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Wondering who all of the Disney Princesses are? Planning your Disney World trip and hoping to meet all of the Princesses? This Disney Princess list will not only share all of the Princess Names but also fun facts about each and what to ask them when you meet them at Disney World!

We all have a favorite Disney movie, right? Whether it’s the first film we ever saw or we just love the happy ending, most of us have one movie that we are drawn to.

Along with our favorite Disney movie, most of us have a favorite Disney Princess as well! In case you’re like us and know everything there is to know about your favorite princess but are a bit clueless on the others, we sharing a complete list of Princess names and some fun facts about each!

Disney Princesses - All their names, what to ask them when you meet them and more!

How Many Official Disney Princesses Are There?

There are 12 official Disney Princesses.

Disney Princess Names In Order

And now for the Ultimate Disney Princess Names List in order along with which movie they’re in…this will answer one of the most common Disney questions which is: who are the princesses??

Disney Princess List

  1. Snow White (Snow White)
  2. Cinderella (Cinderella)
  3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  4. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
  5. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  6. Jasmine (Aladdin)
  7. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
  8. Mulan (Mulan)
  9. Tiana (the Princess and the Frog)
  10. Rapunzel (Tangled)
  11. Merida (Brave)
  12. Moana (Moana)
Disney Princess Names in order

The 2 “unofficial” Disney Princesses who we still consider a princess are Elsa and Anna (Frozen)!

Official Disney Princesses List

Below we have listed all the Disney Princess names in order of their appearance chronologically.

1. Snow White

Snow White is the first official Disney princess and is in the movie Snow White.

Snow White

Who is Snow White’s Prince?

The prince in Snow White is Prince Charming.

Fun Facts About Snow White

  1. Did you know that Snow White was the very first Disney princess ever created, back in 1937?
  2. Snow White is known as “the fairest one of all” and she has “hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, and skin as white as snow.”
  3. “Hi-Ho,” “Whistle While You Work,” and “Someday My Prince Will Come” are favorite songs from the movie.
  4. Snow White is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
  5. Adriana Caselotti is the actress who voiced Snow White – she looks like Snow White!
What to ask Snow White when you meet her at Disney World!

Fun family fact – Snow White is our grandma’s favorite because of her kindness! Be sure to consider meeting Snow White, Grumpy, Dopey, and the Evil Queen at Story Book Dining at Artist Point.

Check out this post for more in depth information, including videos of the original voice actor recording Snow White’s lines!

2. Cinderella

Cinderella is the second official Disney princess and is in the movie Cinderella. The castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is named after her.

Who is Cinderella’s Prince?

Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince!

Fun Facts About Cinderella

  1. Cinderella is the second Disney princess.
  2. This is Disney’s 12th animated feature film. Walt Disney loved the scene where Cinderella’s rags turn into a gown!
  3. It has 2 sequels: Dreams Come True and A Twist in Time.
  4. The most popular song from this film is sung by Cinderella: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”
  5. Cinderella is 19-20 years old, making her one of the oldest princesses.
What you need to know about each of the disney princesses

We have a list of all our favorite quotes from Cinderella here!

For more information about Cinderella and her movie, including more fun facts, check out this post.

3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Aurora is the third official Disney princess and is in the movie Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is also known as Briar Rose.

Who is Aurora’s Prince?

Prince Philip is Aurora’s prince.

Aurora with girls at Disney World

Fun Facts About Disney Princess Aurora:

  1. The voice of Aurora was professional Opera singer Mary Costa. She sang for JFK’s memorial service!
  2. Aurora’s body type and features were inspired by Audrey Hepburn.
  3. Aurora is only in Sleeping Beauty for 18 minutes! While only being on screen a short time, every moment is memorable due to the beautiful animation and the voice of Mary Costa.
  4. Princess Aurora is the first princess to have a name that is different from the title of her film.
  5. Aurora doesn’t speak at all in the second half of the film!
What to ask Aurora when you meet her at Disney World!

We have a ton more information about Aurora here. Did you know she is really hard to find in Walt Disney World? Find out the few places you can meet her!

4. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel is the fourth official Disney princess and is in the movie The Little Mermaid.

ariel little mermaid

Who is Ariel’s Prince?

