Chef Mickey’s Disney Character Meal Expert Tips

Located in the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, Chef Mickey’s is a character buffet which is a great way to have your little one meet Mickey and friends while eating!  (Little known fact – the proper name is Chef Mickey’s but everyone seems to refer to it as Chef Mickey!) Here are some things you should know.

What you need to know about Chef Mickey Disney World

What You Need to Know About Chef Mickey‘s

1. The Meal

 The Meal.  Let’s get the negatives out of the way first, shall we? Depending on who you ask, most people are not overly thrilled about the quality of food at Chef Mickey’s. People say it’s overcooked, cold, lacking in flavor and simply low-quality, cheaper ingredient food are the comments frequently heard.

What you need to know about Chef Mickey Disney World

Though we are not going to argue with any of these points, it’s important to note that this is a buffet and buffets are usually known for quantity, not quality. One common question is “is Chef Mickey’s all you can eat” and the answer is Yes!

Also, it caters to families with younger children so the food line up exemplifies this.  Finally, the food is really not the main reason you are going. It’s the characters!

Here’s an idea of what’s on the menu! As usual, this changes so be sure to check here for an updated menu.

Chef Mickey’s Menu

The Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet offers family friendly food for breakfast, brunch or dinner! It’s American cuisine and a casual environment which makes it an ideal spot for kids!

What you need to know about Chef Mickey Disney World

Some of the items on the Chef Mickey’s breakfast menu are Mickey waffles ( a crowd favorite!), buttermilk biscuits, fruit and bacon. Brunch has things like scrambles to Chef’s soup and pot roast while dinner serves items such as buttered chicken, salmon, carving station sections and pot stickers! There’s also an ice cream bar which is a delight for everyone in the family!

2. Atmosphere

The Atmosphere.  We like the energetic, exciting atmosphere that you find at Chef Mickey’s! Obviously, if you are looking for a quiet place with soft music, lit candles and romance, this would not be the place, but for kids, it’s great! 

Loud, colorful, comfortable seating and easy to get at buffet. There is always extra excitement when you spot a character walking around the restaurant and heading your way. 

There is singing, clapping and twirling your napkins at different times of the meal. Oh, did we say there are monorails going in and out overhead!

3. Chef Mickey’s Serving Times

The Serving Times.  Chef Mickey’s runs almost all day long serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The times are

  • Breakfast: 7 – 11:30am
  • Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
  • Dinner: 5 – 9:30pm

4. Chef Mickey’s Prices

The Cost.  How much does Chef Mickey’s Cost? Breakfast: Adult $52, Child $31, Lunch: Adult $52, Child $31, Dinner: Adult $63, Child $37.

And yes, it is TOTALLY worth the cost! We promise! There’s a reason we go here every single time we visit Disney World!

5. Chef Mickey’s Location

The Location.  Where is Chef Mickey’s? It’s location is the best!  It is walking distance from Magic Kingdom, in, what we believe is the most iconic resort, the Contemporary, with the monorail running through it creates wonderful memories. 

For our family, there is something magical about getting off the monorail in the Contemporary and going to Chef Mickey’s.

6. Chef Mickey’s Characters

Who will you (and your kids) get to meet while dining at Chef Mickey’s? The Fab Five!! Chef Mickey (of course!), Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.This is one of the best ways to meet your kids’ favorite characters all in one spot!

7. What to Do if Your Child is Scared of A Character

While yes, this may be the best place to meet your favorite characters, just know that Pluto and Goofy are bigger than your kids might think! Dave’s oldest granddaughter hid under the table when she saw Goofy the very first time!

If this happens to you, just let your server know! They will be able to tell each character to just wave at your child from a ways away (if they want them to) as to not scare them.

5 Amazing Chef Micky’s Dining Tips

1. Use your Dining Plan here   

If you have the dining plan that has table service meals, use it here! This will cost you one table service credit but in our opinion it is totally worth it! You can find out more about the dining plan and if you should get it here.

5 Amazing Chef Micky Dining Tips

2. Dine at Chef Mickey’s strategically 

As you know from our other posts, we try to have a plan for everything and Chef Mickey’s is no different. Here are a couple of ways we have used it in the past. 

Arrive and Leave days. We have eaten here the first day we arrive for dinner. This is especially great when you have little ones that only equate Mickey Mouse with Disney world. You have been traveling all day, you check into your hotel and you walk into the Contemporary to Chef Mickey’s…it will light up your little one from day one! 

5 Amazing Chef Micky Dining Tips

Leaving days works too. If you have a noon flight, get up the last day and have breakfast at chef Mickey’s for a final good bye. One other way to use Chef Mickey’s is if you have been up early for the rope drop, head over for a brunch late morning.

3. Eat Breakfast and Lunch 

Speaking of late morning, if you arrive about 11:00, you can enjoy the breakfast buffet and then as they switch the items to lunch at 11:30, you can enjoy your lunch too!  Who says you can’t have a 2 course fine dining experience at Chef Mickey’s?

5 Amazing Chef Micky's Dining Tips

4. Book Early 

Despite what you read on the internet about the food being so bad, it is a very popular restaurant and you really need to book your reservation early.

Be sure to check out our 11 thing you need to know about Disney dining reservations on this post! And don’t forget we have a timeline to help plan your trip post as well!

5 Amazing Chef Micky's Dining Tips

5. Bring Autograph Books (+ Wear Mickey Ears!)  

If your kids are doing autographs, don’t forget them here! This will save you time from having to wait in line to get autographs from the We also suggest wearing fun Mickey gear such as Mickey or Minnie Ears that you bought before your trip to save yourself some money!

We’ve been going to Chef Mickey’s for as long as we can remember and it’s always a must do for our Disney Vacations.

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