Everything to Know About Stroller Rental at Disney World

A stroller at Animal Kingdom

If you’re planning a trip to Disney with little ones you’ll want a stroller! While bringing your own stroller is a good option, you can also rent strollers at all the Disney Parks. Keep reading for all the details you need to know before you rent a stroller at Walt Disney World! Everything to Know … Read more

4th of July Disney Nails to Inspire Your Next Manicure

4th of july mickey hat

The 4th of July is a fun day to accessorize for and no better way than with Disney nails! Whether you’re heading to Disney World, Disneyland or on a Disney cruise or even just hanging out at home with your favorite people, you can always show your love for Disney! We’ve rounded up some of … Read more

Disney World Rides That Cause Motion Sickness

Mission Space - EPCOT

If you get motion sickness it is important to know what rides you can and cannot go on at Walt Disney World. You absolutely do NOT want to spend an entire day nauseous, vomiting, or back at your hotel room in bed! Jen and Dave both deal with motion sickness. We know that terrible feeling … Read more

19 Amazing Disney Themed Travel Items You Need

Disney Themed Travel Gear

If you are traveling to Walt Disney World on vacation you are probably assessing your luggage and travel gear. Chances are there are a few items you are needing to buy before you get on the airplane or load up the car! We have rounded up some of our favorite Disney travel gear you may … Read more

What To Wear To Disney in April

two girls in minnie and daisy shirts with mickey ears

As you are planning your Disney vacation you are probably wondering “what in the world should I wear to Disney in April?” You are not alone! This is a common question. There are a number of things you should take into consideration when you are considering what to pack. First of all, consider the photos. … Read more

Dole Whip Locations at Disney World Parks & Resorts

dole whip at disney world

If you’re heading to Disney World, one important thing to know is where are all the Disney Dole Whip locations are! Today we’re going to share all the Dole Whip locations at Walt Disney World so you can quickly and easily find your favorite Disney snack. Few people will argue that the Dole Whip is … Read more

13 Worst Disney Villains – Evil Animated Characters

story book dining evil queen

This post is dedicated to the ones we love to hate…or to be politically correct, the ones we love to dislike with great intensity! The worst Disney villains. Disney has always understood that in order to have a great story, you need not only a great hero or heroine but also a great villain.  These Disney … Read more

The Best Winnie the Pooh Quotes: Love and Friendship

Winnie the Pooh has found his way into the hearts of millions of people around the world for nearly 100 years. He first appeared publically in the London Evening News on Christmas Eve 1925. British author A.A. Milne created the character, Winnie the Pooh, after a teddy bear owned by his son, Christopher Robin Milne. … Read more

Best Rides At Disney World For Toddlers and Little Kids

mickey and family

Taking a toddler to Walt Disney World? You may be wondering what the best rides are to do with little ones in tow. As a family we’ve gone to Disney with our share of toddlers! Dave’s own daughters went as super young kids and we’ve brought our own kids when they were little! It’s pure … Read more

Slinky Dog Dash Review & Height Requirements

Slinky Dog Dash is a family friendly roller coaster attraction located in Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Slinky Dog Dash opened on June 30, 2018. People have been loving it ever since – this has become an extremely popular ride! This is a two minute Toy Story themed roller coaster coaster that is … Read more

The 14 Best Haunted Mansion Products

We love the Haunted Mansion – and especially the hitchhiking ghosts! The hitchhiking ghosts are some of the most popular characters at Walt Disney World. Did you know their actual names are Phineas, Ezra, and Gus? You can find other fun facts about these happy haunts here! The Haunted Mansion is seeing a resurgence in … Read more

Moana – the 12 Official Disney Princess

Moana is the 12 official Disney princess! She is the heroine of the movie “Moana.” Moana was released on November 23, 2016. Moana ended up being a hit for all ages and all audiences! Movie critics and families alike enjoyed this film. Moana has since appeared in other movies, video games, and Disney theme parks … Read more

The Best Disney Springs Restaurants

Boathouse disney springs

Most people get so caught up in the Disney World Theme Parks and Hotels that they never find their way to a wonderful part of Disney called Disney Springs. Disney Springs restaurants are some of the best in Disney World! There’s tons of different dining establishments at Disney Springs from kid friendly dining to upscale dining. … Read more

Disney World for Adults: Best Tips and Things to Do

disney for adults - everything to know

When we think of Disney World we think of kids running around the happiest place on earth. The kids have huge smiles on their faces, they are meeting Mickey Mouse and his friends and riding on all the great attractions. But, did you know Disney World is almost as fun and exciting for adults as … Read more

What to Wear to Disney World in Summer – 5 Outfit Ideas

disney world outfit ideas

Figuring out what to wear to Walt Disney World can be quite a challenge! You want to be comfortable and cute. You want to embrace Disney style and wear clothes that contribute to Disney magic. It can be especially challenging to figure out what to wear to Disney World in the summer! Summertime can be … Read more

