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Our Favorite Disney Sidekicks – The Best Characters

When you think of Disney movies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your favorite Disney princess or your favorite wicked villain. You might be thinking about how funny a story is or how moving it is.

We are willing to bet that if you made a list of your favorite Disney characters you probably have a sidekick thrown in there!

There are a lot of awesome characters with great stories behind them who are not the main character of the story. They are, in fact, Disney sidekicks.

We have collected some for you and created this list so that you can learn more about your favorite movie hero and heroine sidekicks!

disney sidekick

Best Disney Sidekicks List

Here is a list of the best Disney sidekicks:

  1. Genie
  2. Sebastian
  3. Stitch
  4. Jiminy Cricket
  5. Pascal
  6. Abu
  7. Flounder
  8. Olaf
  9. Mushu
  10. Chip
  11. Meeko
  12. Timon and Pumbaa
  13. Thumper
  14. Baloo
  15. Tinker Bell
  16. The Seven Dwarfs
  17. Little John
  18. Gus and Jaq
  19. Hei Hei
  20. Russell
  21. Lumiere and Cogsworth

21 Best Disney Sidekicks

Let’s jump into some specifics of each of these amazing Disney characters!

1. Genie from Aladdin

Genie is a magical, all-powerful genie who is able to grant Aladdin (or whoever is the holder of his lamp) three wishes. He’s funny and larger than life but ultimately bound to an “itty bitty living space” (aka his lamp) forever. He’s one of our favorite Disney sidekicks!

The character of Genie is voiced by Robin Williams—who won an Academy Award for his work. The genie was one of the first characters created for Aladdin and had a big impact on the movie.

Fun fact about Genie’s color – he was originally meant to be purple!

2. Sebastian from the Little Mermaid

Sebastian from the Little Mermaid

Sebastian is a one of the classic sidekicks from the original Disney movies! In the movie, Sebastian is a Jamaican crab who works as an advisor to King Triton. Although he has no magical powers, Sebastian often proves that he’s wise, quite trustworthy, and a great sidekick!

Sebastian was originally meant to be more like Grimsby (Prince Eric’s caretaker) with the name Clarence. Eventually lyricist and screenwriter Howard Ashman suggested changing him into the character he is today and the rest, as they say, is history. Samuel E Wright did the voice of Sebastian and gave him a Jamaican accent.

Samuel Wright suggested Alan Menken to speed up the best song “Under The Sea” which was originally more of a ballad. Alan Menkin loved the suggestion and we have the song we know and love today!

3. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

lilo and stitch float

Stitch is an alien type creature who lands on Earth in Hawaii. He meets Lilo and they become friends.

Stitch is unable to swim and has a fear of water. Stitch often refers to himself in the third person. He loves Elvis Presley and can play the guitar!

4. Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is the conscience of Pinocchio (appointed by the Blue Fairy). He acts as the voice in his head, trying to help Pinocchio do the right thing.

Jiminy Cricket was originally supposed to be in Snow White but it ultimately didn’t make the cut. Although he once looked more like a real cricket, he eventually was changed to look a bit more cartoonish.

Jiminy Cricket was voiced by Cliff Edwards, who also played Dopey and Grumpy in Snow White. Jimmy Cricket sings the song “When You Wish Upon A Star” and “Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide.”

5. Pascal from Tangled

Rapunzel and Pascal

Pascal is a chameleon who was a useful sidekick and friend to the main character, Rapunzel. He was very protective of Rapunzel but also very affectionate to those who showed kindness to her. He’s the one who tripped Mother Gothel at the end of the movie

Ever wonder about Pascal’s backstory? Pascal’s mother died from a snake bite. Pascal ran off, and he was chased and also bitten by the snake. Pascal was near Rapunzel who saw him and saved his life with her magical hair. From then on, he was by her side and very protective of her. Pascal wanted to keep Rapunzel safe from Mother Gothel and Flynn Ryder.

6. Abu from Aladdin

Abu is the cutest sidekick – a monkey who travels with Aladdin, Genie, and Magic Carpet on their adventures. He’s rather mischievous, but can be quite useful at the same time! He’s been a good friend to Aladdin since Aladdin was a little kid.

Abu was voiced by Frank Welker. His name means elephant which is fitting since he was turned into an elephant during the movie for a time!

7. Flounder from the Little Mermaid

Sebastian and Flounder

Flounder is Ariel’s best fish friend. He’s a supportive friend of Ariels and will defend her and all of her (wild!) ideas and adventures. He’s essentially the polar opposite of Ariel yet they’re incredibly close.

Flounder was voiced by Jason Marin. Flounder is very timid and scares easily. He is the only character in The Little Mermaid who always supports Ariel’s fascination with the human world.

8. Olaf from Frozen


Olaf is everyone’s favorite, most adorable sidekick! He’s the snowman that Anna and Elsa built together as children. He’s funny, smart…and he likes summer!

Olaf originally started out as a snow monster that Elsa created to scare Anna away from the castle. However, after suggestions to change it, they ended up with the lovable snowman that we know today!

Olaf was originally going to be made from Elsa’s magic, but somebody then suggested that he should just be “ordinary snow.” And that is why his body is so small—it really is made of only one thing!

Olaf Quote

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9. Mushu from Mulan

Mushu is a little dragon who helps Mulan in her adventures and fights the Huns! Originally, he was only supposed to be comic relief…but Disney ended up making him an important character!

Mushu was voiced by Eddie Murphy. He was originally supposed to be a larger two headed dragon but eventually ended up with one head and a much smaller size than originally planned!

10. Chip Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Nails By @hannah_nails_it For more Disney nail inspiration, go here.

Chip is the teacup that lives in the castle with The Beast in the movie Beauty and the Beast. He is the son of Mrs. Potts.

