9 Disney Graphic Tees for Women

One of the most fun things about Disney World is wearing Disney themed outfits! We love bringing a bunch of Disney graphic tees since they’re super easy to pair with most things and are super versatile. Don’t be hesitant about wearing a Disney themed shirt on your vacation – it only adds to the fun!

For our last trip we bought a bunch of Disney graphic tees off Amazon and their selection continues to grow! Here a few of our favorite graphic tees for your next Disney vacation!

9 Disney Graphic Tees for Women

Disney Graphic Tees for Women

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1. Making Magic Happen

Making Magic Happen Graphic Tee

This shirt is great because it doesn’t scream Disney. You can wear this any time and nobody would think twice! We love any shirt that says the word “magic” in it for our Disney trips, and this one is one of our favorites.

2. Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust

Faith Trust Pixie Dust

Who doesn’t love Tinkerbell? “All you need is faith trust, and a little pixie dust.” If only pixie dust were real, right?! One memory we love from Disney is watching the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and having Tink fly directly over our heads. If Tinkerbell is one of your favorites, this shirt is for you. This one is perfect to wear in the Magic Kingdom!

3. Disney Is My Happy Place

Disney is my happy place

If Disney is your happy place you will love this shirt! We love how you can see highlights from Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom sprinkled on this shirt.

4. Minnie Love


We love this “love” shirt with Minnie making the “o”! The cursive writing gives this shirt a feminine touch which we think is great. We also love the classic red bow on Minnie’s head. This would be super cute while wearing Minnie Ears on a headband!

5. Magical

Magical disney graphic tee

Red is a perfect color to wear at Disney World! This shirt makes a fun statement with the bold color. Like we mentioned before, we are drawn to anything that has the word “magic” in it when it comes to Disney shirts and this is no exception!

6. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes disney graphic tee

This is another one of those shirts that you can wear both in and outside of Disney and nobody will think twice. We love all the music from Disney movies so this shirt with lyrics from Cinderella is one of our favorites!

7. Home Sweet Home

home sweet home disney castle graphic tee

We love the Princess Castle! It might sound cheesy but we truly feel like we come home when we are at Disney World. We also love when we get to our hotel on the Disney premises and the concierge says “Welcome Home!” This shirt sums up those feelings perfectly and the shirt has some beautiful colors on it!

8. Never Grow Up

Never grow up disney graphic tee

Similar to the black shirt earlier, this shirt has bits and pieces from all the Disney Parks on it! Goofy is one of Katie’s favorite characters so we are especially fond of him being on this shirt! We like the reminder to “never grow up” as being at Disney helps remind us of what it was like to be a kid. And as Walt Disney said, ““That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.”

9. Best Day Ever

Best day ever

Our dad is known as someone who always says things are the “BEST EVER” so this tee is perfect for our family! And let’s be real, when you’re at Disney it’s hard to not have the best day ever! This shirt also reminds us of Rapunzel when she escapes from her tower and is yelling “BEST DAY EVER!”

Hopefully you have found one or two of these Disney graphic tees that you like! We can guarantee that you will not regret joining in the fun of wearing a Disney shirt at Disney. It is a blast to walk around the park and to see all the different types of shirts that people are wearing!

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