What To Wear to Disney World in August

It can be challenging to figure out what to wear to the Disney Parks. You want to be cute, yet comfortable. You need to factor in heat, humidity, rain…and maybe even cool temps! You will have dozens and dozens of pictures taken so it is smart to put a little bit of thought into what … Read more

12 Best Disney Board Games

If it were possible to be on vacation all the time, we would be visiting Walt Disney World regularly! Unfortunately, that isn’t reality. One thing we love to do is to bring bits of Disney magic home with us. We love how Disney magic brings the whole family together. Another thing that brings us all … Read more

Mulan: An Official Disney Princess


Love the Disney Princess, Mulan? Mulan, the eighth Disney princess and the first one who wasn’t born of royalty or marrying a prince, is also the first Disney Princess of Asian decent. She’s strong and independent and her movie shows her bravery and strength in a beautiful way. Disney movie is a Disney Princesses are … Read more

The Best Disney Shirts for Women

One of the most fun things about Disney World is wearing Disney themed outfits! We love bringing a bunch of Disney graphic tees since they’re super easy to pair with most things and are super versatile. Don’t be hesitant about wearing a Disney themed shirt on your vacation – it only adds to the fun! … Read more

50 Best Minnie Mouse Quotes

minnie mouse quotes

Minnie Mouse is one of the most classic characters in Disney’s history. She’s best known as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend but also Daisy Duck’s best friend! There’s so many notable Minnie Mouse quotes that we all know and love. How many do you know? There is very little argument that Minnie Mouse is just as popular … Read more

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Overview

bibbidi bobbidi boutique

We all know the classic story of Cinderella. Most everyone’s favorite part is when the Fairy Godmother shows up and magically transforms Cinderella to make her ready for the ball. With a simple “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” Cinderella’s rags turn into a gown, the mice into horses, and the dog into a footman! Lucky for us, Disney has … Read more

Best Disney Quotes

Watching movies is somewhat of an American pastime. We love gathering the family on the couch, popping some popcorn, putting on a film to enjoy together. Disney movies are a popular movie choice for families due to their ability to appeal to small children, teens, and adults. As parents, we love introducing the films we … Read more

Mickey Mouse Quotes

mickey mouse quotes

Mickey Mouse is synonymous with Walt Disney World. He is one of the most well known characters across the world. Mickey was invented in 1928 by Walt Disney himself. We were introduced to him in Steamboat Willie, and he has been on our screens and in our hearts ever since! Mickey Mouse is a good … Read more

PeopleMover History and Fun Facts


One of the most classic attractions at Walt Disney World is the PeopleMover! This 10 minute tour of Tomorrowland has been a staple at the Magic Kingdom for years. Whether you love the timeless tradition of cruising along this elevated transit or you just want to learn a bit more about how the PeopleMover came … Read more

18 Fun Facts about the Tower of Terror


The following words might send a chill down your spine… “On Halloween night in 1939, a thundering storm descended on Hollywood hills, trapping several guests in the lobby of the star-studded Hollywood Tower Hotel. A party of five entered the elevator — a couple, a bellman, a child actress and her governess — and with … Read more

9 Perfect Disney Villains Shirts


We love a good Disney t-shirt, but let’s be honest – sometimes we want something a little bit different from Mickey and Minnie. Something more like Disney Villains shirts! Of course, we have a round up of some of our favorite Disney graphic tees, but this time we wanted to go a the dark side. … Read more

Disney Gifts and Apparel For Teens and Tweens

Disney gifts for teens and tweens

Updated October 2023 Sometimes shopping for teens and tweens can be very challenging! Their tastes are constantly changing. I am a parent of both teens and tweens, and I rounded up a ton of gifts that I think the Disney loving young woman would enjoy! These would make great birthday and Christmas presents. Of course, … Read more

How Many Miles is Epcot? Disney World Walking Guide


As you plan your Walt Disney World Vacation, you will want to be aware of how much walking you will be doing while in the theme parks. You have full days and you will walk a ton. The Disney parks are very big. We know you’re here to figure out the answer to: How many … Read more

Spaceship Earth (Epcot Ball) Fun Facts & History

epcot ball

The Epcot Ball, better know as Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World, is one of the most classic symbols of Disney. When people think of Epcot at Walt Disney World, they will very often site the “Big Ball” at the front of the park. It is a wonderful structure, massive in size and it’s unique … Read more

Sneezy Dwarf from Snow White

sneezy dwarf products

If you love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you’re going to love today’s article all about one of the lovable dwarfs! Today we are going to talk about Sneezy Dwarf! Sneezy is not one of the most popular dwarfs, but we still love him! The seven dwarfs are some of the most iconic Disney … Read more