Chip is seven years old, cheerful and happy. He works in the kitchen with his mom. Chip is one of the most memorable sidekicks because of his young age and the way he interacts with Belle’s father and Belle.

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11. Meeko from Pocahontas

Meeko is Pocahontas’ raccoon companion who loves food (especially John Smith’s biscuits!).

Did you know that Meeko almost didn’t happen? Pocahontas started out having 3 sidekicks (Flit, Meeko and a turkey named Redfeather). They planned on only having Flit and Redfeather until the voice of Redfeather, John Candy, passed away. They swapped Redfeather for Meeko and eventually had those two as Pocahontas’ two sidekicks.

12. Timon and Pumbaa from the Lion King

timon, pumbaa, and simba

Timon & Pumbaa are the sidekick duo, a warthog and meerkat that take Simba in after he is banished from Pride Rock. They help him realize what his real priorities are in life, and they become very close friends!

Fun Fact: The song Hakuna Matata was originally supposed to be a different song. The original song was called “He’s Got it All Worked Out” and was meant to be a song that Timon and Pumbaa sang to convince Simba to eat bugs.

13. Thumper from Bambi


Thumper is one of Bambi’s friends. He appears to have a bit of a temper, and he doesn’t mind using his big, strong feet to get his point across! We love Thumper for his comedic timing and for his sassy personality. He calls Bambi “wobbly” and tries to teach Bambi everything he needed to know. One of our favorite Thumper quotes is “The trick is to be scarier than whatever’s scaring you.”

Peter Behn, the actor who voiced Thumper, was just four years old! Thumper’s role in the movie was supposed to be much smaller, but Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas wanted a larger role once they realized how cute the voice was!

14. Baloo from the Jungle Book

baloo and mowgli from the Jungle Book

Baloo is the lovable bear who takes Mowgli into his care after he’s been abandoned. He teaches him about life in the jungle, and he becomes a very close friend! He is a standout sidekick due to his endearing personality and emotional support to Mowgli.

The song “Bare Necessities” almost didn’t make the cut for the movie! Now we can’t imagine The Jungle Book without it.

15. Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

tinker bell peter pan parade-2

Tinker Bell is a fairy who is Peter Pan’s sidekick throughout the movie. She helps rescue Peter Pan from Captain Hook.

Tinker Bell has pixie dust which she uses to help people fly. She has become one of Disney’s most loved characters. Tinker Bell is featured in every Disney film – you see her her flying towards the Disney logo and “sprinkling” it with pixie dust! Tinker Bell has never sung a song in any films. You can meet her at Walt Disney World!

16. Seven Dwarfs from Snow White

seven dwarfs at Disney

Snow White – the story where we have seven sidekicks that we absolutely love! These classic Disney characters are the ones who help Snow White in her time of need! The seven dwarfs work in a diamond mine, and they are all very different from one another – as their names suggest. Can you remember them all?

The names of the Seven Dwarfs as you know them weren’t their original names! Head to this post about the Seven Dwarfs to learn what they were!

17. Little John from Robin Hood

Who is Little John? Little John is a close friend of Robin Hood. He’s a bear who helps Robin and his Merry Men steal from the rich noblemen and give to the poor peasants!

Fun Fact: Little John was voiced by Phil Harris, who also did the voice of Baloo! You may notice many similarities between the two characters. Little John is extremely loyal to Robin Hood. He can’t stand Prince John…and he is very good at disguises!

18. Gus & Jaq from Cinderella

Gus and Jaq cinderella mice

Gus and Jaq are Cinderella’s mice friends. Jaq is the leader of the mice friends. Gus has a big appetite and is quite plump compared to his best friend Jaq. They can speak to Cinderella calling her Cinderelly! Cinderella saved Gus and Jaq from a cat so they return the favor by helping her out throughout the movie.

Fun Fact: Gus’ full name is Octavius! He also goes by Gus-Gus.

19. Hei Hei from Moana

Hei-hei and Pua

Hei Hei is a rooster that lives on the island of Motunui. He ends up hiding on Moana’s boat and joins her on her adventure to save her people and find the heart of te Fiti.

While most sidekicks in the Disney movies are very smart (think of Pascual or Abu), Hei-hei is incredibly dumb – giving us some great comic relief!

20. Russell from Up!

Russell in Animal Kingdom
Russell statue in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Our families love the movie Up so it seems fitting to add Russell to our list! Russell is a sidekick and loyal friend to Carl Fredricksen. They go on quite the adventure together!

We love the relationship that develops between Russell and Carl. Russel has the energy and excitement that Carl lacks, but he also has kindness and patience. Russell is a light-hearted character and we love watching the way he and Carl interact with Dug, Kevin, and the other characters in this great Pixar movie!

Truth be told, Dug is probably our favorite sidekick from this movie, but if it wasn’t for Russell we would never meet Dug! Therefore, Russell makes the list.

21. Lumiére & Cogsworth — Beauty and The Beast

Lumiere and Cogsworth

We had to add this amazing duo to our list. Lumiere and Cogsworth just go together and they have become synonymous with Beauty and the Beast!

These two minor characters stole the show and our hearts with their hilarious personalities. Cogsworth is a cranky clock who starts to show us his soft side as the movie progresses. Somehow he became a beloved character despite his ornery nature!

Lumiere is a loving candelabra that is brave and kind – and we absolutely love his thick French accent.

I think we can all agree that Disney sidekicks are some of our absolute favorite characters! Without these fun characters we probably would not have the same reaction to our favorite movies.

Can you imagine Aladdin without the Genie? Or The Little Mermaid without Flounder? Of course not! For more Disney sidekick fun at home, check out this fun board game!

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