Prince Eric is Ariel’s Prince

Fun Facts about The Little Mermaid Movie

  • This film is the beginning of the Disney Renaissance which takes place from 1989-1999. During the Disney Renaissance time period Disney returned to producing movies that were largely based on well known stories.
  • Alan Menkin and Howard Ashman were hired to create the music for this film (and many subsequent films) and “Under The Sea” gave them their first Oscar for Best Song! Menken also won “Best Score” in 1989!
  • Carlotta, Prince Eric’s maid, is wearing the same outfit as Cinderella!
What to ask Ariel when you meet her at Disney World!

Fun Facts About Ariel

  1. Princess Ariel is known for her red hair and her beautiful voice.
  2. For a short time, Ariel was almost a blonde!
  3. The color of Ariel’s fin/tail is now called “Ariel” at Disney! It is a custom color made just for Ariel.
  4. Ariel is 16 years old.
  5. Ariel’s song “Part Of Your World” was almost cut from the movie after the original screening.

Fun Family Fact: Jen had a Little Mermaid themed bedroom when she was a little girl complete with sponge paint walls to simulate the ocean, a Little Mermaid wallpaper border and so much more.

For more in depth information about Ariel go here!

5. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Belle is the fifth official Disney princess and is in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

beauty and the beast on float

Who is Belle’s Prince?

The Beast is Belle’s prince, and rumor has it that his actual name is Prince Adam.

beauty and the beast garden statues
photo credit Alexis Lariscy

Fun Facts About Belle:

  1. Belle is supposed to be about 17 years old.
  2. Belle is the only one in the village who wears the color blue.
  3. Belle is the first princess with brown hair and the second princess not royal from birth!
  4. Belle is known for her beauty (“it has no parallel”), but also for being “odd” and not fitting in with the townspeople.
  5. Belle’s appearance was inspired by Judy Garland and Julie Andrews.
What to ask Belle when you meet her at Disney World!

Fun Family Fact: Belle is Katie’s favorite Disney Princess and she even brought a Beauty and the Beast poster with her to college. The Beast’s castle is one of our favorite lunch spots at Disney!

For more information about Belle, check out this post!

6. Jasmine (Aladdin)

Jasmine is the 6th official Disney princess and is in the movie Aladdin.

Jasmine (Aladdin)

Who is Jasmine’s Prince?

Aladdin is Princess Jasmine’s prince.

Fun Facts About Disney Princess Jasmine

  1. Jasmine is unique to the Disney Princesses in that she is a secondary character in Aladdin, playing Aladdin’s love interest rather than the main character.
  2. She is the first princess to have her speaking and singing voices performed by different actresses.
  3. Jasmine is 15 years old, making her the second youngest princess. (Snow White is the youngest at 14.)
  4. Jasmine can speak several languages.
  5. Jasmine is the only princess to not have a dress as part of her “official costume.”
What to ask Jasmine when you meet her at Disney World!

For more information about Jasmine check out this post!

7. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Pocahontas is the 7th official Disney princess and is in the movie Pocahontas.

Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Who Is Pocahontas’s Prince?

Captian John Smith is not royalty, but is considered to be Pocahontas’s official Disney prince.

What to ask Pocahontas when you meet her at Disney World!

Fun Facts About Princess Pocahontas

  1. Pocahontas became the first Native American Disney Princess and woman of color to be the lead character in a Disney film.
  2. Pocahontas is 18 years old in the movie.
  3. Pocahontas is the only princess to never change outfits.
  4. Pocahontas is the only onewith a tattoo!
  5. Her name means “Little Mischief.”

For more information about Princes Pocahontas, go here!

8. Mulan (Mulan)

Mulan is the eight official Disney princess and is in the movie Mulan.


Who is Mulan’s Prince?

Li Shang is Mulan’s Prince.

Fun Facts About Disney Princess Mulan

  1. Mulan is left handed – however, she uses her sword in her right hand!
  2. She is the first princess to be raised by her biological parents.
  3. Mulan is the second one to have both her parents alive during the entire movie. (Aurora is the other one.)
  4. She’s the first princess to get a haircut in the film.
  5. Mulan’s wedding dress is not white – the first time that happens in a Disney film.
  6. Mulan’s bridal dress is often thought to be a kimono. It is actually a hanfu.
What to ask Mulan when you meet her at Disney World!

