10 Best Disney Leggings (2021)

We love Disney leggings! Leggings are great for lounging around the house, a casual outfit to run errands in, or working out. Of course, our favorite place to wear leggings is at Walt Disney World!

These leggings could be great for any of the Run Disney events – or just for being comfortable while you walk around the parks. Disney leggings come in all swore of styles – featuring Disney characters, Disney movies, and even classic Disney buildings. Here are 10 of our favorite Disney leggings.

10 Best Disney Leggings

the best disney leggings

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1. Haunted Mansion Leggings | 2. Glitter Princess Leggings | 3. All Over Castle Leggings | 4. The Child Leggings | 5. Minnie Mouse Bow Leggings | 6. Best Day Ever Disney Leggings | 7. Mickey Leggings | 8. Cruella Deville Leggings 9. Epcot Leggings | 10. Tangled Leggings

1. Haunted Mansion Leggings

haunted house leggings

We love the fun print on these Haunted Mansion leggings! These are high waisted, soft, and stretchy – exactly what you want for working out or for trekking around the Disney Parks! Machine washable.

The Haunted Mansion is one of our favorite Disney rides – find more of our favorite products here.

2. Glitter Princess Leggings

glitter princess leggings

These jersey leggings feature our favorite Disney image: the castle! These leggings are from Etsy and you can customize the glitter castle – there are 25 color options. These come in sizes x-small to x-large.

3. All Over Castle Leggings

all over castle leggings

These rainbow castle leggings are perfect to wear with a simple graphic tee! These leggings are great for a family – they come in kids and adult sizes and have amazing reviews on Etsy! Be sure to check them out if you love to match with your daughter. These are perfect for wearing around the Magic Kingdom.

4. The Child Leggings

the child leggings

We love anything Mandalorian these days! Baby Yoda (Grogu) is at the top of these leggings, and down the side seam is a fun Grogu pattern that blends in slightly. These leggings are perfect if you want to be Disney themed but in a more mellow way. This is the way!

5. Minnie Mouse Bow Leggings

Minnie Mouse Bow leggings

Is Minnie Mouse your favorite Disney character? If so, these leggings are made just for you! WE love that these come in multiple lengths – including shorts! These are black leggings with super cute white polka dots and the classic, adorable Minnie bow scattered throughout. These would be perfect for a Run Disney event.

6. Best Day Ever Disney Leggings

best day ever disney leggings

Every day at Disney is the best day ever, and these leggings are the perfect reminder of that! You can choose either silver or red words – and on the front of the leggings is a Mickey Mouse silhouette.

7. Mermaid Leggings

mermaid leggings

These mermaid leggings are great for someone who loves The Little Mermaid! These come in a variety of colors and sizes small to 4x-large so they will be sure to fit any body shape! These will definitely make you feel like a Disney Princess for the day.

8. Cruella Deville Leggings

cruella deville leggings

If you are a fan of the Disney villains be sure to check out these Cruella DeVille leggings! These dalmation print leggings come in sizes x-small to x-large. These leggings would be great for a Halloween costume, a run, or for hanging out at home!

9. Epcot Leggings

epcot leggings

These are some of our favorite subtle Disney leggings! Any true Disney fan will instantly know the pattern on these leggings is from Spaceship Earth in EPCOT.

These are the perfect pair of leggings to have in our drawer – the black print makes them go with literally anything. (Find a matching Mickey Ear here!) Take a piece of the Disney Parks with you everywhere you go with these leggings.

10. Tangled Leggings

tangled leggings

If you love bright, bold colors these Tangled leggings are for you! These purple leggings with yellow suns are a design straight out of Rapunzel’s tower. These are perfect to put on for a movie night enjoying all the Disney princesses!

All in all, Disney inspired leggings come in a variety of fashions – we hope some of these fit your style! Be sure to check out our other Disney inspired fashion posts:

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