ever at Disney World! The problem is, in our zeal to “want it all” we sometimes create expectations that simply can’t be fulfilled. 

It is much better to temper our expectations and what we say to our children to avoid disappointment. When something great happens unexpectedly, we will be even more joyful over the experience.

For example, instead of saying, “you are going to love this attraction!” Or “You will be able to hang out with Mickey Mouse” it might be better to say, “I wonder what this attraction will be like?” and “Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet Mickey Mouse?” Of course, do your best to actually meet Mickey – for example, make those reservations at Chef Mickey’s!

7. Don’t Sleep In

Don’t sleep in!  Please, please, please don’t sleep in!  (Dang, this goes back to planning again…oh well…I give up).  You need to be disciplined enough to get up early and get your crew to the rope drop at least 20 minutes before it happens! If you wake up at 8:30 and walk into the park at 10:00 am, you are probably not going to have a good Disney experience.

Here is a sneaky tip: You might say, “but we stayed up late last night watching the fireworks, got back to the hotel and had a pizza and got to bed so late we couldn’t wake up early!” 

Here’s a hint that we like to do: The fireworks at Disney are spectacular but we forgo them UNTIL the last night of our trip. We are leaving the next morning. Our flight isn’t until 12:00 so we can stay out late the last night and sleep in a bit before we have to check out and get to the airport.

There you have it! We have found you can never have enough good “must dos” on making your Disney World trip the best it can be. Hopefully these things to avoid help as well!

Now that you know 7 things to not do at Disney World, let’s chat about 15 tips for planning your Disney World vacation on a budget! One of the best ways to save money is to go off season! So is going to the parks more days and using a travel agent. Want to know the rest of our tips or more in depth look at one of these? Keep reading on this post for more!

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