You can often find Mulan in Epcot. Find out more about what makes Mulan an official Disney Princess here!

9. Tiana (the Princess and the Frog)

Tiana is the ninth official Disney princess. She is in the movie The Princess and The Frog.

Who is Tiana’s Prince?

Prince Naveen is Tiana’s prince.

What to ask Tiana when you meet her at Disney World!

Fun Facts About Tiana:

  1. Tiana is the only Disney princess with a job and she lives in New Orleans.
  2. Tiana is left handed!
  3. Tiana opens her own restaurant called “Tiana’s Place”.
  4. Tiana is 19 years old.
  5. Tiana has 9 outfits – even though throughout most of the movie she is a frog!
  6. Tiana is the only princess to have her mom alive and her father dead.
  7. “Tiana” means “fairy queen.”
Photo by Lydia Turner on Unsplash

For more information about Tiana go here!

10. Rapunzel (Tangled)

Rapunzel is the tenth official Disney princess and is in the movie Tangled.

What to ask Rapunzel when you meet her at Disney World!

Who is Rapunzel’s Prince?

Flynn Ryder is Rapunzel’s prince…even though he isn’t officially a prince!

Fun Facts About Rapunzel:

  1. Rapunzel and Flynn make a cameo appearance in Frozen!
  2. Rapunzel’s trademark color is purple, the color of royalty. All of her clothes in the movie are purple.
  3. Rapunzel is the first princess to have green eyes
  4. She is also the first Disney Princess to have magical powers!
  5. Rapunzel has 100,000 strands of hair in the film.
  6. Rapunzel is the first one to be computer animated.
  7. Rapunzel is the first to have her hair change color.

One of our favorite nooks in Disney World is an area in the Magic Kingdom where you can see Rapunzel’s tower, and if you look down on the pavement you’ll find some fun things imprinted on it!

For more information about Rapunzel, check out this post!

11. Merida (Brave)

Merida is the eleventh official Disney princess and is in the movie Brave.

Merida from brave

Who is Merida’s Prince?

Merida does not have an official Disney prince!

Disney Princess Names - what to ask Merida

Fun Facts About Merida

  1. Merida is the first princess to come from Pixar.
  2. Merida wore 22 different outfits in the movie.
  3. She is the first Disney Princess to have a brother – and Merida has 3 of them!
  4. Merida originally had green eyes, and then they were later changed to blue to make her more unique.
  5. She’s the first princess to not have a love interest.
  6. “Merida” means “honorable.”
  7. Merida (along with Snow White) does not have a sequel or spin off.
Photo by Lisa Reese of Pixie and Pirate Destinations

Fun Family Fact: Dave took his oldest Granddaughter to see Brave in the theater (she was 4 at the time) and they ended up having the entire theater to themselves!

For more information about Merida, check out this post!

12. Moana (Moana)

Moana is the 12th official Disney princess and is in the movie “Moana.”

Moana (Moana)

Who is Moana’s Prince?

Moana does not have a prince!

Fun Facts About Disney Princess Moana

  1. Moana is 16 years old.
  2. Moana means “ocean.”
  3. Disney animators had real people with similar hair to Moana dunk underwater so they could get Moana’s wet hair looking as realistic as possible.
  4. Moana wears seven outfits in the movie.
  5. Moana’s skirt has a slit in the front to make it appropriate for an adventurous spirit like Moana – she can run, swim, and walk easily in it!
  6. Over 40 different designs were submitted for Moana’s necklace!
  7. Moana was not added to the Disney Princess list until 2019.
Disney Princess Names - Moana

For more information about Moana, go here. You can even see the video of the actress who plays Moana getting told she got the part!

Unofficial 13. Elsa (Frozen)

We couldn’t do a Disney Princess Names List without including the sisters from Frozen! While not official princesses, they’re worth mentioning!

Frozen Summary

Elsa is the heir to the throne of Arendelle and has magical ice powers. As she grew up she went from playing with her powers to fearing them and keeping them hidden from most of the world.

In an emotional outburst after Anna seeks her blessing to marry Hans, Elsa accidentally puts Arendelle into perpetual winter.

