Tron Lightcycle Run – Fastest Coaster in Disney World

inside the tron ride

TRON Lightcycle Power Run is open at Disney World! We rode this new attraction the last time we were there. Spoiler alert: we absolutely loved it. This is a unique ride that is unlike anything we have experienced before. If you can ride this ride you need to do it! Here is everything you need to …

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World Showcase Countries in EPCOT – Everything To Do


This is your guide to all the counties in Epcot at Walt Disney World.  The World Showcase in EPCOT can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. What are the countries? What can you expect to find at each one? What are some must see, must do and must eat from each country? Before …

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What does EPCOT stand for? The Answer and Fun Facts

monorail and epcot ball

What does EPCOT stand for? While yes, this is a simple question but the fact is, the answer is actually very complex! What does EPCOT stand for? EPCOT is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. In order for you to fully understand what Epcot stands for, we need to go back to the …

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2023 & 2024 Walt Disney World Events: Special Events Calendar for Disney

snow white at the flower and garden festival

One of the things to know about Walt Disney World is that there is always a lot going on. Yes, visitors are coming from around the world to check out Cinderella’s castle, meet Mickey, and hug a princess. But visitors are ALSO coming to run marathons, do sporting competitions, and experience different festivals and celebrations …

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Best Quick Service Restaurants in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

best quick service in animal kingdom

We love quick service restaurants. For us, it all boils down to what is the best use of time when you are at the parks. We enjoy grabbing a quick bite and getting back to the action as opposed to a longer sit down meal, especially for lunch. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some of the …

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15 Best Snacks To Try At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

eight spoon cafe mac and cheese

No Walt Disney World vacation is complete without some magical Disney food! Disney snacks are some of the highlights of your visit to the Disney Parks. They are delicious and beautifully themed to each park. Many people think of only the classic favorite snacks when considering what to purchase –a funnel cake, turkey leg, Mickey …

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