13 Best Seven Dwarfs Products

Do you love the Seven Dwarfs? We do! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an iconic 1937 Disney movie that brings us nostalgia. We love the classic movie and the simple animation.

Of course, what we love most about Snow White is the Seven Dwarfs! They make the movie fun, give us comedic relief, and bring us the song “Heigh-Ho!”

Did you know that the seven dwarfs originally had different names than the ones we know them by? You can find out the original name ideas here.

We have rounded up some of our favorite Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs gear here – there is something for everyone! Kids, adults, and families. Enjoy!

13 Best Seven Dwarfs Products

1. Seven Dwafrs t-shirt

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, its off to work we go! We love this simple t-shirt that has all the Dwarfs heading to work. You can hear them all singing, can’t you? Well, everyone except Dopey – he doesn’t talk!

2. Vintage Snow White Shirt   

This shirt obviously features Snow White instead of the seven dwarfs, but we love the vintage nature of this t-shirt. The faded, simple design goes along with the vintage movie. Take a minute and count how many animal friends Snow White has on this shirt…coincidence?

3. Seven Dwarfs Family Shirt 

We love these family t-shirts featuring the seven dwarf characters. There are onesies, toddler shirts, and shirts for men and women! These come in a variety of colors and would be perfect to wear on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride in the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to put these on your Disney World packing list.

4. Grumpy Coffee Mug 

Do you know someone who struggles with mornings? This coffee mug is perfect for them! The back side of this mug says “This Is My Happy Face” – which will hopefully bring a smile to the grumpy morning person!

5. Grumpy Starbucks Mug

For the Starbucks fan….we have another Grumpy coffee mug! This is such a clever mug giving the feel of Starbucks but the whimsy of Disney. Of course, you can get Starbucks in Walt Disney World, so this is a fitting design!

6. Mini Figurines

These mini figurines with all seven dwarfs and Snow White are a great gift idea for a child who loves to play with characters! Have fun quizzing your little one to see if she can name who each of the dwarfs are. These are also great for display if you are a collector.

7. Seven Dwarfs Puzzle

We love puzzles and have one going at every family gathering. This puzzle would be really fun to put together! Ravensburger is a fantastic puzzle maker so you know the pieces will be sturdy. We love that this puzzle has all the main characters plus all of Snow White’s animal friends.

8. Classic Little Golden Book 

Who can resist a Little Golden Book? This would be a great gift for a new reader or a new mom who is a Disney fan. Again, we love the classic nature of the little golden books as it goes along with the classic Disney movie.

9. Mining Company Shirt

This is such a clever shirt! A fun logo for the “Seven Dwarfs Mining Company” with a jewel and pick axes on top. We love that it says “established 1937” which is when the movie was released!

10. Socks 

Who can resist a fun pair of socks! These would be a fantastic gift for the man who has it all. We like that the heel and toe are black and that all of the seven dwarfs are on these whimsical socks.

11. Key Ring 

This pewter Dopey key chain is a fun way to add some Disney charm to your everyday life. You won’t misplace your keys once you add this keychain to them.

12. Birthday Sweatshirt

Who can resist this birthday sweatshirt! Seven Dwarfs for a seventh birthday. This sweatshirt also comes available in designs for other birthdays.

12. Dopey Water Bottle 

Everyone needs a water bottle, and who can resist this fun Dopey one? This is a perfect water bottle to bring into the Disney Parks as it features the fun Mickey Mouse shaped balloons and the classic Mickey Mouse Club hat! Don’t forget – you can get free water at quick service restaurants which is one of our favorite ways to save money (see ten more ways to save money here!)

We hope you found something that you and your family will enjoy! Be sure to check out our favorite villain t-shirts and our favorite Haunted Mansion gear!

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