What To Wear To Disney World In January

What to wear to Walt Disney World is one of the most commonly asked questions people have when it comes to planning their Walt Disney World vacation. “What should I put on my packing list?”

You will have dozens and dozens of pictures taken so it is smart to put a little bit of thought into what to wear. You want to look back at photos and love your photos – not be annoyed by your outfits! 

You also want to be comfortable and ready for long days at the parks. You do not want to have to run back to your hotel for a sweatshirt, jacket, or raincoat.

We want to help you figure out what to pack for your trip to Walt Disney World. Our goal is to help you simplify your clothing so you can focus on other things! 

This post is dedicated to what to wear (and pack) to Walt Disney World in January.

what to wear to disney world in january

What Is The Weather at Disney World in January?

January is actually a pretty great time to visit Orlando – especially if you are coming from a snowy climate! The high temps are in the low 70’s and the lows are in the low 50s. This means evenings can get quite chilly – but if you are used to -20 for a low in January like we are, these temps are amazing!

There isn’t much rain in January – there are about 4 days of rain the whole month. Disney sees around 2.4″ of rain in January. December, January, and February are pretty identical when it comes to wet weather.

Disney World Weather in January

What To Pack For Disney: Clothing Packing List – January

In January, layers are your friend. There is quite a significant difference between catching the bus at 6:30am temps vs afternoon temps of 72! Layers will make your days comfortable and give you the flexibility to stay at the parks as long as you want.

We recommend packing the following:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Long sleeve shirts
  3. Sweatshirts, fleece jacket, or cardigan for layering
  4. Several pairs of pants or jeans
  5. One or two pairs of shorts
  6. Socks
  7. Additional items to consider (see below) gloves, hat, packable blanket
What to wear to disney world in January

1. Tee Shirts

Pack at least one t-shirt per day that you will be at the Disney Parks. We always bring at least one Disney themed t-shirt because we love adding to the Disney Magic! 

Many, many people wear Disney themed shirts at Disney World! It is fun to match your shirt to the park you will be in. For example, wear a Star Wars shirt in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and your classic Mickey shirt in the Magic Kingdom

Because we love Disney t-shirts so much, and we really think you should bring at least one to the park, we have posts dedicated to all our favorite Disney shirts.

Because the weather is cooler in January, you may opt for your short sleeve shirts to be thin and moisture wicking instead of a Disney tee. This will help keep you comfortable under your layers.

2. Long Sleeve Shirts

We definitely recommend bringing several long sleeve shirts to Walt Disney World in January. Lightweight long sleeve tops are easy to throw in your backpack and will give you a warm layer for those chilly restaurants and early mornings.

Layering is key to enjoying your time in the parks! Make sure the long sleeve shirts will fit comfortably over your t-shirts. 

Try on your outfits before you go! 

We cannot stress this enough. You want to be comfortable and not thinking about your clothes while you are in the parks.

We have a list of our favorite long sleeve Disney themed shirts here. These are a prefect option for wearing Disney gear.

3. Sweatshirt, fleece jacket, or cardigan

You will want to bring a couple sweatshirts, a fleece jacket, or other layering pieces for extra warmth. Early mornings at the bus stop and late evenings at the fireworks can be quite cool. Our motto is this: we would rather have a sweatshirt and not need it vs. wishing we had a sweatshirt and not bringing it!

Your layering piece is completely up to you. If you already own a lightweight jacket or have a favorite sweatshirt simply bring that! If you are looking for a new sweatshirt, consider a Disney themed one!

You will want to be aware that you will likely not wear this layering piece for most of the day, so make sure it will fit easily into your backpack and isn’t too heavy. While we love the look of jean jackets, they can be bulky and heavy to carry around.

Puffer jackets are a great option as they are lightweight, squish easily into a backpack, and provide plenty of warmth! This one from amazon is incredibly affordable.

down jacket
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If you prefer a fleece style jacket, this is a great option – it has great zippered pockets, very affordable, and comes in 40 different color options!

fleece jacket
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4. Several pairs of pants or jeans

You are definitely going to want to bring pants or jeans on your January vacation. The number you will bring is subjective to the exact weather and your personal preferences.

Again, consider what your optimal comfort level is and pack accordingly. Pants options could include: joggers, jeans, leggings, or athletic pants.

While temps in the 70s can be shorts weather, do keep in mind that that is the HIGH temperature. Most of the day it will not be 72 degrees.

Of course, if you are experiencing unseasonable warmth, you will want to pack lighter pants (leggings, joggers). If it is cooler than normal you will want to pack more jeans and heavier sweat pant style joggers.

5. A couple pair of shorts

We do recommend that you bring one or two pairs of shorts, even if you think you won’t wear them. You may be surprised by the weather! They take up very little space in your suitcase, so throw in a pair!

6. Socks

This is its own category because you CANNOT forget to bring socks! You will not want to wear sandals to the parks in January (we don’t recommend sandals as your park footwear anyway, but especially not in January). Pick comfortable socks that will not give you blisters.

We actually recommend that you pack two pair of socks for each day of vacation. If your feet get sweaty in the parks it will feel amazing to swap out your socks for a clean pair when you get back to your hotel. Trust us on this one – we are from Minnesota and understand socks.

If you are in the market for new socks, check out Darn Tough socks. They are super comfortable, merino wool (they will hep keep your feet dry!), and are made in Vermont!

The best part is that they have a lifetime guarantee. If you get a hole in them, send them back for a new pair! Our entire family wears this brand.

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7. Additional Things To Consider

  • Rain Gear – while the amount of rain in January is not very high, you may want to consider grabbing a poncho to throw in your backpack in case you get caught in an afternoon rain shower. Be sure to check the weather forecast. In January, you may consider buying some disposable style ponchos that take up very little space.
  • Dressy clothes – some dining locations have a dress code, so please keep that in mind. If you are planning a nicer date night at Disney Springs or the Boardwalk out make sure you have appropriate clothes!
  • Hat and gloves – a lightweight pair of gloves or a hat may be something to consider, especially if you will be pushing a stroller around and unable to put your hands in pockets.

Checking the weather is vital before your trip to Disney World in the winter. One year we visited Disney in January and it was freezing. The Orlando area was experiencing one of the coldest temperatures ever – it ruined the orange crop that year!

We wore hats and mittens every day to the parks. It was windy, which made the temperature feel colder. We were very, very glad to have brought gear to keep us warm.

christmas tree at disney
This is Jen on our coldest Disney vacation we ever took! She wore a down jacket the entire week!

Is January A Good Time To Go To Disney World?

Generally speaking, January is a good time to visit Walt Disney World, especially after the New Years holiday. We do recommend avoiding Martin Luther King Jr Weekend as it is quite busy.

Be sure to check out our Disney Crowd Calendar and the Disney Special Events Calendar for more detailed information.

Other Disney Packing Tips

Of course, we didn’t cover packing sunscreen, pajamas, and other personal items! This post will help make sure you don’t forget anything. We have other packing tips to help you plan your January vacation to Disney World.

If you are looking for an overview of what clothes to pack for Disney World for other times of the year,  check out our month by month guide!

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