Elsa runs away and creates an ice castle where she plans to live in order to protect Arendelle from herself. Anna heads out to find Elsa in order to break the curse of winter and bring Elsa back. Along the way she gets help from Kristoff.

What to ask Elsa when you meet her at Disney World!

Anna finds Elsa, but in an argument, Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart. Anna must find a way to bring Elsa back, break the spell, and save Arendelle all before she becomes frozen.

Fun Facts about Frozen and Elsa

Elsa is one of Disney’s most complex princesses. Initially loosely based on the Danish fairy tale “The Snow Queen, ” Disney found it increasingly difficult to portray Elsa as she is more villain than heroine in the original fairy tale.

Images courtesy of Disney Princess | Official Site

As we now know her, Elsa does do some villainous acts, however, we see her more as a princess with an internal struggle which makes her more relatable and less villain.

Frozen’s soundtrack became an instant hit. “Let it Go” won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media and Critics Choice Award for Best Song. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song.

Unofficial 14. Anna (Frozen)


Fun Facts about Frozen: Anna

In our opinion, Anna is one of the most instantly likable Disney Princesses! She has such an energy for life and seems to just be happy to be alive.

Anna loves her sister Elsa and puts family above everything, even to her own demise.

Anna has her own complexities as a character, trying to understand her sister’s powers and how she fits in.

Disney Princess Fun Facts

What is the criteria to be a Disney princess?

The twelve official Disney princesses meet the following Disney princess criteria:

  1. The character must have a central role in her film.
  2. The character must be human or have a human appearnce.
  3. The character must not be the star of a sequel.
  4. The character must be royal by birth or marriage – or – the character must perform a heroic deed.
  5. The film cannot be a failure.
  6. The character must have broad appeal.
  7. Unofficially…the character must have an animal sidekick.

With those criteria in mind, Elsa and Anna are not official Disney princesses. Disney does refer to them as the Frozen Queens.

List of all the Disney Princess movies in order

  1. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
  2. Cinderella
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. The Little Mermaid
  5. Beauty And The Beast
  6. Aladdin
  7. Pocahontas
  8. Mulan
  9. The Princess And The Frog
  10. Tangled
  11. Brave
  12. Frozen (unofficial princess movie)
  13. Moana

How old are each of the Disney Princesses?

Here is a list of the Disney princesses by age:

  • Elsa – 21
  • Cinderella -19
  • Tiana – 19
  • Anna – 18
  • Pocahantas – 18
  • Rapunzel – 18
  • Belle – 17
  • Mulan – 16
  • Ariel – 16
  • Aurora – 16
  • Moana – 16
  • Merida – 16
  • Jasmine – 15
  • Snow White – 14

Disney Princess Songs

We all know and love the songs that the Disney Princesses sing and chances are you know every word. All the princesses except Merida have a song that encompasses their hopes and dreams reflected in the movie.

Here’s a list of each of the princess’ songs!

  • Snow White – I’m Wishing
  • Cinderella – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Aurora – I Wonder
  • Ariel – Part Of Your World
  • Belle – Belle
  • Jasmine – A Whole New World
  • Pocahontas – Just Around The Riverbend
  • Mulan – Reflection
  • Tiana – Almost There
  • Rapunzel – When Will My Life Begin
  • Moana – How Far I’ll Go


Who are the most popular Disney princesses?

Most people agree that Belle and Ariel are the most popular princesses. These princesses are part of the Disney Renaissance Era.

Who was the first Disney Princess?

The first Disney Princess is Snow White. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney’s first animated film that was released in 1937.

Who is the oldest Disney Princess?

There is a tie for the oldest Disney Princess since both Cinderella and Tiana are 19 years old.

Who is the youngest Disney Princess?

The youngest Disney princess is Snow White. She is 14 years old.

One of our favorite parts about Disney World is interacting with all of the characters and princesses! We hope this post helps you keep track of all the Princess names and have some fun when you meet them!

We definitely recommend kids wearing princess costumes! Bonus: they can wear them for Halloween, too!

We know it can be hard to find all Disney princesses while at Disney World. We’re helping you out with this post where you can find where they are located throughout Disney World here.

If you want more about the Disney princess films, head here!

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